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World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June as an approach by the United Nations targeted the motive to encourage awareness regarding the protection of nature and the environment.

Humans have molded the environment to the max for their use, and this is why it has started to deplete at such a rapid pace.

With the improvement of human environment being the primary objective, the day attempts to spread the word to one and all equally. Here are some amazing quotes, Messages, and wishes you can use on this Environment day.

World Environment Day Messages

-The solemn cheer to human life is the kind of nature they live in. Life is beautiful because of it.

-When life throws all the turmoil on us, it becomes stress. However, nature helps us to find peace and grow. Happy world environment day

-Without support from the environment, we cannot be 1% happy with what we are today. The environment is the basis of living.

-On this world environment day, let us take an oath to value what we have in the form of nature and treat it in the right manner.

-All the beauty on earth is due to the beautiful nature we are surrounded with. Happy world environment day

-The day we forget to respect nature, it marks the end of humanity. Let us take responsibility and make the earth a better place to live. Happy world environment day

-It doesn’t take a lot of effort to change the world we live in. The smallest contribution from each of the players can truly make a great difference. Happy world environment day

-If we do not love nature today, then the future is at stake, and it can truly be a dangerous outcome. Save earth on this world environment day

-The only reason for anger is filling the earth with waste when the product can yet be of some use to others. Reuse and recycle. Happy world environment day

-Do not make the earth your dustbin, it deserves to get due respect. Happy world environment day

-If we do not start acting today, tomorrow will be late enough to act. Let us join hands and save the earth from being a thing of the past. Happy world environment day

-The only common thread that binds us is the earth and its magical environment. Happy world environment day

-The only reason to be angry is when you see that the earth is relentlessly being smeared with waste. Save the earth and celebrate world environment day

-Mother Earth is the only thing that can keep you safe from all the hazards. Take care of it and make sure that no one harms it. Happy world environment day

-Being on earth is a responsibility that needs to be lived than being ignored. Live your role to the best. Happy world environment day

-On this world environment day, make sure that you show your love towards the earth and keep it safe from the enemies

-Unless we cannot change the way we live, we cannot live the change we want. Happy world environment day

-Life on earth can be made worthy of living only if the people are more responsible and attentive on preserving the earth. Happy world environment day

-As long as people breathe, the earth will help them sustain their lives in the best manner. Live responsibly and enjoy your life on this world environment day

-We are all indebted to the environment that we live in, and it is high time for us to make a payback and take care of the earth now. Showcase your love for the green on this world environment day

-If anyone wants to live in peace, then being amidst trees is the best place to live in. Happy world environment day

-When everything goes against you, be amongst nature, and you will feel love being showered on you.

-When the best of friends betray, hug a tree, and they will never harm you back. Happy world environment day

-On this World Environment day, let us take an oath to make the world a better place to live and reduce the pollution as much as possible.

-The earth is not yours, not mine, it is for all and hence we should take oath to protect it together. Happy world environment day

-If at all we have anything to do now, it is to save the environment and make it better for living. Let’s behave responsibly on this world environment day

-Money will come and go but it is to keep in mind that our environment once depleted, will never be the same again. Let’s restore the earth on this world environment day

-Keep calm and protect the environment from living in healthier and cleaner air for long.

-Humans are supposed to be the most responsible creations on the face of the earth. Let us behave in the same manner and take pride in being humans. Happy world environment day

-As long as we breathe the air, we will need the earth. Let us make sure that we do not harm the earth. Happy world environment day

-One person can start the change but it is the entire society that needs to follow. Take the lead, rest will join. Happy world environment day

-Before you litter the planet, think of the future and make sure that you think of your upcoming generations living in this graveyard of waste that you are creating today.

-Earth is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Let us keep it that way and make it better for others too.

– Earth gives us the needed air, water and light. Let us give it back the deserved care and attention it never seeks but always deserves on this world environment day

-Environment is to preserve. A lot of harm has been done already.

-We don’t want the environment to bleed tears. Let us make it greener on this world environment day. Behave responsibly.

World Environment Day Wishes

-This World Environment Day, let’s pledge to stop harming the environment and save it instead. Let’s have a clean and green environment for ourselves and for our future generations. 

-Let’s keep our environment as clean as we keep our places of worship and our home. Let’s give our planet the respect it deserves. 

-Save trees and water. The best gift we can give our future generations is a good life. 

-Let’s save our environment before we’re forced to buy air like we do water right now. 

-This environment day, let’s all take our own steps to ensure that our future generations get a habitable home.

-Let’s pledge to segregate our wastes and help in the process of keeping our planet clean- after all, it’s the least we can do after all it’s done for us. 

-Hey! Did you hear about the new RRR? Yeah, it’s “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Let’s spread this too and help save our planet? 

-Let’s take this world environment day as a reminder to be mindful of how we treat our home- let’s not take it for granted anymore. 

-For this planet to be saved, we must come together. We have only one home, let’s not destroy it. This world environment day, let’s join hands and pledge to save our home before it destroys us. 

World Environment Day Statuses

-The earth is all we have- let’s save it?

-A clean and green environment is the only way to live. 

-The earth has given us so much…maybe it’s time to give back a little. 

-Let’s repay our environment by not destroying it. 

-If every person plants even one tree, think of what a beautiful forest we can build.

-Let’s save our lungs by saving the planet’s lungs. Let’s stop cutting trees and reduce pollution.

-Let’s not take our environment for granted and start respecting it before it starts disrespecting us.

-Our environment has the power to destroy us in seconds. Let’s not take its love for granted and stop destroying it.

-Let’s make sure we still have nature to write poetry and stories about a decade later. 

-It’s high time we take steps to make sure that the brooks and rivers future poets and authors write about are not actually sewerage-ridden. 

-Our social media will look very non-aesthetic if we have no nature to click photos and videos of. 

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