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Eight Hours Day or otherwise known as Labor Day in other regions of the world is an annual holiday in Tasmania which is celebrated on the second Monday in March every year. 

This day commemorates the struggles of workers and celebrates their achievement in acquiring 8 hour working day for Australians. 

Eight Hours Day Greetings, messages and quotes

Happy Eight hours Day to all the workers who gave their best and succeeded in getting each one of us the liberty of working 8 hours a day.

As our history suggests that without the struggle of workers nothing would have prospered. I wish you all the prosperity in your job on this Eight hours day.

Amidst this rat race we forget that there is time for everything. There is a time to work and there is a time to enjoy and on this wonderful occasion of Eight Hours Day I wish you the latter.

We’ve all have worked really hard from morning till night. On the occasion of Eight hours day, it’s time to chill. So I wish you a relaxing weekend ahead.

The ancestors of this nation have put in their struggle so that we could eat the fruits of their hard work. I wish you a fun filled Eight hours Day with friends and loved ones.

The historic protest by the people that lead to 8 hours working day and we can’t thank them enough for it. May you celebrate this 8 hours day with a heart filled with gratitude.

I hope you celebrate this Eight hours Day with your family and loved ones by remembering the contribution of workers towards our nation and the workplace.

The holiday of Eight hours Day is upon us so set up the barbeque, fill up your beer mugs and have a cheerful time with family and friends Have a wonderful weekend of Eight hours Day

Cheers to the worker inside each one of us who didn’t shy away from any challenges and overcame them. Sending warm wishes to such hard working individuals on Eight hours Day.

Eight hours Day celebrates the triumph of worker’s spirit and a renewal of creativity and human dignity. All the more reasons for you to spend this delightful holiday of Eight hours Day.  

My heartwarming wishes to you on this Eight Hours Day as you are the only one in my life who inspires me to keep working towards my goal. Have a lovely day with friends and family.

Wishing all my fellow Tasmanians and Australian brothers and sisters a wonderful Eight hours Day. May you spend this day filled with relaxation and contentment.

I hope everything you do life bring you prosperity. On the eve of Eight hours Day, I wish that you’re surrounded by people you love and create precious memories. Happy Eight hours Day.

Eight hours day is an opportunity to spend some time with family and friends while reflecting upon things you’re thankful for. I hope you enjoy and make the most out of this holiday.

Eight Hours Day messages

If we can’t find pleasure in our jobs then we won’t be able to find any perfection in our work. So on this Eight Hours Day, let us get inspired from the workers who made it possible and shine bright for our Australia.

We are worthy of everything that we have earned because it was the result of our hard work. Let’s enjoy this holiday as proud Australians and promise ourselves that we will work harder than ever.

To get further in life, we have to find a job that we love because regret can never inspire anyone to work hard. On the eve of Eight hours Day, I wish you 8 hours of happiness in your job.

It’s time you pat yourself on the back for all the labor you’ve put into your work. Let us all celebrate our achievement of a job well done with our friends and family on Eight Hours Day.

This day is a celebration for everyone who has used this 8 working hours to do their job with complete honesty and sincerity. No matter what you do, Eight hours day is a celebration for you.

As we spend this holiday of Eight hours Day to relax with our friends and family, let’s commemorate the struggles of the people who have achieved this humongous feat long ago.

There is nothing called insignificant work in this world. Any labor that uplifts humanity is of great importance. With pride in our heart, let’s celebrate such humanitarian work on this Eight hours Day

A day to honor the struggles and hard work of our nation’s beloved workers. A day to relax and celebrate our own hard work with nothing but pride and gratitude in our hearts. 

Celebration of Eight Hours Day in Australia is incomplete without honoring the hard working souls who put aside all their comforts and work with utmost dedication to make impossible possible.

Our nation’s growth is entirely dependent on the 8 hours of hard work that we put in every day. On this Eight hours Day, let us all take a pledge to make our country’s future brighter than ever.

A healthy mind and body will always get the job done. So on this holiday of Eight hours Day, rest is what we can give best to all the workers. Cheers to everyone who celebrates hard work.

Let’s be thankful to the ones who made our life easier by reducing the working hours from 12 hours to an 8 hour working day. We shall forever remain in their debt.

There is nothing that cannot be achieved with an uphill battle and our history of demanding proper working hours is the proof. Let’s work hard to relax even harder on this Eight Hours Day.

Eight Hours Day Quotes

“Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having except as a result of hard work.” 

– Booker T. Washington

“No human masterpiece has been created without great labor”.

– Andre Gide

“Remember that labor means hard-work but not at the cost of being deprived of your rights”


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