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The fall of Berlin is a very significant event in the history of Germany since it marks the day when the wall separating the east and West Berlin was finally removed pivotal event in world history which marked the falling of the iron curtain and the start of the fall of communism in Eastern and Central Europe.

Fall of Berlin wall Greetings, Messages, Quotes

Fall of Berlin greetings-

– lets greet each other on this day as this day is a symbol of unity, and celebrate this day of joy

– Tearing apart the chains of banishment, let’s embark towards the freedom and celebrate this day

– It’s been a long time being together but still apart, the day this wall was broken and let us celebrate this day of unity

-There are times when we stay apart and there is an end to everything, so came the end of our separation

-lets pray for all our brave souls and all stay blessed since this day signifies the union of two community

-war has never made someone gain, but made everyone only loose, this day we gained, we gained freedom, we gained brotherhood

– The wall which made us two, was broken today, and the hands joined to be free forever, celebrate this fall of Berlin wall today

– like all historic moments in our life, this is one of the greatest as it signifies the freedom and unity of our people, so cheers on this day of fall of Berlin walls

-let’s celebrate this fall of fall of Berlin war anniversary, and remember this holy day of reunion of two brother states 

-greet all our brothers and sisters for it’s the day of our freedom and it’s the day of our union, the day all boundaries break, wishing you fall of Berlin wall anniversary 

– come and celebrate this day of immense pride as today the walls that had kept us all separated had fallen 

-this day shall be remembered by us all as it is the day we finally came out of the cage we have been craving to get out from, celebrate this day of fall of Berlin wall anniversary with pride

-we all are weak when divided and are powerful when are all together, 

And let’s all together celebrate this Berlin wall fall anniversary

– Like all other epic historic events this day of Berlin wall fall will be remembered through the ages and hence we celebrate this Berlin wall fall anniversary

-break the walls that separate us and embrace into the future together and celebrate this Berlin wall fall anniversary

Fall of Berlin wall messages – 

-Those were the days a wall stood, separating our country and its people, let’s celebrate the day it fell, and we came together

-let us all wish our fellow citizens the anniversary of the event happened in today’s date, and celebrate the fall of Berlin wall

-on this day, let us celebrate our unity on this day as the barrier between us brothers fell for once and forever and we all became one

– freedom shall always be with us since we the people of this proud nation has played as part in, hence wishing all a fall of Berlin wall anniversary

-Freedom doesn’t come for free, and our ancestors had paid the price for it hence we stay in peace, let’s celebrate this anniversary of fall of Berlin wall with joy and pride

-Borders are made by man, but true warriors are the one who break free those borders to see the world, and those brothers, we call our fathers and forefathers, on their behalf let us all celebrate this anniversary of Berlin wall fall with pride

-Never ask what your country has done for you, but always think what you have done for your country, hence let us all cherish our forefathers effort to break the walls of captivity and celebrate this day

– Our Germany has a heritage all over the world, and on this date the wall that kept us all apart was broken, and we became together, celebrate this fall of Berlin wall anniversary

–  let us all come together and celebrate this historic date, as it signifies our freedom , and our peace, and our unity and feel proud to celebrate this day

– history has given us lives and taken many as well, today is the day the wall that prohibited us from freedom, were broken, and we became free, lets mourn the fallen and cherish our achievement

– in memory of all our fallen brothers and sisters, we all mourn on this day, and feel happy to celebrate this day as a tribute to them all, recall this fall of Berlin wall anniversary and embrace our country’s heritage

– just like any other special day this is the day when we finally got our barriers broken, and brothers reunited  and hence remembering this day of Berlin wall fall, and wishing everyone prosperity

– with faith in mind and patriot in heart we wish every citizen this fall of Berlin wall anniversary and wish we work to keep our country progressing forever

– Here we are today at the peak of success, which has has been possible due to the efforts of our ancestors and we shall never forget their sacrifices, on behalf of all we celebrate this

Fall of Berlin Quotes

 -all hail to Germany and the way it worked hard to its glory and remembering this historic date of unity, we all celebrate this fall of wall anniversary –Fall of Berlin quotes-

“If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today”-Mikhail S. Gorbachev

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”― Ronald Reagan

“Advance towards socialism cannot but cause the exploiting elements to resist the advance, and the resistance of the exploiters cannot but lead to the inevitable sharpening of the class struggle.”― Joseph Stalin

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