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POETS Day is not a day dedicated to all the poets but rather the name of the day is an acronym for “Piss off early, Tomorrow’s Saturday”. This day is widely celebrated in the United Kingdom as the day when the office workers get to leave for home early and enjoy a good weekend with friends and family.

This day works as a great morale booster for all the employees who have had a tough week while the traditions of POETS Day begin at 3:30 PM itself. In other countries where the working schedule is six days a week, the POETS Day is know there as “Push off early, tomorrow’s Sunday”

Below is list of quotes and greetings to share with all your working associates on every POETS Day

_Now that you have found beauty in the ugliest of working days, it is time to relax and let go of the stress because it’s Piss off early day.

_Take a moment and realize how hectic this hole working has been so that you can really enjoy the last working day of the week.

_Only a sane and the people who love their jobs wouldn’t want to get off early from work. I know you aren’t that so enjoy this POETS day ahead.

_The moments we spend at office isn’t much to cherish on about except for the Friday when we all get to piss off early because of Saturday.

_It’s been a tough week for all of us and I just like to say on this POETS Day that I can’t wait to go home and not see your faces for two whole days.

_My coworkers are good enough to get me through the week without much of a hassle but I can’t bear them for one more minute on a POETS day.

_For the whole past week we get so consumed in the office nature that we forget there is a nature outside to enjoy on Saturday.

_Monday is a day for employers to be happy while Friday being the happiest day of the week for the employees because we get to go home early

_If it’s not too much trouble then I would like to raise a petition to make Saturday and Sunday longer than the POETS Day.

_Life is too short to sulk over the exhausting week we all had so let’s spend the POETS Day with nothing joy in our hearts.

_When I get home on a POETS Day, I don’t have anyone to return to and it’s absolutely fine because it’s good to not hear humans for the weekend.

_The most fascinating thing about Friday mood is that the music which annoys us for the whole week suddenly becomes our favorite on the POETS Day.

_If Friday ever takes too much time to arrive during a tiring week then I guess I’ll never be able to survive to see the dawn on POETS Day.

_I don’t have a superhero in my love but I do have a POETS Day which sometimes takes time to save me from the tiring week I go through.

_Friday brings a lot of hope with it, like spending the weekend just by sleeping around in the couch. But we all end up doing the household chores.

_All I can say about POETS Day is let’s enjoy the last working hours for the week with a smile and get ourselves ready for the Beer Night.

_POETS Day is a very meditating day for me as it arrives just in time to save me from awfully beating the hell out of everyone with a keyboard in the office.

_Amidst the work storm, my wife and I still find time to go out for dinners, but separately. So I hope this POETS Day, we go out together.

_Fridays are for candlelight dinners, music and dancing but all we do is end up getting home early from work with a couple of beers and Netflix.

_It is against the rule to become a productive member of the society on a Friday. So go home or go out and spend a great POETS Day.

_After a tiring week, I hope we all spend a day loving the nature and whatever we do we do with love and kindness.

_If you are planning to do something wild over the weekend because tomorrow’s Saturday, then You have my utmost blessing.

_Who knows whether we are going to be there for the next POETS Day, so why not take action over our uncertain life and have a great weekend ahead.

_What if we try don’t have a bellyache over the next week and try to each and every other day of the week like its POETS Day.

_Persistence and resilience is what get us all through every working day of the week and with a big dose of excitement the weekend gets over as well.

_I am dying to piss off early from work because tomorrow’s Saturday even though my only plan is to spend it with my comfy couch.

_Our lives will have no meaning if we get excited just for the weekends. So from this POETS Day, let’s try to instill a meaning in our lives.

_On this POETS Day while you guys will be enthusiastic for the week, I for one is very much excited about my long Friday Night bath.

_Stay closer to the nature over this weekend as it ignites a hope to stay extremely positive during the working days in the upcoming week.

_In preparation for takeoff from the office on a POETS Day, let’s ensure that we all leave our negativities behind and enjoy sunshine and Jack Daniels.

_Friday is the superhero day of the week that we get excited about but within a blink of an eye, Monday starts knocking at our door.

_The afternoon of POETS Day is nothing short of a heaven for us as we are just hours away from getting off early.

_After the POETS Day, we eventually succumb to the weekend pressure to enjoy and end up doing things we tend to regret.

_Isn’t it magical to have weekends for the fourth time in a month but all we do is sulk over the past tiring week spent at the office.

_Thank God my boss doesn’t know how unproductive I become on Fridays because otherwise I would have been long fired.

_Oh it’s POETS Day again! It’s time to share the love that was latent during the week and pretend like we are going to rock it this weekend.

_Our working lives aren’t that terrible just because we celebrate a two day breaks from the office on a POETS Day.

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