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Milad-un-nabi is popularly known as Mawlid or ‘Mawlid al-nabi al sharif’ is actually the grand celebration of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which is being observed on the third month of the calendar of the Islams. This is one of the biggest festivals of the Islamic community and the date of this festival varies from year to year.

This year it will commence from  28th October and will end on the next day that is 29th October. It is celebrated in Canada and several other parts of the world. 

Milad-un- nabi Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

The Milad-Un- Nabi messages

-Let us celebrate the Birthday of our Prophet, our lord with a grand festival and loads of grandeur, let us make it a big and memorable day for our community. Wish you a happy Mawlid, people

-On this magnificent day, may Allah shower all his pious and soulful blessings upon you and your dear ones, so that peace, harmony, and prosperity may prevail upon you. A cheerful and joyous Mawlid to all of you

-On this bright and glorious day, Our Allah, the almighty has set his footsteps on earth by incarnating as Prophet Mohammad and bestowing us all he had and installing us with hopes, kindness, and benevolence for others.

-And someday out of the blue when you discover that the right time has come to commence something unique and new and you will have to keep faith upon the magic of happy starting, something glorious and glowing will happen to you. 

-On the auspicious Birthday of Prophet Muhammad, we need to have a look upon his lesson that the greatest and the most magnificent lies in the abundance of our heart and soul.

-It never matters that how much you have messed up in your past, the thing that matters the most is to start afresh like the birth of Prophet Muhammad has created in our lives.

-Birthdays are a brand new start, contemporary commencements, an hour to start up to date feats with destinations. Move forward progressively with new conviction, credence, and pluck on the auspicious and propitious birthday of Prophet Mohammad.

-Let this magnificent Birthday of Allah give you the scope to start a new chapter in your life and chance to decorate the pages with your amazing dreams and your benevolence. Let this day be the stepping stone for a wonderful tomorrow.

The Milad-Un Nabi greetings

-On this promising Birthday celebration of our Prophet, let us think about his saying of satisfying the beliefs of the people who had faith upon you and not betraying back the people who had cheated on you.

-May everyone’s birthday bring them respect, prosperity, and tranquility as a present to them. Today on the splendid Birthday of our honorable Prophet Mohammad, our guide, let us gift him with our deep gratitude, regards, and esteem.

-Troubles are just the errors we have made in the past, let us just forget all and concentrate to create a new beginning with loaded happiness on this magnanimous day which demarcated piousness of a fresh start.

-Let us remember in this magnificent born day of our Prophet Muhammad his famous preaching that the primary thing that a man will be reckoned on the day of his revitalization will be their worship.

-Birthdays are just a day for innumerable changes in your mundane life, pour positivity in your dull routine, and a golden opportunity to reform ourselves. On this pious day let us try to make the day grand for our Almighty.

-We cannot travel to the past and delete our mistakes but we can move forward-thinking of ways to start over again. On this felicitous Birthday of Prophet Mohammed, let us progressively start practicing these theories.

-Commencing anew always requires forgetting the past, the memories of the bygone days only make us teach the various tactics for an innovative beginning. On this propitious day let us have the essence of successful inception.

-The more you practice the technique of commemorating every significant memory, the more celebrated life becomes to you. On this sanctified day, let us worship our Prophet for his resurrection and blissful blessings.

-Though establishing a brand new commencement is a difficult task but it is not at all impossible, never give in with a feeling of despair and helplessness. Take hope from this holy day and move on progressively.

-Let the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad set new rays of hopes and aspirations in our lives and motivate us to search for a new dawn in each of our lives. Happy Milad-Un-Nabi, people.

-Let us on his birthday, we recall his significant and valuable saying that intelligence is above all aspects, belle is never comparable to intellect.

-On this consecrated birth date of our Prophet let us request him to rejuvenate the earth by his graceful resurrection once again.

-The Prophet  Muhammad gave a special emphasis on the fact that he only loves those who are having a clean and decent disposition. On his ordained regeneration day, let his try to be one of his beloved.

-On His anoint Birthday, let us keep in mind that the greatest spirituality would be to fight your own soul and try to eradicate the negativity and evil from within.

-On his special day, we must keep in mind amidst the celebration that being merciful and benevolent is the first necessary attribute to get emancipation and spread those messages in this festive mood to one and all.

-We must recall and set in our mind the fact that there is nothing more prestigious and greater than having an ethical and uprighted personality on this auspicious day of remembering Prophet Muhammad.

-On of the renowned preaching of Prophet Muhammad suggests that a real man is those who can control is overflowing emotions in front of a crowd. Let us follow his sayings on His reappearance day.

-Prophet Muhammad has always taught us to enunciate holy and pious words day and night or shall keep silent but not at all pronounce any awful words. On this auspicious day let us pay heed to His teaching.

-On the honorable Birthday of Prophet Muhammad, let us spread the message of love all over the world through some splendid festivals and prohibit the sinners to roll out hatred around the globe.

-Our Prophet Muhammed has always said that we must keep patience and have full faith in Allah because he only takes the test of his disciples and checks their tolerance. We must follow his words on his notable day.

The Milad-Un-Nabi quotes

-“The strong man is not the good wrestler; the strong man is only the one who controls himself when he is angry.” -Prophet Muhammad

-“Indeed, before God created the creation, He decreed for Himself, ‘Indeed My Mercy prevails over My Anger.” -Prophet Muhammad

-“You will not enter paradise until you have faith. And you will not complete your faith until you love one another.” -Prophet Muhammad

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