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Zoo Lovers Day is observed every year on the 8th of April to commemorate the people who are extremely fond of watching the variety of animals in Zoos.

The day is celebrated as a treat for all the animal lovers to have a day out with the beautiful and exotic animals of the wilderness.

People from all over the country spend this day with the family while reliving the memories of going out at the Zoos.

While the inventor of Zoo Lovers Day is still unknown, but the fact that the first Zoo was established in the year 1752 in Vienna, Austria is a reason to celebrate this long and overdue celebratory day.

Zoo Lovers Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_People who are in love with the species of animals will find a heaven in the form of Zoos.

_Zoos have recently become such an underrated place to visit, but not for the ones who finds solace and peace in that place.

_On a lovely Zoo Lovers Day, take your family to a zoo to discover the species which may get extinct in the near future. 

_Although animal captivity isn’t a pretty great thing to do but zoos are the place where we all get to peacefully hang-out with the animals.

_Like the movie Madagascar, maybe there’s an Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman waiting for us to visit them in the Zoos on this Zoo Lovers Day.

_The wonders and realities lies in the exploration of Zoos are not less than a splendid life experience for all the Zoo Lovers. 

_This may be a bit philosophical but our lives are nothing but a zoo in a jungle with much less audience than the actual zoos.

_On the eve of Zoo Lovers Day, I hope you open your hearts to the wide range of animals residing in the zoos.

_Don’t ever argue with a koala bear while visiting a zoo, he’s got more “Koalifications” than you can ever imagine.

_Let’s create beautiful and long lasting memories of visiting zoos for our next generation on this eve of Zoo Lovers Day.

_The inventor of zoos would be so damn proud upon hearing that there is an occasion called Zoo Lovers Day. 

_If you ask a zoo lover to hang-out with you then he or she would probably take you out to a zoo. 

_On this Zoo Lovers Day, experience the phenomenon of empathy in animals by paying a visit to the monkeys and chimpanzees in your nearest zoos.

__What if the animals discover that the daily habitats of a human being are nothing short of an animal trapped in a zoo.

_Remember how we loved to visit zoos in our childhood with our families? So on this Zoo Lovers Day, lets visit our childhood memories again.

_Living a life that is spent mostly with the animals in the zoos is a life you will eventually fall in love with. 

_Monkeys are not to be caged and that’s why visit the zoos that are free for our ancestral looking animals. 

_One cannot deny that, somehow in all of our lives there will or is a day that is spent with the wonderful animals in the Zoos. 

_If it weren’t for Zoos there would be a plethora of animals going extinct today. Let’s celebrate this fact on this delightful occasion of Zoo Lovers Day.

_If you want to know the greatness of a nation then just visit their zoos and see how they treat their animals. 

_Zoos are nothing but a wide and beautiful Kennel designed to keep all the varieties of animals safe so ht you can visit them from time to time.

_It’s not the Zoos we love but the animals living a healthy and sustainable life we only get to see while visiting a zoo. 

_On this special occasion of Zoo Lovers Day, I hope you wear an elephant t-shirt and visit the zoo for a delightful day with the animals.

__There might be many cousins of Mufasa, Simmba and Sher Khan residing in the Zoos in our respective town waiting for us to visit.

_Sometimes democracy can be categorized as a Zoo but the only difference is the animals in the Zoos are much better-behaved.

_Visiting a Zoo with the family is nothing short of going to the Disneyland, except the animals are kept in the cage at the Zoos.

_For a zoo lover, it is delightful to know that zoos have been playing a pivotal role in protecting many species from going extinct. 

_On this special occasion of Zoo Lovers Day, take your children to the fantasy like world that we call zoo and explore the beauties of jungle in a shell. 

_If you really think about it, the life we live is nothing short of a zoo within a jungle without the necessary audience.

_While only few would visit the animals that we call humans, but an evening with the real animals on this Zoo Lovers Day sounds like a great idea.

_The most interesting thing about zoos is that one can really know a lot about the human behavior while visiting a Zoo. 

_There are Zoos which are breaking the convention by keeping the humans caged rather than the diverse range of animals.

_Did you know that the animals that are living their life in the Zoos are the ambassadors of their cousins residing in Africa. 

_ Zoo is an excellent place for knowing the various species of animals while for some of the gassy people it is a safe place to fart.

_Some great individual has rightly said that “It’s all happening in the Zoo”. So do yourself a favor and visit the Zoo on this Zoo Lovers Day.

_Zoos will never go extinct until and unless there aren’t any zoo lovers like us left on this face of earth. 

_The Zookeepers can be considered extremely lucky and their best friends are more likely to be animals in the zoos rather than humans.

_Sometimes all you need to do is to spend some time with the zoo animals to make peace with your worries.

_Although the depth of wilderness can’t be completely confined in the zoos, but it surely is a peaceful for animal interaction.

_It’s the Zoos not the people that are making an effort to build a hedge against the horror of animal extinction in the wild.

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