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The Limerick day is celebrated every year on the 12th of May. It is the day observed to commemorate the creation of creative limericks. Limericks are five-line humorous poems with a strict rhyming scheme with an exciting subject. 

Limerick Day Messages

– Limerick Day is a day to know about the value of words and wisdom through limericks.

– It is undoubtedly true from the idea of limericks that words are mightier than the sword.

– Limericks are proof that stories sometimes have more value in places where strength is required.

– Limerick Day is a special day for all the people who find humor in the smallest of things, bringing life to a set of rhyming words.

– It is beautiful how a limerick, a simple set of words rhyming together to give out such a strong message to all the people.

– A limerick can have different meanings for different age groups; it can be funny, childish humor for children but at the same time have a strong message for those who require it.

– The Limerick day celebrates nonsense verse of creativity in humorous lines of a rhyming schemed small poem.

– This day also marks the birthday of English poet and author, Edward Lear, who was famous for his creative prose, poetry, and popularizing Limericks’s idea. 

– People enjoy the Limerick day by encountering little bits of happiness and humor from creative limericks.

– The Limerick day marks another day of observance in history for literary presence in words and poems. 

– Limerick Day aims at providing enjoyment and a strong message at the same time through small, innovative, humor-filled, and informative five-line poems.

– Limerick day marks a fine line of difference between a poem and limerick, a limerick is a short, rhyming and humorous content filled set of words, whereas a poem can be long, may or may not be rhyming, and can be written for any feeling.

A limerick shows a funny way of positive criticism; the Limerick day showcases fun-filled humor and happy environment.

– Enjoy sets of limericks from poets and authors on the EV of limerick day and fill your day with humor, laughter, and happiness.

– A limerick mainly targets at providing a humorous punch, sometimes obscene but surely worth a laugh.

– The Limerick day represents the best of limericks all together for the people to have a little fun out there, with a bit of pulling of leg and humor for all.

– Limericks tend to gain instant attention due to its little obscene humorous punch and somewhat funny, childish representation of thoughts.

The Limerick day celebrates a famous author and poet Edward Lear, who brought life to prose and poetry through notable literary works.

– Limerick day has a unique way to bring together friends and family, and have a little fun and laughter through the literary works. 

Limerick Day quotes

“Limerick gained a reputation for piety, but we knew it was only the rain.”
― Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes

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