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Vimy Ridge Day is that day that we remember for the mortalities and fatalities of those who were parts of the Canadian corporation,  in the War held in Vimy Ridge, which was a prominent event of the First World War.

The holiday is being observed every year on 9th April, since 2003, in Canada. It is a discretionary observance. This day is basically commemorated to recall and pay tribute to the “Battle of Vimy Ridge.”

Vimy Ridge Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

-Let us pay grand heed to the martyrs of the battle of Vimy Ridge Day and let us do something respectful for them. Happy Vimy Ridge Day.

-Let us celebrate the bravery shown by our hero soldiers in the war of Vimy Ridge and renown the sacrifices of their lives in the battle of the First World War. Happy Vimy Ridge Day

-Let us succumb to the melancholy of this historical day and try to pay regard to our saviors and their selfless acts.

-Let us sing a chorus to explain the importance of this day and to how our fighters have devoted their precious life without any hesitation for the sake of our Country and our protection. Kudos to their gallantry.

-This day has set an example for us to understand that we must discharge and leave our fears, doubts, and hesitancy and step forward courageously and act relentlessly for the welfare of our country.

-Let us enjoy the essence of this magnificent day and rejoice the flavor of selflessness, valor, and fearlessness that brave soldiers have gifted to us. Let us get ourselves drenched in those dedications.

-Don’t let your heart fade with cowardice. Come, let us show our inner spirit and unity to protect our country and think about its betterment.

-The day has given us a lesson that nothing could be better than a gallant and carefree warrior who is ready to devote his only life without any dithering in order to save his country. Let us cheer a thousand times for his greatness.

-Let us take an oath to make ourselves rock hard and make a pledge to commit our lives for the prosperity and security of the country. Let us make the sacrifices of our plucking fighters famous.

-Please let us pray for those who had given up their lives in fighting the battle of Vimy Ridge and come let us honor them with our worthy actions and genuine feelings. A sorrowful Vimy Ridge Day to all of you.

– Let us beseech the almighty to shower their blessings to the deads who have renounced their life for the sake of their country’s security and let us invoke the lord to give those intrepid children to glorious emancipation.

-May the gleaming souls of the lionhearted martyrs of the battle of Vimy Ridge rest in peace. May their relinquish for the nation’s safety might not go in vain.

-Let us worship  God for the ultimate peace, prosperity, and harmony of the nation and implore to him for the liberation of the souls of the dead warriors.

-Let us not hold our tears today, let us weep our heart out today, let us blatantly mourn for the invaluable lives of our brave soldiers which they have lost in order to save us.

-Let us commemorate this day full of sadness, desolation, and gloom. Let us mark this day as a day of pride for having such heroic soldiers and for their act of chivalry. A remorseful Vimy Ridge Day to all of you.

-Let fortitude be the first and foremost priority and let timidity fade away with the shine of our determination. Have a promising Vimy Ridge Day.

-Let us put forward our inner skills of hardihood and fight all the evils and try to be a worthy savior of our mother nation. Let us pay accolade to their sacrifices in some heroic way on this bright and promising day.

-Let us make this day a grand success by celebrating it and paying tribute for the loss they and their families had to bear for the protection of us and our Nation. Be boastful in observing the Vimy Ridge Day.

-Let the pain of deletion of a dear one be felt by us today, let the grief aggravate in our heart once again, let the shrill but firm cry of patriotism be spread all over the nation. Let us mark a disconsolate yet elevated Vimy Ridge Day.

-Timidity is just a state of mind. Let us make our mind more plucky and break all the limitations to safeguard our nation and its natives. Let patriotism droop from all of our veins.

-Vimy Ridge is not a mere day of honoring dead servicemen in the battle of Vimy Ridge, it a day of joy and gratification for us, it is the day to recall and empower the blazing mettle shown by our soldiers.

-There is a staunch and stalwart soldier hiding inside every one of us. Let us reveal him today, let us give him a scope to show his gallantry and do his duties for the sake of the Nation and its residents. Let us help him make himself proud.

-The demise of a dictator demarcates the end of his era, but the loss of a martyr commences his reign. Let us be the fearless lion today and not the controlling tyrant.

-The eminent people take pride in adversity just like the enduring squaddies rejoice their victories in the war. Let us commemorate their magnificent journey in the battle of Vimy Ridge.

-The Almighty has gifted us with such withstanding fighters that they could even give up their lives without a crease in their forehead for the sake of our security. we should honor them and keep their position in the topmost place in our hearts.

-Fortitude is epizootic, when one plucky man insists, asserts, and takes a position, the backbone of the other tighten automatically. Let us take stand for those lionhearted and eradicate the spinelessness from us.

-The dauntlessness of a warrior is intensified by his grasp and grip of his vocation. Let us applaud for their valor and shout out loud in favor of them and honoring them.

-Our land is celebrating its freedom every year only because of the great sacrifices made by the brave. Let us take a moment to acclaim their pluck.

-The bodily presence of the almighty is not possible everywhere that’s why he has created the chivalric soldiers to safeguard us. Let us take a stand for the dead of the war of the Vimy Ridge Day.

-Fighters are natives from death’s colorless piece of land, extracting no gain and surplus from the future. Let us take a day to think about them and their families and make some fruitful steps for their benefits.

-The duty of the almighty is to pardon their evil motive hoes but the meeting between God and the sinner is dutifully arranged by our heroic and high spirited warriors by taking the risk of their lives.

-Let us consider this day as the biggest opportunity to thank and show our regards to the departed saviors who have lost their valuable lives in ordered to save us and our dear ones.

-There is no workout better for our body, mind, and soul than bowing down and helping others to rise above. Our fearless soldiers do exactly the same for us and our country. Let us commemorate the Vimy Ridge Day which is the gesture to salute our braveheart servicemen.

-Our valiant, daring, and bold fighters never fear even when they know they are going to be executed soon and they keep on fighting for the sake of protection of the Nation and its natives.

-A victor, a winner is someone who has kept his existence, his mortality in the bet to achieve something larger than life, be it respect, be it honor, be it the safety of the country and its countrymen.

-Let us take a moment to motivate, inspire, and pay heed to all the resolute and mettlesome combatants who have given up their last breath to make the flag of our country fly high in freedom.

-It is the fighter who suffers the cavernous injuries and abrupt demises without meeting their dear ones, without saying a last goodbye to them only to maintain peace and prosperity.

-It is his glory and chivalry that holds up the nation’s flag high without any fear. Let us uphold his pride and gallantry on this special day.

-Soldiers fight each moment in their lives either with their enemies or with their everyday sadness which comes down to them due to long separation from their family. Let us celebrate this day to make them feel good.

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