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World Scrabble Day is observed on 13th April of every year. Scrabble game was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, who was born on 13th April.

In 1984 the scrabble day was aired for the first time. In 1952 the president of Macy’s, Jack Straus, played this vacation and ordered it in quantity leading to its enormous success. 

World Scrabble Day messages:

– When words fall short enough to use scrabble.

– It’s national scrabble day; you can’t celebrate it just by sitting; play this game to enjoy scrabble day.

– Scrabble is the only game that helps us to study even when we are playing.

— Scrabble the sole match the people of every age enjoy playing.

– Let’s celebrate this fantastic game of letters and words by playing with family and friends.

– Scrabble is the only game that is a standard connection of everyone’s childhood.

– It approximately 21 years for scrabble games to become a big hit, proving good things do take time.

– Celebrate scrabble day by challenging your friends and family to play this game.

– If you fall shorts of words while playing scrabble, it’s the time to take some action and hit the books in the library.

– Don’t argue with the person who is champion of scrabble as you will fall short of words to say anything.

– If you know terms, then scrabble day is the best, and scrabble is the best game to flaunt it. Got it to flaunt it.

– In scrabble, we start with simple and then move to tricky words; in the same way, we start our life simple and become complicated.

— Playing scrabble is like sarcasm; not everyone is capable enough to handle it.

– If you will lose this game in front of your family, be prepared to get humiliated everywhere.

– The world needs more brainstorming games like scrabble game to make children aware of the things around them.

– The best way to increase your vocab is to play scrabble games.

– Scrabble is the only which scars the children, and they run away from it.

– You are never too old or too young to scrabble.

– The best time to play scrabble is when no one is watching you.

– The scrabble game is the most therapeutic game of all time.

– Scrabble is the only which is loved by elders more than the children.

– The children can be most comfortable as well as tough opponents to play scrabble games.

– You need special blessings of God as well as of vocab to win this game.

– Scrabble game is the only game that elders buy for us happily.

– Jack starts used to play scrabble games, proving we need more politicians who play brainstorming games.

– When you have nothing to do or don’t know what to do, start playing scrabble.

– Playing scrabble is like an addiction. Once you begin, than there is no going back.

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