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Yom HaShoah or the Yom Hazikaron HaShoah ve-laG’vura is the colloquial term in Israel, which in English means the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day.

This day is observed to commemorate the seven million Jews who were tortured and perished in the Holocaust. The Holocaust had happened because of Nazi Germany as well as its collaborators led by Hitler and it caused the death of millions of Jews.

This day is usually observed in the months of April and May and more specifically on the twenty-seventh of Nisan. It was in 1951 that the commemorations took place officially for the first time.

Yom HaShoah Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_As the Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches, we should take a pledge to not tolerate torture and inhumanity.

_When we see a battle going on we must pick a side if we actually want to help the victims, because staying neutral and watching the show only shows that we are tolerating the wrongs.

_The Holocaust Remembrance Day reminds us that we must not forget the atrocity and the inhuman torture that the millions of Jewish went through.

_We will never forget the torment the millions of Jewish went through, no matter what length of time passes.

_The Holocaust will never be forgotten and neither will we ever forget the massacre of the Jewish by Hitler.

_The many movies on the Holocaust give us shivers and we cannot imagine the fear and the pain the people lived in those days.

_The Holocaust is easily the cruelest massacre in history and we should all observe the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

_The world will never forget the torture of Hitler and the observance of the Yom HaShoah shows is a reminder of it.

_Our heart cries as we think of what the men, women, and children may have gone through during the Holocaust.

_The survivors of the Holocaust have nightmares that are enough to last a lifetime.

_The survivors of the Holocaust have lost their mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers and we can at least observe a few minutes of silence for them.

_At times there are actions that we cannot remedy and the Holocaust is one massive disaster that can never be remedied. 

_The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest uprising by the Jewish against the Nazis and its anniversary coincides with the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

_While the descendants of the survivors of the Holocaust must move on and look forward to the future, they should remember that never forgetting the past is a part of moving on.

_The Holocaust is such a part of history that should never be forgotten by any human being.

_The Holocaust Remembrance Day reminds us why it is so important to be humane to each other.

_As we approach the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps, we must take a vow to never compromise with humanity and kindness no matter what happens.

_The Nazi period was a horrible time to be alive and although we cannot change it we should learn from history how dangerous ignorance can be at times.

_The six million people who perished in the Holocaust will always be alive in our hearts and we will never forgive the ones who were responsible for their pain and suffering.

_It is too difficult to believe at times that such atrocities took place in real life

_The survivors of the Holocaust had a lot to do, they had to get over their own horrifying experiences, and also had to narrate their experiences to others.

_The talk about the Holocaust is incomplete unless we talk about the diary written by the most prominent little girl of that period Anne Frank.

_Anne Frank’s narration of her life-changing day by day because of the Nazi rule will give anyone goosebumps and to think that she was only one of the six million Jewish people who were killed.

_As the Yom HaShoah approaches, let us take a pledge to always be kind to our fellow human beings and never treat anyone with cruelty.

_The horrifying events of the past tell us how precious lives had to perish only because the people did not stand up for their rights when they first started to notice the wrongs that were being done.

_The Holocaust is a perfect example of how evil prevailed only because the people did not stand up for the right and did not protest the wrong laws and practices.

_Let us take a moment to pay our respects to those millions of innocent Jewish people who had to die because of the cruel Nazi rule.

_My grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust and I have learned a lot about gratitude from their experience.

_We should never let anybody forget the significance of the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

_Our hearts will always cry for the pain the innocent Jewish girls, boys, men, and women went through in the Nazi Concentration Camps. 

_There are many people who have Holocaust Denial in their hearts and it is very important to observe the Yom HaShoah to change this.

_The Holocaust was probably the worst event in the history of mankind and its monstrosity will continue to haunt the world generations after generations.

_Those innocent people just wanted to live their lives and they ended up in concentration camps living in  inhumane conditions under the orders of Hitler and Nazi Germany  

_One of the reasons we celebrate Yom HaShoah is to keep the monstrosity of the event alive in people’s minds so that they abhor genocide and do not get brainwashed by terrorists.

_The denial of this horrendous event is almost as bad as the event itself so accept the tragedy the Holocaust was and learn from history 

_When you deny the Holocaust, you are actually denying the torture the seven million Jewish people went through before they could die.

_Let us all hope that the souls of the Jewish victims found peace in heaven and let us all pray that another massacre like this never happens again.

_The Holocaust Remembrance Day is a reminder of how important it is to rise against torture.

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