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We observe World Zoonoses Day every year in July. This day commemorates the sixth of July, 1885. It was the day that  Louis Pasteur administered the first vaccine successfully against the Rabies virus, which is a zoonotic disease. The World Zoonoses day raises awareness about zoonotic diseases.

Zoonoses are diseases that are infectious (bacteria, parasites, and virus) that spreads from animals to humans, and also from humans to animals. Zoonoses can be transferred by direct contact with animals or even indirectly. They may be food-borne or vector-borne. Zoonotic diseases are not very uncommon, like borreliosis and tick-borne encephalitis. Other infectious diseases borne from food include Botulism, campylobacter, etc, salmonella, yersinia.

here are some Great Messages, Quotes & greetings on World Zoonoses Day.

_Washing hands with clean water and soap and following other hand hygienes can help you avoid zoonotic diseases.

_You can wear clothes that prevent bites and stings from fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks to prevent a zoonotic disease.

_Manage food properly by cooking properly and then storing the food appropriately to avoid zoonotic diseases.

_Always try to avoid scratches and bites from animals as zoonotic diseases are often caught from the bites and scratches from animals.

_Many people do not understand the term zoonotic diseases and for them, the celebration of this day is very knowledgeable.

_One way to celebrate the zoonotic day is by spreading the knowledge about this day with everybody.

_Zoonotic diseases are those diseases that are spread when human beings come in contact with any animal.

_Zoonotic diseases may be common but the term zoonosis is not so this day gives an opportunity to learn about this term better.

_Let us all celebrate the world zoonoses day by learning more about the ways zoonose diseases spread and ways to prevent it.

_The world zoonoses day promotes good health for both animals and human beings.

_There are many facts that we do not know about animals and the diseases that they can spread and the word zoonoses day provides us with the opportunity to know about all that.

_We all have a friend who is an animal lover and this day is particularly important to them so that they know how they might be affected by the bites and scratches of their precious animals.

_Diseases like rabies that are caused by animal bites are deadly and so we should learn more about them.

_This day is so important for everyone to understand more about the diseases caused by animals and the ways in which we can protect ourselves from the diseases.

_World Zoonose day is the day that we celebrate to commemorate the invention of the vaccine against rabies.

_It is that time of the year when we exchange information about zoonose diseases with our friends and neighbors.

_This day focuses both on the health of animals and the health of human beings and also on the vaccines and medicines for animal bites.

_This day tells us to be more cautious with animals and to treat scratches  and animal bites more seriously.

_Events and campaigns on the world zoonoses day tell the people how to stay healthy and prevent these diseases.

_On this day, we get to know about the various ways to prevent the spreading of the zoonotic diseases.

_We should be glad that a day like this is being celebrated and we are made aware of the various diseases and ways in which we can prevent them.

_Come along and join us in celebrating this day by sharing your knowledge about zoonotic diseases and becoming wiser in the process.

_The majority of the people come to know about three diseases like zoonotic diseases by the celebration of these events and so they are important to us.

_Zoonotic diseases spread by food and water that is already infected by the germs.

_Let us all come together and celebrate the world zoonotic day by spreading knowledge about this term and the disease.

_World zoonoses day tells us how the health of animals is related to the health of humans.

_World Zoonoses Day gives us an idea of the fact how the health of humans is dependent on the health of animals.

_World zoonoses day is all about learning the ways to treat animals better so that animals remain healthy.

_World zoonose day will keep you updated about the various measures you can take to keep your animals healthy and happy.

_World Zoonoses day celebrates the day the french biologist used the first vaccine against rabies.

_Animal lovers and animal keepers can explain the importance of this day much better as world zoonotic diseases are usually originated in animals.

_Thanks to the celebration of this day, we can be enlightened about the various one hundred fifty diseases that are zoonotic diseases.

_World Zoonoses day is important to every one of us because it brings to light the various diseases that animals can cause and the ways we can prevent the diseases.

_Avian influenza,  Ebola virus, and West Nile virus are some zoonotic diseases the outbreak of which causes massive havoc among people.

_The 6th of July is basically celebrated to commemorate the great scientific achievement of the French biologist Louis Pasteur.

_The world Zoonoses day focuses on a lot of important things including emphasizing on the importance and necessity of veterinary doctors in our lives.

_World Zoonoses day celebrates  Louis Pasteur’s achievement which was the first invention of the vaccine against rabies.

_We can understand the concept of the term Zoonoses if we break the word into zoon and nosos which means animal and ailments respectively.

_Let us wish everyone a happy world Zoonoses day and pray everyone gets informed about zoonotic diseases.

_Celebration of Zoonoses day is important as it informs the public about this disease and helps everyone get knowledge about this.

_When we all come together to celebrate this day we get to know the various ways we can prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases.

_This day reminds us that if we take care of the health of the animals, we will be able to assure a healthier future for ourselves only. 

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