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World Thrift Day is set up on the 31st of October of every year all around the world. It was initiated in 1924 and was held in Milan. The Day has a motive to provide people knowledge of saving their money with proper planning in the bank for financial aids and reliability to a nation or the world.

World Thrift Day- Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Greetings for World Thrift Day

-Wealth is the things we should keep in maintenance, so this kind of day is celebrated. Wishing all of you a very Happy World Thrift Day. Try always to maintain your accounts and keep a check on it.

-Do not get surprised to hear about this day. We all are unaware of many days that exist in the 365 days. So let us celebrate it all together. Wishing Happy World Thrift Day to everyone worldwide.

-The significance of wealth in our day to day is quite essential and gives us a clear reminder about the lending and borrowing process. Hence, the fact is clear, and so Happy World Thrift Day, everyone.

-We should not be much extravagant in our daily lifestyle. It has a harmful impact on our lifestyle, and to rotate our everyday way of acting towards our finances, start to wish Happy World Thrift Day to everyone.

-Try to maintain a healthy life style because we all know that health is wealth. For wealthy finance, we need health. Wishing Happy World Thrift Day to remind everyone about the facts.

-Financial aids should always be stored as a backup for various reasons like loans, education, health care, or important occasions. The day is a reminder to everyone present. Happy World Thrift Day.

-Saving our wealth should be one of our primary goals to afford a better lifestyle whenever we want. To celebrate the day, Happy World Thrift Day, all my dear friends and family members present.

-On this day, Wishing Happy World Thrift Day to all my dear friends. Your family matters to you, and gain a positive outlook towards life by saving money in the bank for better interests and profits for a life time.

-On this day, start making a list of how to cut down your expenses, cheaply plan and wisely spend to reach within your planned budget. These steps help you a lot as a sign of celebrating Happy World Thrift Day.

-List out the measures of making investments, share your plans with your family members, and discuss it with them. I liked and appreciated, invest the wealth and wish Happy World Thrift Day to your family.

-You can also share your plans with your friends, they will surely like and get the idea to make wise decisions in spending money. Note them Happy World Thrift Day along with suggestions of beneficial investments.

-As you are done with sharing your ideas to your close ones, as a responsible citizen, try out wishing the society of the globe Happy World Thrift Day and speak out your thoughts of self sustaining yourself shortly.

-Read the post of the Happy World Thrift Day on social media, comment there Happy World Thrift Day, and be a participant of wising not only to your close ones but everyone present in all corners of the globe.

-You can also try out posting your ideas, greetings and send messages to everyone you are connected, they may be known and unknowns. Happy World Thrift Day.

-Do not step back to follow the initiative on this great day and start wishing everyone Happy World Thrift Day.

Messages for World Thrift Day

-As on the following day, we are aware of how much savings is essential to us because it acts as a shielding effect for our bad conditions. So we should plan and start to invest wisely for lifetime needs.

-The World Thrift Day is celebrated in India on the 30th of October as a homage to the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. 

-Indira Gandhi was shot to death on that day as so it is the appropriate day for India to celebrate Thrift Day.

-There are many options available to invest your money with reasonable profit guaranteed returns like public banks, private banks, and post offices. They offer various schemes, choose which suits you.

-The banks’ schemes or post offices are savings account, deposit account, recurring deposit accounts, mutual funds, insurances, and many new projects. 

-Go to the area and learn about the techniques and make a wise choice. Hoping for the best for you.

-The one thing that should be kept in mind is that storing or investing your wealth correctly leads to a safe future. If held at home, we all will use it elegantly and end up being a looser.

-As you are saving them money, you are taking part in the World Thrift Day and playing your role of being a responsible citizen, donating a little to the nation’s growth, which is as a real growth of the world.

-We all know that there are ebb and flow in everyone’s life. So we need a backup to stand against the ups and downs.

-Get rid of your sorrow by cutting the expenditure and saving them money in the bank, post offices, or other options available.

-Your savings are only yours. You can use them anytime as your best support in the field of education, health care, other family functions, and other needs. So be an intelligent investor in your lifetime.

Quotes for World Thrift Day

-“Economic resources of the country should be utilized for the well-being of the poor. The change will commence from this point – Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.” -Anonymous

-“Saving money is the best gift you can give to you future self.” – Anonymous.

-“It is good to buy what you like now for yourself but it is even better to save for yourself when you can.” – Anonymous.

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