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Douglas Adams was hugely famous amongst his fans for writing a very popular sci-fi novel named Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. So after his untimely demise at the age of 49 due to heart attack, the fans have created a day which all of us now know as a Towel day, in order to celebrate the author’s work.

So, since the year 2001 the same year Douglas Adams died, Towel Day is celebrated on 25th May as a tribute to him by his fans.

On this day the fans openly carry a towel to demonstrate their appreciation for the authors’ work because the significance of Towel is unmatchable in the Hitchhiker’s journey.

Below is a list of Greetings and quotes that the fans of Douglas Adams can use to celebrate on the occasion of Towel Day-

Towel Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_Wishing a warm and enjoyable towel day to all the fans of Douglas Adams and his most celebrated work named Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

_On the eve of Towel Day, all we fans need to do is spread the word and break the internet by celebrating the works of one of the most celebrated author Douglas Adams.

_This is the day when we shall be proud to be called as nerds because Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is not just a science-fictional novel to us. Have a lovely Towel Day you proud herds of nerds.

_It’s the day to relax and feel laid back, because Today is Towel Day. So carry a towel to whichever place to honour the most amazing sci-fi writer of all time. Wish you a great Towel Day.

_On the eve of Towel Day, let us all twist our towels to form animal shapes. Why? Because Douglas Adams said so! Have a great5 Towel Day with all of the Hitchhiker Fans.

_Cheers to the fans who have organized beautiful events on the occasion of Towel Day. May the soul of Douglas Adams be at rest and happy.

_Maybe I am just speaking my mind but I do think Douglas Adams is smiling at his fans for honoring and commemorating him on this special occasion of Towel Day.

_So let’s put on our “Thinking Cap” and carry a towel to the work. Who knows maybe we would also find our way to the galaxy. Have a delightful Towel Day.

_If you know where your towel is then according to the third chapter of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy you are virtually aware and in control of any given situation. So I wish you a very happy Towel Day.

_As a fan I urge every other Douglas Adams’s fan to celebrate this annual tradition of carrying a Towel to wherever they go. Have a lovely Towel Day.

_Life gets automatically interesting when you decide to read the works of Douglas Adams. So on the eve of Towel Day, let us commemorate the legend by carrying a towel with us.

_In our life if there is few people for us to commemorate then it means they have touched our lives in some ways and if Douglas Adams was one of them then we have certainly lived a great life.Wish you a Happy Towel Day.

_On this occasion of Towel it is the responsibility of all the Douglas Adams’ fan to commemorate his contributions in our lives through his work of fiction. Wishing all the fans a very happy Towel Day.

_I believe we the fans of Douglas Adams should exert ourselves to the limit where the celebratory occasion of Towel Day is acknowledge by the world. I wish you a wonderful Towel Day.

_Apart from freedom fighters and politicians we are in dire need of literary role models and Douglas Adams was one of them and will always remain as one. Hope you have a wonderful Towel Day.

_As a fan I believe we have the same intention of writing a sci-fi novel which perfectly encapsulates the feel of Douglas Adams’s work. But until that let us celebrate this Towel Day to the fullest.

_It is the hope and dream of every fan to commemorate Douglas Adams one of the most brilliant sci-fi writer of all time by creating an extravagant event in honour of him. But until then let us carry the towels to those events.

_People need to the see the examples of brilliant people and that’s it is not pleasure but a necessity to commemorate the brilliant sci-fi writer Douglas Adams. I hope you carry the towels on this Towel Day.

_I think we loved him so much that we still can’t believe he is gone and hence we do carry towels to celebrate one of the most amazing fan-made eve of Towel day.

_It is being said that time heals everything but for us ‘Hitchhiker’ fans the bond between us and Douglas Adams has only gotten strong even after his demise. I wish everyone a very lovely Towel Day.

_One has always spent his life in hoping to become a part of someone’s’ pleasurable memories and Douglas Adams has successfully done that in short but amazing life span. Have a great Towel Day.

_Just beside the place where the sci-fi novel named Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is instilled in our hearts there is a place for Douglas Adams as well. I wish every Adams fan a very joyful Towel Day.

_Well they legends don’t die while there is still spoken. Which is what exactly the feelings of millions of man regarding Douglas Adams. So let us carry the towels and fulfill the glorious tradition on Towel Day.

_Compassion and standing up for other human beings is what was the recurring theme of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. So let us try to be more compassionate while we carry the towels on Towel Day.

_There is high chance that if you carry your towel to the European Pubs on Towel day, you might be bombarded with free drinks. So, here’s one more reason to celebrate this beautiful occasion of Towel Day.

_Use the towel day hashtag and let the world know through the medium of social media the significance of towel in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy and in Douglas Adams’s Life. Have a great Towel Day.

_Read a book or attend the screenings of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy to celebrate this wonderful occasion of Towel Day and also carrying a towel today is must. Wish you a lovely Towel Day.

_If you as a hitchhiker are well enough to carry a towel then you are well enough to be trusted as well. This is what Douglas Adams intended to convey and he will be smiling as we celebrate Towel Day.

_For an interstellar hitchhiker a towel is one of the most massively useful things he/she can carry and hence we fans celebrate this poetic event of Towel day to the fullest. Wish you a happy towel day.

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