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Banana is one of the most popular fruits which should deserve a day. Banana lovers day is celebrated on August 27th every year. Almost everyone likes and eat a banana. Therefore, banana lovers’ day has been established.

A banana can be eaten straight away or can be used in almost all recipes. From ancient days the use of it was known. Bananas are liked by monkeys. Bananas have most of the vitamins and minerals.

Hence, it is recommended to have a banana on Banana lover’s day. And there is no need for any reason to have a banana in any form!  Bananas are used as medicine for some of the disorders.

The whole banana tree is treated as an herb and the banana is the fruit of the herb. These days, bananas have become popular in commercial fields. Most banana lovers motivate others to have bananas as they can promote good health. True banana lovers cannot stop themselves from celebrating this day.

If you are one of them, here we have you some plumpy and healthy quotes to use on Banana Lovers Day to celebrate. Use them with your social media post and inspire everyone to have a banana.

Banana Lovers Day Messages

Cavendish is a well-known variety of bananas in the United States.  Check which varieties you have in your place.

Herbal treatment every day! A banana a day can keep you healthy.

Bananas are the reason to try different varieties of banana recipes.

A banana always wants you to stay happy. Wishing all a happy banana lovers day.

There are more banana benefits than varieties! Try a banana today.

If you like a banana, then you are a monkey! If we think so, we all are monkeys!

Happiness is eating a banana, so never interrupt me when having a banana.

If you are feeling to have something, peeling a banana is better!

Today try a different banana milkshake and let the world know it!

People say I smile like a monkey, but I say they eat like a monkey when they have a banana.

Even when a banana dies, it is useful as the natural compost for your garden.

Some fall for banana and some fall because of banana.

One of the best feelings in the world is to know that you have enough bananas for tomorrow.

I find a banana very appealing while peeling. Happy Banana lovers day.

Don’t be sad if you are not going straight in life, a banana is also not straight but appeals to all.

Wear yellow to show your love for bananas and eat a banana on Banana Lovers Day.

Life is too short to sit and think. Have a banana and you want your life to be long enough to have more.

You cannot end a meal without a banana. Have a great banana day.

I like to lose weight but don’t like to lose a banana.

Every day is a new banana day. How about you?

Money can’t buy happiness but can buy a banana.

There are over 500 varieties of bananas in the world. You might not have that much time to try them all!

Turn the corners of your mouth a little higher and you might feel lighter. That’s a banana smile!

Be with good people. A rotten banana can make a fresh banana to be rotten.

Party without a banana is boring. Fill your stomach and have a banana for good digestion!

Wake up, it’s banana o’clock. Happy banana lovers day to all.

I’m on diet! Healthy Banana diet! Wish you all a happy banana lovers day.

Did you know? The banana plant is not a tree, but a herb! get more knowledge on Banana lovers day.

Banana pudding is as good as ice cream! I love bananas!

My banana says, undress me and have! Happy banana lovers day.

The banana milkshake is a healthy growth drink for kids. Incredible Banana!

The good tree always bears good fruits! Expecting a wonderful banana lovers day.

Wake up and think today is a beautiful yellow day! Today is Banana lover’s day.

Eat well, live well with a banana. Bananas are a rich source of minerals and vitamins.

Peel better and feel better. Have a banana daily!

I’m on a long-term diet because the doctor said to eat a banana!

Your lifestyle might change anytime but your love for bananas will not change.

Bananas are tasty but with chocolate it’s awesome! Try chocolate-filled banana today.

Even If I eat too much, there is always space for a banana!

For those who have no time to prepare healthy food, bananas can replace healthy food!

Banana with milk is rich food. So I’m a rich person!

Bananas can make your skin healthy and glowing! Eat a banana daily.

Banana peels can make your teeth shine. Have a beautiful smile this day!

Bananas are instant energy boosters and a good start of the day!

Due to its health benefits, the banana became rich!

Peel a banana to heal your skin! Amazing doctor of skin!

Eating bananas can keep you in shape! Create a diet with your favorite banana.

Bananas are a superfood for babies. Mashed banana can be a meal for the baby.

Bananas promote natural beauty. Why need to spend on chemicals?

Surprise yourselves with all the health benefits of bananas by having a banana daily.

Banana is the pack of vitamins and nutrients by mother nature! Have a banana day.

Hide your age, look young with banana as it has anti-aging effects.

Keep your body cool in this summer with bananas!

Enjoy banana split today as it is banana lovers’ day.

Banana Lovers Day Wishes: 

-Bananas have grown increasingly popular in commercial areas as people become more aware of their nutritional value.

-Most banana fans encourage people to eat bananas since they are beneficial for their health.

-This is a day that true banana fans can’t wait to celebrate.

-Bananas are used to heal a multitude of diseases, therefore eating bananas in any form or shape is beneficial.

-The bananas is one of the most commonly consumed fruits in the world that deserves its own day.

– Banana Lovers Day is observed to honor the love of bananas.

-We all love and consume bananas. That is why we need a day to celebrate our love for bananas.

– You can’t buy happiness with money, but you can buy a banana with it. 

-Bananas are wonderful on their own, but when combined with chocolate or peanut butter, they become much more so! 

-Try a chocolate-filled banana today on this beautiful day.

-Even if I eat too much, I always have enough space for a banana!

– For those who might not have time to cook, bananas can serve as a nutritious substitute.

– Bananas and milk are a nutrient-dense combination. Therefore, I am a rich individual.

– Bananas are a versatile fruit that may be eaten fresh or incorporated in virtually any dish. So, let us rejoice in the abundance of bananas.

– Bananas have been prized for their nutritional value since antiquity.

– Bananas are nutrient-dense. In every way, it’s the king of fruits.

– Bananas include the majority of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Celebrate bananas all day.

– On banana lovers’ day, I suggest that you eat a banana because it is high in minerals and vitamins.

– Bananas are good for your skin’s health and look. Eat a banana every day. 

– Bananas have the ability to brighten your grin. Wear a great smile today. 

-Bananas are a terrific way to begin the day since they give you a burst of energy quickly. So, today and all days eat a banana.

Banana Lovers Day Status:

-A range of meals is inspired by bananas and that’s what I love about bananas.

– Bananas are always attempting to make you smile. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a joyful Banana Lovers Day.

– There are more sorts of bananas than there are benefits! Try a banana today.

– If you like bananas, you are a monkey! If we accept that, we are all monkeys!

– Eating a banana is happiness, therefore don’t disturb anybody when they are eating a banana.

– Discover a banana- Nutella milkshake today and tell your friends about it!

– A banana may be used as organic manure in your lawn even after it has died.

– Some individuals have a thing for bananas, while others have a thing for bananas.

– One of the best feelings in the world is understanding you can get enough bananas for tomorrow.

– I find it pretty pleasant while peeling a banana. Happy Banana Lovers Day, everyone!

– Don’t feel guilty if your life is not going well. Eat a banana all your problems will be gone.

– Wear a yellow-colored T-shirt and eat a banana on Banana Lovers Day to demonstrate your love for the fruit.

– Life is way too short to spend time worrying about things so, just eat a banana and relax.

– If you eat a banana, you will yearn for longer life so that you may eat more of them.

– Without a banana, a dinner is incomplete. Enjoy yourselves!

– I like to lose weight, but I hate losing a banana.

– Everything else may be taken away, but my affection for bananas endures.

– There are over 500 different varieties of bananas on the globe. There’s a chance you won’t have time to try them all.

-It is less difficult to peel and you automatically feel better as a result. Banana should be consumed every day!

– I’m on a hard diet since my doctor suggested that I eat a banana.

– Your lifestyle may alter over time, but your fondness for bananas will remain constant.

Banana Lovers Day Captions:

– Raising the corners of your lips a bit higher may make you feel lighter. It’s a banana grin, to be sure!#Bananaday

-Assemble a beautiful group of individuals around you. A rotting banana may ruin a perfectly good banana. #Loveforbananas

-If there are no bananas at the party, it will be a dull affair. For a healthy digestive system, fill your stomach and eat a banana! #Bananaquote

-Get up because it’s banana o’clock. Happy Banana Lovers Day to everyone. #BananaFact

-I’m on a tight calorie-restricted diet! The banana diet is beneficial to your health! To all of you, a happy Banana Lovers Day. #Bananaloversday

-For bananas, every day is a new day. What are your opinions on the matter? #HappyBananaDay

– What if I told you that the banana tree is actually a herb? – Find out more about National Banana Lovers Day. #Eatabanana

– For bananas, every day is a new day. What are your opinions on the matter? #BananaFact

– What if I told you that the banana tree is actually a herb? Find out more about National Banana Lovers Day. #BananaLoversDay

-My banana says, “Undress me and have.” Happy Banana Lovers Day, everyone! #Eatmanybananastoday

-The banana milkshake is a healthy beverage for children’s development. Bananas are fantastic! #Bananasareyum

-A good tree’s fruit is always delicious! I’m anticipating a terrific day for banana fans. #Crazyforbananas

-When you wake up, imagine a lovely yellow day! National Banana Lovers Day is the day to celebrate bananas. #Nationalbananaloversday

– You can eat well and live well with a banana. Vitamins and minerals are abundant in bananas. #loveforbananas

Banana Lovers Day Quotes:

-“Time flies like an arrow, but a fruit flies like a banana”- Terry Wogan 

-“Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on.”- Daphne Guiness

-“Intellectual property has the shelf-life of a banana.”- Bill Gates

-“I have got one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel.”- Ralphie May 

-“Never interrupt me when I am eating a banana.”- Ryan Stiles 

-“I am not good at baking. I don’t know if that counts as a talent, but I love to bake. 

-“I’ve always been steady on and off keeping diaries and journals. I try to document everything so I can remember it the older I get.”- Meaghan Jette Martin

-“Time flies like an arrow, but a fruit flies like a banana”- Terry Wogan 

-Somebody will be exhibiting a bunch of bananas in a gallery, and they’ll get me on to talk dirty about it.–  Alexander Stoddart

-To be honest, I think bananas are a pathetic fruit.– Andy Murray

– Well, it’s nice being the top banana in the shock department.- Audrey Hepburn

-You don’t want your credibility banana to turn brown, but you do want to speak out about what you believe in. – Bradley Whitford

-It’s like a banana farm for guns! – Brandon Sanderson

-Goals are like bananas, they come in bunches. -Brendan Morrison

-If it were not for me, the Gracies would be selling Bananas in Largo do Machado!- Carlson Gracie

-I’m getting so old, I don’t even buy green bananas anymore. – Chi Chi Rodriguez

-I blow up fireworks all the time, and I love making milkshakes and banana splits. – Chris Isaak

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