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National Asteroid Day is celebrated on 30th June of every year. It is celebrated in remembrance of the Tunguska impact over Siberia, Russia, the most massive asteroid recorded. This day’s main aim is to spread awareness about the effects and causes created by asteroids on the earth. 

National Asteroid Day greetings:

– The asteroids are a reminder to humans no matter how much we become advanced; we are still far behind from nature. Respect Mother Nature.

– Asteroids and bad times both come without prior warning. Happy national asteroid day.

– We can predict the future. We cannot foresee which asteroid will come and hit us. Stay safe, stay alert.

– No one is happy with the way we humans are treating the earth, not even asteroids. Treat earth with respect.

– So you think asteroids can wipe dinosaurs but not humans, how cute. Happy World asteroid day.

– The chances of hitting by an asteroid are still higher for me than a chance to win a lottery.

– The way asteroids keep coming towards the earth before the war, asteroids will finish us all. Happy world asteroids day.

– The world needs to pay attention and find solutions to tackle asteroids rather than find ways to spark the world war. Let’s fight with this together, not fight with each other.

– Like on food day, we want to have food, no one wants to have asteroids on a world asteroid day.

– Asteroids are a significant threat to human life. Raise awareness to stay safe, stay alert.

– Asteroids are low probability high consequence events that mean that the probability of an asteroid hitting the earth is short, but their consequences will be out of our reach.

– Every year, a car-sized asteroid hits the earth’s atmosphere, but it gets burned, but the way we are changing the earth’s environment no longer will save itself.

– If the earth gets hit by an asteroid, then no undo button will save us. Wishing you a great asteroid day ahead.

– One asteroid is enough to wipe us all. Happy world asteroid day.

– Asteroids will not give us time to escape. Enjoy your life as much as you can; you never know when you will get hit by an asteroid.

– There are only microbes that will remain unaffected by the asteroids. And we humans are nothing in front of microbes.

– On one has no idea what to do when asteroids hit us. Be alert. That’s all you can do.

– The asteroids have such energy that they can disturb transportation, communication, and the earth’s food chain.

– Asteroids are a global problem. They are not bound to the country because when asteroids hit us, they will see the whole world as one.

National Asteroid Day messages:

– We are living in the most dangerous world. We could get hit by a missile, a nuclear war can occur, a virus or bacterial infection can break out, or an asteroid could beat us.

– The more you will talk about asteroids, the more dangerous they will sound.

– Scientists are the only superheroes that can save earth from asteroids attack.

– Asteroids are the poison of the sky that will spare none.

– It would take millions of dollars to save the world if asteroids hit the earth.

-The United Nation, in 2016, adopted 30th June as a mark to celebrate national asteroid day.

– Either artificial intelligence will take over the land or be wiped out by the asteroids. Both the ways humans will have zero chance to survive.

– When asteroids will hit us, they will not give us time to move to any new planet to make earth protected from asteroids.

– Asteroids are just a way of nature to tell humans no matter how much advanced we become, we are still tiny and helpless in front of nature.

– No country alone can save the earth from asteroids. All the countries should try together to save the world from disaster.

– We cannot protect our millions of people from a small virus; imagine how we will save earth from asteroids.

– Before dangerous asteroids find us, it’s better we find them and start preparing to take preventive measures to save our planet.

– In today’s time, science is too advanced, so instead of finding ways to destroy the world, they should focus on saving the world.

– There are more than trillions of asteroids out there is space, and we have no idea about them.

– Scientists are the only heroes that the world needs right now.

– Before staring programs to find aliens, we need programs to find asteroids.

– We are not sure about aliens, but we all are sure about asteroids, and they are dangerous to earth.

– Every day, we are hit by tones of materials, probably we all have commit dust in our hair.

– Scientists should try to find the asteroids before they find us and come to visit.

– No one like unannounced visitors, not even the earth.

– Scientists either need to change the earth’s speed or velocity of an asteroid hitting the ground.

– The whole world now rely on scientists to save them from asteroid disaster. 

– The amount countries spend on planning wars if half of them would pay them on science the earth can be saved.

National Asteroid Day quotes:

  • A hybrid human-robot mission to investigate an asteroid affords a realistic opportunity to demonstrate new technological capabilities for future deep-space travel. 

 – Buzz Aldrin 

  • Sooner or later disasters such as an asteroid collision or a nuclear war could wipe us all out, but once we spread out into space and establish independent colonies, our future should be safe.

 – Stephen Hawking 

  • We really need an internationally agreed and coordinated strategy for the development of asteroid litigation technology and very importantly the implementation of procedures for an emergency deflection scenario.  

– Alan Harris 

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