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Monkey Day is celebrated internationally on December 14. It is an unofficial holiday, and it was created and popularized in 2000 by Eric Millikin and Casey Sorrow when they were art students. All non-human primates such as apes, monkeys, lemur, etc. are celebrated.

This day is often known as International Monkey Day and is celebrated in countries like United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, etc.

Monkey Day Greetings

-On this Monkey Day, let’s all enjoy as much as we can like monkeys.

-Monkeys are one of the naughtiest animals, and they inspire us to be active and live every moment to the fullest. Happy International Monkey Day.

-Don’t be lazy on this Monkey Day. Go out and do stupid things like monkeys.

-This Monkey Day lets appreciate the smartness, intelligence, and naughtiness of the monkeys and how they teach us how to be positive.

-We may be humans, but we have evolved from monkeys’ family, so there is always a little monkey inside of us, and we should let that side out on this day. Happy International Monkey Day.

-On this Monkey Day, let us visit a zoo and feed a needy monkey who is hungry and need help. Let’s make their day memorable as well.

-Let us celebrate this day on the monkeys’ names who have no place to live and are not taken care of.

-Let us take a day out and feed the hungry monkeys around the street. This day is dedicated to them only. 

-If you were a naughty kid, then this day is for you. Happy International Monkey Day.

-For just one day, forget all your worries and live your life. Do things that you enjoy and make this day special. Happy International Monkey Day.

-Let your inner monkey out on this day and be happy, Happy International Monkey Day.

-I hope you are doing well. Stay safe and be playful this Monkey Day.

-Go to all the places where you can find monkeys and feed them. This is a special day for them, so let’s make them happy. Happy International Monkey Day.

-If you are a parent, then encourage your child to be active and naughty. Happy International Monkey Day.

-We should encourage people to watch documentaries on primate lives to raise awareness. This day is dedicated to those brave monkeys around the planet.

-Let’s take care of the monkeys found injured on the road and take them to a safe place. This is the least we can do on this day. Happy International Monkey Day.

-This Monkey Day, let’s end all the controversies surrounding monkeys and apes and show people how cheerful and naughty they are.

-Spice up your dull day and celebrate this day by doing stupid things like a monkey. Happy International Monkey Day.

-Spend this day watching as many videos as possible related to monkeys’ funny, stupid, and crazy antics. They are an inspiration. Happy International Monkey Day. 

-If you are an animal rights activist, I wish you all the best for your journey and Happy International Monkey Day.

Monkey Day Messages

-This is a day to celebrate monkeys’ lives, so let’s go to the zoo and show them the love they deserve.

-I went on a school trip to the zoo on Monkey Day. I enjoyed it a lot and showed the monkeys and apes love and respect.

-This is the best day to teach students about animal care. 

-I acted like a monkey when I was young, and I loved it very much. Those were some of the happiest days of my life.

-This Monkey Day lets appreciate the smartness, intelligence, and naughtiness of the monkeys and how they teach us how to be positive.

-We conduct art competitions and educational events about monkeys for school students. They will learn a lot from them.

-My relatives raise money for the conservation of primates and keep them safe from hunters and poachers.

-Let’s protect primate life by becoming a forest defender.

-We should buy some monkey themed comics and artwork to show our love and support for the monkeys and other primates.

-The town is organizing a costume party where the theme is monkeys. This is an excellent way of drawing attention to issues related to primates.

-To celebrate this day, let’s watch King Kong as this is one of the best films to showcase monkeys and apes’ lives.

-I watched Planet of the Apes and other primate related films on December 14 every year without even realizing that this day was celebrated as International Monkey Day.

-Many artists are hosting art exhibitions on Monkey Day, where they have put out portraits of endangered animals and plants. We should attend them as a sign of respect.

-I have organized numerous events related to monkeys, such as art competitions, debate competitions, etc., to raise awareness as their lives are in danger.

-I had visited the Edinburgh Zoo on Monkey Day, and I was shocked to see how they celebrate the day. They organize events to draw attention to the declining population of primates.

-I have always encouraged my child to be cheerful and playful because I don’t want him to live a dull and uninteresting life. I have told him to be funny and happy as a monkey, and he is doing just that, which makes me happy.

-We should encourage people to watch documentaries on primate lives to raise awareness.

-To celebrate this day, let’s listen to songs such as The Monkey Time and Monkey Day. These are one of the most popular monkey-related songs available right now.

Monkey Day Quotes

-“Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.” -Malcolm de Chazal.

-“People go to the zoo and they like the lion because it’s scary. And the bear because it’s intense, but the monkey makes people laugh.” ― Lorne Michaels.

-“Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.”

-George Carlin

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