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Adelaide Cup is one of the biggest events of the year as well a public holiday for the people in South Australia.

It is held on the second Monday of March every year. The event was first held in April 21, 1864 now attracts horse racing enthusiasts and socialites alike.

Adelaide Cup Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Adelaide Cup greetings

Sending my warmest thoughts and best wishes for a magnificent upcoming holiday of Adelaide Cup. May you spend a lovely day ahead.

On the eve of the Adelaide cup, lets indulge ourselves into the rich and old history of thoroughbred racing and see the goodness of this event with our family wholeheartedly.

A horse can be dangerous at both ends but they surely are beautiful from every angle. I wish you a lovely time at the Adelaide cup and enjoy the beautiful display of thoroughbreds.

I hope you take a sudden slide into this year’s Adelaide Cup with your friends and family as the outflow of joy will be unstoppable at the event. Wishing you a splendid time at the horseracing event

Who doesn’t love horses especially the handicapped thoroughbreds that are going to be the center of attraction at this year’s Adelaide cup. May you enjoy a wonderful event with your friends

When the horses evolved into their thoroughbred look, apart from looking majestically beautiful, they have a lot of bounce on their step. May you get to witness their bounce at the Adelaide Cup.

I know you love horses a lot especially thoroughbreds so as the holiday of Adelaide Cup is almost upon us, let me wish you a great day at the event filled with excitement and happiness. 

There is something about holiday mornings that makes us feel great after just sipping the first coffee. I wish that you feel the same while enjoying the race at Adelaide Cup.

If you are at work and having a hard day then think about the excitement you are going to feel at this year’s Adelaide Cup. May you have a wonderful time seeing the thoroughbred racing.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed much like the horseracing event on the eve of Adelaide Cup Day. Wish you nothing but happy and exciting times at the Adelaide Cup

Admirers of thoroughbreds and fans of horseracing from all over the world are going to experience one of the oldest horseracing events. I wish to see you there at the Adelaide cup alongside me.

On this wonderful eve of Adelaide cup day, I wish that you have a great and awesome day as there is nothing more beautiful than watching those jockeys riding the majestic thoroughbreds.

My dear friend, the sun has risen and the birds are singing with joy as one of the oldest horseracing events is here. My best wishes to you on this day. Have a delightful time ahead.

No matter what you are going through, all your worries are going to be replaced by the adrenaline rush you are going to feel at this year’s Adelaide Cup. Wish you an awesome day at the event. 

Adelaide Cup messages

It isn’t important who is ahead at one time or another in a horse race. What counts is the horse that crosses the finishing line at first. Experience the thrill on the eve of Adelaide Cup Day.

A horse is more tolerant than humans while flicking away the flies in summer. So don’t wait and Grab the opportunity to watch this extraordinary creatures racing at the Adelaide Cup.

He gallops while running and his heart lets him carry on with full force and his character decides if he will win or not. Live life like never before and see the determination in the horses’ eyes on the day of Adelaide Cup.

Horseracing is a solid, stable invention created centuries ago and how lucky are we to experience the event of Adelaide cup on a Monday with our friends and family. 

A jockey doesn’t win the race by carrying the horse across the finish the line, it happens by creating a magic between the horse and its jockey. Take some time off and experience the magic at Adelaide cup

While jumping over the fence, a jockey throws his heart and goes over to catch it. This is the adrenaline rush that comes with horseracing so let’s enjoy the ride on Adelaide Cup Day.

How unique the sight would be at this year’s Adelaide Cup when thoroughbreds will run while wearing blinders to keep their eyes focused straight. Let’s surrender ourselves to such sight.

It’s enlightening to think that horses are a projection of our own dreams. They are strong, powerful and beautiful. Let these wonderful creatures inspire us at this year’s Adelaide cup.

The horses are better than humans as their love for fair play and courage is inspiring. Witnessing them at Adelaide Cup which is one of the oldest horseracing events is an opportunity you can’t let go of. 

Money may not be able to buy happiness but it can buy you the tickets to this year’s Adelaide Cup which is pretty close to buying happiness. Be one of the many and enjoy this historic horseracing event.

It true that not everyone likes horseracing and but it is also true that not everyone’s opinions matter. So put on your relaxing jacket and enjoy the horses racing at Adelaide cup Day with your family.

It might sound silly but for all the horseracing fans out there, the event of Adelaide cup is much more important than their own life. Feel the thrill rushing through your blood and enjoy the event. 

The feeling of delight that comes from viewing the race course can’t be explained in words. You can feel the same when the riders upon the galloping horses are steering to the finish line at this year’s Adelaide Cup. 

Adelaide Cup quotes

I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a thoroughbred horse.

-John Galsworthy

There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.

-Robert Smith Surtees

The best jockey in the world is never going to win races riding a lame horse. But even a mediocre jockey can win races riding a champion.     

-Warren Buffett

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