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It is a Spanish festival which is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August. From the name itself, we can say what exactly happens on this day. People play with Tomatoes, throw on each other, or say, have a food fight. Many tourists also come to Spain to celebrate this day.

La Tomatina Festival Greetings:

-Wishing you all a pleased La Tomatina. Let us enjoy to the fullest.

-Happy La Tomatina to your friends and family. Let us visit Valencian to play with everyone out there.

-The main joy is in slipping and sliding down the road. Do not miss out on the chance to be a part of this tradition.

-We celebrate this day to be a part of each other’s joy, forget all worries and live the moment.

-Happy La Tomatina to all. This day is not just a matter of tomato; it is just a matter of joy.

-This day let us bring a smile on everyone’s face.

-Let’s book our tickets and be a part of this Tomatina festival.

-Warm wishes on this special day to you and your family.

-Do you prefer eating tomatoes in your home or playing with tomatoes in Valencian?

-Do not get bored in your home by sitting in front of an idiot box; instead, book your tickets for this La Tomatina festival and enjoy with people worldwide.

-What makes you think of not being a part of this food fight? Guys, it is harmless. Instead, it makes the road of the town clean because of the acid present in tomatoes.

-The crowd is so crazy on this day; everyone is covered from tomato pulp.

-A pleased La Tomatina festival to all, this day is so special, as it unites everyone from any part of the world.

-The day is dedicated to the colour of tomatoes. So make full use of it and colour your friends with the same.

-Wishing all my dear friends a very happy La Tomatina festival.

-Keep calm and enjoy every part of your tomato.

-We live, we enjoy, and we celebrate the Tomatina festival.

-Do not sit ideal in house; let’s celebrate this day to the fullest.

-Wishing all of you a pleased La Tomatina.

-We do not live until we experience that excitement at the Tomatina festival.

-Many many happy returns of this, may you enjoy this Tomatina festival with your loved ones.

La Tomatina Festival messages

-This day is celebrated at the end of August. It is a Spanish festival. Moreover, it is a messy one, but it is fun.

-How did it start? Back in the 1940s, a person started to pelt everyone with whatever he got in front, however, a vegetable shop was in front, so everyone started to hit each other with tomatoes.

-People also say that townspeople started hitting outside the city hall on civic leaders on some political disputes.

-A ham is hung on the top of a greasy pole; the aim is to get that ham. People sing for their encouragement. 

-As the ham is brought down, trucks loaded with tomatoes enter and then begin the main festival. The tomatoes that are used are of cheap quality and are brought from Extremadura. 

-After the fight is over, fire-fighter wash the streets and the people. After washing, the streets look so clean because of the acid present in tomatoes’.

-It is one of the world’s biggest food fight. Enjoy to the fullest.

-The first time this festival was broadcasted on television in 1983, and since then, the number of participants has increased.

-In 2002, this festival was added to the list of festivals for tourist interest.

-The crowd is gathered in the Plaza del Pueblo and at 10:00 am, the Lorries carrying more than 319,000 pounds of tomatoes arrive.

-The price of the tickets for this festival is around €10, for fewer crowds.

-At this festival, not only can you enjoy the fun but also the foods offered at this festival are so finger-licking good. Foods like Basque-style, pintxos, Spanish Bravas, etc.’.

-People can also visit Extremadura, the home of tomatoes. 

-This festival also organizes Dj parties, where people dance after getting cleaned up and to enjoy their food.

-If people think that they will get hurt if they get hit by tomatoes, then it is their wrong perception as the tomatoes used are overripe. Still, people are suggested to squeeze the tomatoes before throwing them.

-It is a fun festival that unites everyone.

-People have to book their accommodation way too earlier for this festival, as this festival is limited to few crowds.

-If anyone plans to take their phone along, then they are advised to take waterproof phones or some waterproof cover. 

-This festival promotes happiness, unity, entertainment.

-The whole town is painted red because of the tomatoes.

-Before attending this festival, one should make sure that they do not have any allergy to tomatoes, or they must not be claustrophobic.

-This festival is a tradition of Spain which is celebrated by people from all around the world.

-La Tomatina is the world’s most massive state-sanctioned food fight.

-It is one full day and night festival.

-It is not just about tomatoes being thrown on each other; it’s about the memory that will stay with us forever.

-Tomato is the staple food of Spain. You will find it is present in every dish.

-La Tomatina festival brings us all in contact with people from all around the world. Also, being a part is worth of money.

-Stay safe, Play safe, and enjoy the Tomatina festival.

La Tomatina Festival Quotes

-“We’ve seen it on TV. We’ve seen it on the internet, We thought it would be a great experience. Something to tick off the bucket list so we are buzzing for it. Should be good.”


-“I have no idea man. It should be chaos. I think it will be pretty rosy. Heaps of people here so pretty excited.”  -Anonymous

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