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National Weatherperson’s Day is celebrated in the United States on the 5th of February every year. It is basically for those who are a part of the meteorology department, storm spotters, and observers.

The reason for celebrating on this day is that this day marks the birthday of John Jeffries.

National Weatherperson’s Day messages:

– This day is also known as National Weatherman’s Day.

– It is celebrated on 5th  February because this day marks the birthday of John Jeffries.

-John Jeffries is America’s First weather observers. Even he was the first person in America to take balloon observation.

– This day is mainly focused on those from the meteorological department. People who work hard in report making and taking observations are honored on this day.

– What we can do on this day is thank our known or local person from the meteorology department.

– We can also raise awareness about the kind of hard work they do to keep all of us alert before any circumstances.

– If anyone is interested in this field, they can also download some apps and online simulations to get hands-on to this work.

– One can easily relate to how important is the meteorological department is to us. We all plan our day according to the kind of weather the department has predicted.

– We think that all this work is just a cakewalk, but the people who are a part of that department in real knows the actual efforts and kind of focus and calculations they have to do daily to keep all of us informed in prior.

– We all know that’s it’s challenging to predict our mother nature. But still, we have people who give their best to forecast.

– Because of this weather prediction, many lives are saved. But because of this new technology and skilled people, we all get informed prior, and the government also takes the necessary steps.

–  We can always try to be a part of this field. And even motivate others to develop an interest in the meteorology department.

– It’s not an easy task until you try it.

– This day is recognized in the USA, but there is no harm if you celebrate it in another country.

– We can also organize some games with the meteorology department’s help and insist on others to participate.

– It’s not a national day to have a holiday, but yes, this day is memorable for all the workers out there who are a part of the weather department.

– Our outdoor activities, trips, etc. is also decide based on the weather forecast. 

– We can never understand the kind of effort all those people put in their work so that we stay updated day to day or say time to time.

– This day, take the honor to thank all the weather department workers for their tremendous efforts.

National Weatherperson’s Day quotes

-”I get recognized somewhere in between like local meteorologist and national meteorologist. “

-John Mayer

-”I always had becoming a meteorologist as my goal from the second I decided, while I was in school, just to study meteorology. “

-Ginger Zee

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