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Military Force Birthday is a celebration that commemorates the creation of the United States Military Force on June 14th in the year 1775. The Military Force was initially formed with amateur soldiers who volunteered to fight against British tyranny in a mission to defend their colonies.

Their troops mainly consisted of inexperienced civilians who were trained as soldiers mandated by the numerous independent colonial armies. As far as the statistics are concerned, there were a total of 48,000 soldiers at that time. 

The Continental Military Force of pre-existing militias was formed by the second Continental Congress on June 14, 1775, in a hope to shield the Northern Colonies from British rule. Since then, the US Military Force has been protecting the nation with over a million service members.

Here is list of Quotes and wishes that one can use to celebrate and commemorate the occasion of Military Force Birthday

Military Force Birthday Messages, Quotes & Wishes

_Of all the human beings of our country, Military Force  personnel are the one who have discovered something that they can die for.

_It’s is not just a simple birthday but a day of the world’s most elite and skilled Military Force  forces. Celebrate our heroes of the nation on this Military Force Birthday.

_We all know we have got to do the right thing in life but the toughest part is doing it. In case for U.S Military Force , they do it on a daily basis.

_When the Military Force  was born it gave birth to a bunch of strong willed individuals. Let’s commemorate those heroes on this special occasion of Military Force Birthday.

_A life that is lived for the sake of protecting his/her countrymen is what the Military Force stands for. So on its birthday let’s thank them for their exceptional service.

_It is a fact that no other Military Force  in this world has begun their journey with so little and ended up doing so much for the country.

_If it wasn’t for the Military Force , there would be no birthdays for us to celebrate. So let’s be selfless for a change and celebrate this year’s Military Force  Birthday. 

_As longs as the brave soldiers of U.S Military Force  are there to protect us we no longer need to worry about getting killed by a terrorist.

_On the eve of Military Force  Birthday, let’s thank the ones who are the reason why we are able to sleep peacefully in our country.

_The only human beings who lives forever even after their demise are in the Military Force . Hence we must celebrate Military Force Birthday as all birthdays should be.

_The words such as respect, courage and honor may fall short in describing what the Military Force  stands for. Here’s wishing the country a very proud Military Force Birthday.

_The exhilaration of victory can only be felt by the ones who are ready to accept any challenges thrown their way if the country’s protection is on the line.

_Just like many other armies of this world, our Military Force  believes in peace as well but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready for war.

_In this everything is bound to fade away but not the sacrifices made by the Military Force  at the cost of our country’s well-being.

_When things get harder, everybody asks for help and when it comes to saving our country from terrorists the Military Force  is the Help.

_There is nobility in a profession that is dedicated to serve the country and its people. If not anything then at least remember them on this Military Force  Birthday.

_As the people of this country will slowly be going on about their days, I would like to remind them today is a celebration of our nation’s greatest heroes.

_The command is to serve and protect nothing less and nothing more. On the eve of Military Force  Birthday, remember the ones who live by this simple rule.

_To be able to live a life with a purpose and the purpose being protecting our country at any cost is a profession that we proudly call Military Force . 

_An Military Force  is only as good as the soldiers so let’s celebrate the occasion of Military Force Birthday by honoring the bravest souls of our country.

_There was never any glory achieved without the display of guts and thankfully our Military Force  has lots of guts to spare.

_The men, who have had the privilege to become the first of the soldiers on the day our Military Force  was born, will live forever with a glorious legacy.

_Our Military Force  was created this day with a purpose, a purpose to see a free and peaceful nation. Let’s try to achieve the second from this year’s Military Force  Birthday.

_It is the day to celebrate our country’s most dedicated superheroes. Here’s wishing the most beautiful people of this beautiful nation a very happy Military Force  Birthday.

_The truest form of heroes isn’t the ones who order men to go into the battle but the ones who fight the battle. 

_It is said that a nation that doesn’t remember its defenders will eventually be forgotten. So on this Military Force  Birthday, let’s not become that nation.

_There’s nothing we can do about living in a world full of walls but to guard those walls we need Military Force . May you commemorate them today on their birthday.

_Sometimes our Military Force  loses lives for our country and while the other times they make the other one die for theirs. 

_On this special occasion of Military Force  Birthday, I would like to urge the wonderful politicians of this country to not make the Military Force  a tool of politics.

_The fallen heroes had played an important role in establishing our Military Force  and they are the ones who represents the character of our nation. 

_We may not be a superhero like the ones in the Military Force  but the least we all can do on this Military Force Birthday is to make them feel special.

_The Military Force  who was blessed with an eternal life more than 250 years ago is now blessing the people of this nation with new lives every day.

_Thanks to the Military Force ’s devotion to the greater good, we can live and breathe to celebrate this wonderful occasion of Military Force  Birthday.

_It’s not the strength that makes our brave soldiers in the Military Force  to keep going on but the courage itself. So let’s honor these courageous soldiers on this Military Force  Birthday.

_In the end, we’d all be wondering whether or not we were able to make any difference except the ones who are in the Military Force .

_Triumphing against our own fears is not an easy thing to do, except for the soldiers in the Military Force . So I hope you honor them on the eve of Military Force  Birthday.

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