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Elephants are truly the icons of wildlife but their population is reducing drastically which needs to be stopped right away.

Save the elephant day is celebrated on the 16th of April and it is directed towards the purpose of spreading awareness about the sad state of elephants in the world.

This day aims to show love and support for the giants who are being brutalised in manifold manner. Be it ivory poachers, traffickers or loss of their habitat, every problem is leading to a drop in their numbers.

Save the Elephant day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

They are giants but they aren’t at all harmful. Elephants are the most innocent giants in this nature. Save the elephant day is a need of the hour.

Learn from the elephants, they walk and do not ponder over the silly things that happen beside them. They are tutors for life! Save the elephant, they are reducing in numbers.

In this save the elephant day, make sure that you spread awareness about the dip in the number of elephants in the world. We do not want them to vanquish. Never ever.

The trunk of an elephant is never heavy for them but it is the heavy greed of the humans that has lead to the trunks vanishing and also the animal with it.

Let the elephants carry their pride. The money made from their trunks is illegal and you would not want to add to such illegal cause. Save the elephants.

They may be of immense size but are grounded and very calm unlike humans who are tiny and their ego is bigger than that of the elephant!

The greed of humans have lead to the extinction of numerous animals and we definitely do not want to add elephants to the list. Save the elephant day is here, spread awareness!

Elephants do not deserve the treatment they get from the greedy poachers. It is illegal and the criminals should be punished. Save the elephant day is your chance to show your love.

If you do not save the forest then forget about saving the elephants. Start from the scratch and have a sensible attitude.

Elephants never harm you but we humans always extort them for our needs! Stop this and love them with your heart. An elephant never forgets.

Can you withstand being whipped to perform in-front of a huge crowd? It’s a nightmare. Stop circuses on this save the elephant day.

They haven’t ever harmed anyone but we humans always try to loot them of their wealth. Stop animal cruelty and save the elephant.

There is no animal more innocent than an elephant but just like all other good things on earth, it is vanishing! Save the elephant for the future generations to witness these sweet giants.

Do not see elephants as your source of fortune. Their trunks are what they have from birth and taking them off is a heinous crime that no one should ever think of. Spread the word in Save the elephant day.

The need for a day like save the elephant day is truly shameful to the humanity. It is our over exploitation of the society that has lead to the sweet elephants disappearing from the face of the earth.

Hate ivory and love elephants, it is the only way to save them from being vanished. Make sure that you spread this message loud and clear on this save the elephant day.

We stop buying ivory and the elephants shall live longer and happier. You truly won’t like the tears on a baby elephant’s eyes when his mother is killed for the ivory you buy from shops. Save the elephant and love them back.

Lesson to learn from elephants- live a large and big, stay humble, stay balanced and harm none. With such qualities, they truly don’t deserve to get outnumbered. Save the elephant day is here to bring them justice and hope.

We have to become aware of the scenario; our elephant friend in jungle needs our help. Reach out to them on this save the elephant day.

The only giant from nature that is harmless and calm. Elephants are meant to be loved and kept with us forever.

An animal that teaches us so many ways of life. Right from living large and behaving simple to not being ferocious with their size, they truly impart moral education. Hence, keep them for the future generations to see. Save the elephant day.

Elephants also have values that lend them place in various cultures. They are the symbol of strength, power and auspiciousness. Save the elephant and keep them living with us for long.           

Elephants always stay in a bunch and stand up for one another when needed. A lot is left to learn from them. Love and nourish them, take an oath to stop ivory purchase and elephant circuses on this save the elephant day.

The ego of a selfish man is bigger than that of an elephant’s size. Let the innocent elephants live longer and stronger.

Every elephant is sweet and innocent. When one in their group is poached and killed, the entire group mourns. Making such speechless animals cry is a crime. Save the elephants.

By the year 2025 African elephants shall extinct from earth. Let us take an oath to change this prediction and make the elephants live with us forever.

Save the elephant day deserves your attention because of the alarming fact that elephants are already on the list of endangered species just because of illegal poaching for wildlife products.

Keep calm and love elephants on this save the elephant day.

Your awareness about the elephant population will surely help the innocent elephants to live longer and stay free from the poachers for trade.

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