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Pack Rat Day is celebrated on 17th May of every year. Packrat means collecting things that are not useful, but people still collect them for future use. The packrat phrase started in 1885. The name rat was given due to their nature to hoarding things. 

Pack Rat Day messages:

– If a pack rat is your spirit animal, then this day is just for you.

– Everyone has pack rat hidden inside them; it only comes out at the right time.

-Half of our cupboards in the house are filled with what we need in the future.

– Human pack rats have everything if needed, which cannot be found on time ever.

– It’s tough to live with a packrat human because they will carry with them, whether required or not.

-Some people are a selective packrat, take something and throw away even if needed.

– The problem with packrat humans is they always run off space.

– Some people have a lion as their spirit animal, while some have a packrat and can’t help that.

– Packrat packs evening except what is needed.

– Of all the animal’s humans have picked pack rat as their inspiration to keep safe their belongings.

– Sometimes, even packrats don’t remember why they had chosen and kept something.

– A person holds the thing because they attached themselves to the things it’s their feelings that don’t allow them to throw it away.

– Human Packrats have the urge to pack everything which they can’t control.

– Human Packrats keep the belongings safe we never knew ever existed.

– Human Packrats always run out of space as they never had enough space to keep belongings.

– Human Packrats are smaller versions of the collector.

– Human Packrats carry the whole world with them in the things they take.

– Human Pack rats don’t accept just items. They have memories of them.

– We see things as just things, but human packrats see things as memories they never want to lose ever.

– Human pack rats read memories from the items they carry, so it’s not trash for them.

– For us its waste, but for human packrats, it’s a memory lane which takes them to good old golden days.

-If you can stay with the human pack race, you live with any human type in this world.

– The pack rats multiply at the fastest rate; they can take over the world population in just ten days.

– If you have any human pack rat, tell them it’s not useful to carry leftover things.

– Human pack rats carry everything with them, whether memory or just something.

– Human pack rats never forget anything except essential things.

– If the world ends, human pack rats will still have all the things we thought we might never see again.

– When we look at the room of the social pack rat, it will look like a museum.

Pack Rat Day quotes:

“For as long as I can remember, my father saved. He saves money, he saves disfigured sticks that resemble disfigured celebrities

― David Sedaris

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