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Queensland Day is a celebration of Queensland’s birthday and its official separation from New South Wales as an independent colony on 6 June 1859. It is an opportunity to commemorate the state’s culture, heritage, people, places and industry. 

A public meeting in 1851 was organized to consider separation and approach Queen Victoria to establish a separate colony at Moreton Bay. The Queen gave her approval and signed the letters patent on 6th June 1859 and an Order-in-Council gave Queensland its own Constitution.

Queensland Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Queensland Day greetings-

  • Have the pride and the joy to celebrate this day of our independence and rebirth. Hence a warm Queensland day to everyone
  • Just as we celebrate the birthday of our mother and father and child, it’s the birthday of our motherland. Celebrate it proudly as we wish all a happy Queensland day
  • G’day to all my fellow countrymen and women who are part of our home, our family. We promise you from our motherland we shall never depart. Hence wishing everyone a happy Queensland day
  • Happiest Queensland day to all who inhabit this land and cherish its beauty and heritage, hope we all keep our spirits high  as we are now, and prosper together
  • May the god of hope fill you with joy and peace, as u trust in him, wishing u a G’Day mate
  • Have faith in god and also ourselves since we make our country what we are, when together. Be it good or bad. So let’s make sure to make our land an exceptional one of all
  • May the sunshine state stay evergreen forever, wish you a very happy Queensland day
  • Our motto is Audax at Fidelis (bold but faithful) so have the courage to stand by the truth, wish you g’day mate!
  • There’s one thing about Queenslanders, and that is, no matter what challenges are thrown at us, we dig in, we unite, we rally, and we come back stronger than ever, we wish to be like this, g’day all
  • While a tough journey remains ahead of us, there’s no better place to navigate it from than right here in Queensland! G’day all
  • Raise up your heads high and have faith in the almighty and ourselves to take up the mantle of success for our motherland in the future, G’day to everyone
  • The well-wishers’ lives are filled with warmth and happiness on this occasion of our land’s day, g’day!
  • A heritage like none, long ago it has begun, in the form of a nation, in the form of one. That is us and only us. A happy Queensland day to ally fellow countrymen
  • Have a G’Day today and celebrate this wonderful occasion since its the glorious day for our nation, happy Queensland day  to all my fellow countrymen and women
  • Be kind and show generosity the way The Queen was kind to offer the land to our forefathers. Wish a g’day.
  • Let’s make our nation proud worldwide and prosper together in this land of grace and elegance, wishing all a happy Queensland day

Queensland Day messages-

  • May we not forget the day we got our land and may we prosper as we move ahead. A happy Queensland day to all my fellow countrymen
  • With the god’s faith and Queens will this place which has been given to us and we shall take it ahead and show our pride to the world. A marvelous Queensland day to all
  • Fill your stomachs with food and hearts with pride as we celebrate the day our land was free on this Queensland day
  • Let’s make our country proud as we show its elegance through the celebration of this prosperous Queensland day and we all are proud to be a citizen of this holy land
  • Enjoy our, beaches enjoy our forests, enjoy our unmatched heritage and no matter if you are a citizen or a guest, feel proud to be a part of our country and celebrate this Queensland day with us
  • A day we feel like none, a day we feel so proud to call this land ours, and also grateful to call ourselves the citizen and hence we celebrate so proudly, the Queensland day
  • Let us all celebrate all we have, all we can witness due to the blessing of God and celebrate this Queensland day with your families and friends
  • Lets thank our ancestors for freeing our land and pray to the god to keep us all progressing and to all the citizens who contribute this country’s welfare, a happy Queensland day
  • May this day bring you pride and joy and may we all work hard towards  progress keeping in mind our country’s value in our life, hence a happy Queensland day
  • To all the. queenslanders, it’s time to enjoy since it’s the birthday of our nation, the day we got this land, celebrate with us a happy Queensland day
  • May we prosper forever as we do now due to gods blessing and our hard labor, and may this land be always ours and we be the eternal guardian of  it forever, a blessed Queensland day to all my queenslanders
  • No one in the earth is as lucky as us since we are a part of this land we call our home, and let’s celebrate this  Queensland day for its people, heritage, and all it has given to us till date
  • It was a proud day for the Queen to announce the news today years back. Even today we are proud of it. Wishing you a great Queensland day.

Queensland Day quotes-

“If you’re not happy with yourself, how can you even begin to figure out if another person makes you happy, annoyed, angry, sad and so on.” – S.A.Tawks

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed if not faced”- James Baldwin

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Elanor Roosevelt

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