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We observe World Water Dat on March 22nd every year around the globe. Water is the main source of living. Therefore the day is focusing on the importance of water and water-related issues.  

So this day gives an opportunity to work on those water issues and reserve this source for future generations. On this day, many groups organize various programs to create awareness on water issues.

The day was established by the United Nations in 1993. Water is creating more job opportunities and in-turn helping to have a strong economy.  On this day, it is encouraged to act on the water crisis.

Reusing water will be the biggest challenge and to reserve water for other uses like agriculture, producing power, etc. People share water-saving tips on this day on social media. Let us give life to those who do not have water to consume.

To inspire people on world water day, here we have some lively quotes and sayings for you to share with your friends and family on social media.

World Water Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

Water can clean anything, even your sins! Save water.

When we do not have water, we understand its importance, Before you run out of it, save it!

Do a favor to Mother Earth, save water!

There won’t be any green if there is no blue!

Each drop of water is precious, just like a pearl!

We solely depend on water, if no water, no life! A thought on World Water Day.

Both the water cycle and the life cycle are equal. Both need water to complete a cycle!

As water cares for your health, take care of the Mother Earth.

Together we can make a difference. Join hands to eliminate water crisis!

Safe water is everyone’s right and saving water is everyone’s responsibility.

All people have equal rights on water but if there is no water, the right is not useful.

Toady take small steps to preserve water for our future generation. World Water Day.

Pure water is the foremost medicine for many of the diseases.

Take the water crisis seriously and act towards it.

Water drives life on earth. Save water and save life on earth.

Satisfy someone’s thirst today because it is world water day.

Drink water to live and do not live to spoil the water.

Water has the power to give you a life and you have the power to save it!

Before it is too late, save water now!

Save water to save your future generation.

Save water otherwise, you need to buy it from the water shops soon!

Every new day gives many opportunities to change. Let’s bring a change on the earth and save water.

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The more vital natural resource is the water, if no water, no green, if no green, no oxygen, if no oxygen, no life!

Water is not yours or mine but it is ours. Let’s come together to save water.

People only save money, not water which is more precious than any wealth.

Love your nature, water your trees daily. To do that, you need to save water.

Before you use water, just think of those people who do not have water.

You cannot fight back with nature. So, fight against the water crisis.

The earth problem is greater than your family problems. No earth means no family!

Rise and shine to create awareness on saving water and the earth.

Even though the water is 70 percent of the earth, the drinkable water is just 2.5 percent!

Fall in love with nature, grow it and save it.

Science is heading ahead but could not create water. So save water!

You can live without love, but not without water.

Know the worth of water and act today to save it.

Harvest rainwater for the betterment of tomorrow.

Water is the inspiration for most of the things you do. Let’s promise ourselves to keep it as a treasure.

Sacred things are kept safe. Water is one of the sacred things from nature which should be saved.

To a thirsty man, the water is a great treasure than any other.

A thirsty man who searches for an oasis in the desert knows the value of water!

Earth says give me water and I will give you life!

If the earth is our mother, water is our father!

Work towards the global crisis of earth, the water! World Water Day.

There are 1.2 billion people around the globe who do not have access to fresh water.

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These days, we have access to free WiFi, but not free water!

Let there be water in your life every day. Happy World Water Day.

Drink more water but only pure water!

The emerging water crisis is getting serious. Act now, join hands to save life on the earth!

The biggest threat to the world today is the water crisis. Get some ideas to save water.

Keep the picture of a thirsty man in front of you and use the water!

Every drop of water counts, conserve it.

We cannot search for water in other planets. So save the earth, save water!

Get ready not only for summers but for the severe water crisis all seasons through!

He who plants a tree has the right on the water!

Get a solution to the problem, not the pollution!

Healthy you, healthy nation. Drink pure water and stay healthy.

Plant more trees to get more rain and thus more water.

If no water then no alcohol. Every beverage needs water.

The earth is running out of water. Understand and act accordingly.

Do not teach others to save water, show them how to!

We can prevent the deaths of children due to flint water. Conserve water.

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