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National Sweet Corn Day is celebrated on every 11th of June, which calls a day for relishing the most amazing corn cobs grilling, boiling, or merely roasting. It’s a day to go on a campfire by a river with friends and family and have lots of chats enjoying the sweet corn.

National Sweet Corn Day- Messages

-Corn, unlike other eatables, has enormous health benefits. 

-Corn has high fiber content; it can help with digestion. It also contains essential B vitamins, which are necessary for your gut health and lifestyle.

-Corn is also a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese. 

-Corn is a good source of the antioxidants carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which helps build up good eye health. 

-Corns are starchy, and having too much of it can threaten diabetic people, as it is rich in carbs and can increase average levels of cholesterol.

-In different countries, people call the corn by different names. Some call it long maize; others call it sweet corn or butter corn.

-For extra sweet corn, one should consider plucking the corn kennels in its milking stage so that you get juicy and delicious long maizes.

-There are numerous ways to eat corn. You can boil, steam, roast, and saute according to your taste buds and pair it with your favorite main dish.

-Eating corn kennels with one hand keeping fingers on its end is considered the way to eat corn instead of the guides of table manners suggest. You can also spice up your corn with a little bit of butter and black pepper.

-Corn, which is called maize in most countries, means” sacred mother” or “giver of life.”

-The cobs are called the ears of the corn. So next time anyone riddles you with “which vegetable has ears?” you know the answer right.

-Corn is being used in more than 35,000 products.

-Corn is said to be a “human invention,” originated from teosinte grass about 7000 years ago.

-Corn was believed to be so valuable that it was traded in exchange for gold and money.

-Corn is a versatile vegetable; you can put corn kennels in almost any savory dish and cherish it. 

-One of its signature dishes is “sweet corn soup,” which is served with fresh cilantro and a lime squeeze. That tastes heavenly with garlic bread.

-We are very sure that you would have fun memories in your childhood, separating the corn kennels. It’s indeed a challenging task but a worthy one.

-In countries like India and Korea, people make flour out of corn, mixing the dried powder of corn and wheat flour and make cornbread ., which is again served with complimentary side dishes.

Sweet Corn Day: Greetings

-Happy sweet corn day-corny peps!! And it’s OK to be a little corny!!

-The new and sweet corn calls for a feast. Get your salt and pepper ready with extra butter to enjoy the unlimited sweetness of the corn.

-June 11, calls for a grand party. Call friends and family. Arrange a grilled feast with some chill music and enjoy your platter with delicious seafood with sweet and buttery corn paired with spicy gravy.

-You can experiment and cook many dishes and enjoy it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Wishing a very happy sweet corn day.

-Make a pizza with cheese and extra corn and pair it with some black olives. It will be a hit for sure.

-If you want to have a low-calorie meal, well, then corn is an option to consider. Have a great sweet corn day ahead.

-This sweet corn day, let us visit a poor vendor and buy some sweet corn from then. We should make their day special as well.

-Make a Budha bowl with quinoa salad with red pepper, chopped onion, tomatoes, olives tomatoes, and a lot of corn with your favorite olive dressing.

-You can go little continental today and try cuisines, which are the specialties made from corn like “corn dogs,” “Makki ki roti,” “crispy corn fry,” “Mexican grilled corn,” and many more.

-You can visit a corn farm, you will be amazed by its beauty itself. You can pluck some ripened corn cobs by yourself. Also, use this opportunity to take pictures, as a maize farm can give you an Instagram ready view.

-You can also learn new techniques and tricks to pick the kernels out of the cob to have an easy meal. Wishing you and your family a great sweet corn day ahead.

-Use this day to buy your favorite seafood, may it be king lobsters, or squids or scallops, and boil them along with some sweet corn. You can enjoy them with the buttery gravy made with spices to amp up its taste.

-Visit your nearby farmers market and buy the best looking corn today. Come home, wash it, and steam it and there you go, you have your breakfast ready. Happy sweet corn day.

-For lunch, we give you a fantastic recipe cheese corn sandwich with creamy coleslaw 

Isn’t that a masterpiece?

-Yeah, get your favorite bread, may it be a gluten-free sourdough bread or a regular white bread. Have a great sweet corn dat ahead, my friend!

-Fill your sandwich with cheese and corn kernels with salt and pepper and toast it with extra butter. You can have it with coleslaw with little leftover corn.

– If you get a sweet craving at night, you can have a sweet corn dog with tteokbokki.to get some Asian flavors for your dinner. And that completes your corny day.

National Sweet Corn Day:-Quotes

-“Corn is cleaned with wind, and the Soul with chastening.”   

 –George Herbert

-”A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine.”

 –Anne Bronte

-“The goldenrod is yellow, The corn is turning brown, The trees in apple orchards With fruit are bending down.”

–   Helen Hunt Jackson

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