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Stephen Lawrence Day is observed on the 22nd of April in the UK, to commemorate the horrific tragedy of the murder of an innocent eighteen years old black teenager called Stephen Lawrence in 1993.

On the 25th anniversary of the tragic demise of Stephen Lawrence, Prime Minister Theresa May declared that the day should be observed annually across the nation to respect the innocent boy. This murder became a turning point in race relations in the United Kingdom.

Stephen Lawrence Day Messages and Quotes

Stephen Lawrence Day Messages-

-No matter how many years pass away, we can never make peace with what happened with Stephen Lawrence, may his soul rest in peace.

-May Stephen Lawrence find peace wherever he is and may he forgive all the people who failed to give him the life he deserved.

-Stephen Lawrence was just a normal teenage boy who enjoyed his life and he did not deserve to be murdered so brutally, the whole world bleeds at his death even today.

-May the world learn to be kinder and may the world be successful in eradicating the evil called racism and may the murder of Stephen Lawrence be an eyeopener for all people and may this never happen again.

-Words cannot express how sorry the whole civilization should be that the evils they had preached have brought about such a brutal murder of an innocent dreamer, eighteen-year-old Stephen Lawrence.

-We observe Stephen Lawrence Day make sure that the legacy of this amazing teenager is observed and that we can uproot the social evil like racism and so that there is no repetition of this heinous crime.

-The best way to observe Stephen Lawrence Day is by honoring the teenager and by making the world a better place for everyone and to make sure that no teenager or child has to live in fear.

-After all these years, I hope that the amazing young man has found peace wherever he is and may he know that he will always be remembered.

-The whole nation failed as human beings and as a civilization the day Stephen Lawrence was killed so brutally, his only crime being the black color of his skin.

-May the world never have to witness another heinous crime like the murder of the innocent teenager Stephen Lawrence and may his soul be in peace.

-We will never stop mourning the loss of the wonderful boy Stephen Lawrence to such an evil crime, racism.

-We cannot change the past but let us observe Stephen Lawrence Day ensure a better society for the next generations so that no child or teen has to live in fear of bearing black skin. 

-We take Stephen Lawrence Day to teach children the importance of equality and kindness.

-We will never forget Stephen Lawrence and we pay tribute to his memory by teaching children the importance of kindness, equality, and nonviolence.

-May Stephen Lawrence never be forgotten and may his soul rests in peace wherever he is.

-Stephen Lawrence is surely in a better place now than the place where man-made evils like racism had resulted in his gruesome murder.

-We cannot get Stephen Lawrence back no matter how much we want to, but even after 28 years of his death, we find that racism is still rampant in many places and we should try to eradicate this as soon as possible.

-We should start by teaching children to be friendly with everyone and treat everyone with kindness and equality so that we never have to see another tragedy like that of Stephen Lawrence.

-National Stephen Lawrence Day is a day where we feel this shame and guilt because of we human beings failed to give Stephen Lawrence the life he deserved.

-As we approach National Stephen Lawrence Day, let us learn from the mistakes of the past and let us take a pledge that we will do our best to help in whatever way we can to uproot racism.

-National Stephen Lawrence Day makes us feel a lot of things that are not pleasant like fear, guilt, morose, and shame, but we should rise above these emotions and be strong and determined so that no other person has to be a victim of racism ever again.

-May Stephen Lawrence rest in peace knowing that we still think of him and we miss him and that we will do all we can so that no other child or teenager has to be a prey to racism ever again.

-The world will never forget the smart eighteen-year-old called Stephen Lawrence whose life and dreams were taken away from him so brutally only because the color of his skin was black.

-May the world be a better place after this and may the world learn from the mistakes that it did, even though nothing will bring back Stephen Lawrence, we can only hope that no such crime will be repeated with anybody else.

-We will never be able to escape the guilt we feel when we realize that society is what caused the death of the innocent boy Stephen Lawrence.

-There is nothing we can do about the murder of Stephen Lawrence but all we can do is to make sure that his legacy lives on and that no other innocent has to face anything as he did.

-Where is the justice in this world when a teenager had to be a victim of social evils like racism and even after so many years after this horrendous murder, blacks still have to face discrimination?

-The world will know that it has been able to redeem itself when it will become a place where black people will have as much freedom and security as the white people and till then we will know that Stephen Lawrence has still not been given justice.

-It is high time society gets reformed, and to do that we must be as strict as possible, we must be disciplined and we must always remember that if we fail this mission the world will witness many other Stephen Lawrence.

-Do not let the haters and racists go away easily, they need to be counseled and if required punished until they realize that all human beings deserve the same rights to life, and discrimination on the basis of skin color is not to be tolerated.

Stephen Lawrence Day Quotes:-

-‘ “I want this report to serve as a watershed in our attitudes to racism. I want it to act as a catalyst for permanent and irrevocable change, not just across our public services but across the whole of our society.”‘ – Home Secretary, Jack Straw.

-“I meet black people from our south London churches almost every day and I know from what they tell me that the Stephen Lawrence tragedy was not an unfortunate, isolated incident. Like Doreen Lawrence, many black people today feel that at present they cannot get justice from the British legal system.” – The Bishop of Southwark, the Rt Rev Tom Butler.

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