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The World Macintosh Computer Day is observed every year on 24th January. Macintosh is the most iconic computer model developed by Apple Inc. In 1984 the precursor of Apple was introduced in the market. This is to make aware of the world about the facts, history, and importance of computers.

Macintosh Computer Day messages:

– Without the Macintosh computers, the world of apple would not have been the same.

– Before Macintosh, IBM was dominating the world of computers, but still, Macintosh dared to stand in front of it and won, proving it’s your willpower that will succeed you.

– IBM was using complicated computers, whereas Macintosh made user-friendly computers, telling the world life is always meant to be simple.

– IBM was already established before the mac book. Still, mac books became famous because of their burning desire.

– If Steve Jobs would have thought about IBM and backed off, would you have been able to use this.

– No matter how more significant your competitor is, if your idea is unique, you will get whatever you want.

Before coming into the competition, Steve spent years researching IBM, telling you should know your enemy well.

– The success lies in the details.

– Now, macbook keeps improving, proving you are never too perfect, and there is always room for improvement.

– You must be crazy enough to think that you can do whatever you want to do and have the ability to change the world.

– There is a reason that MacBooks are considered a status symbol.

– If you dare to dream, you are already in the halfway of success.

– Apples are always expensive, whether it’s a fruit or a product.

– Never compromise with your dreams, no matter how many competitors you have.

– Steve Jobs founded his apple company in the garage of his parents’ house, showing the world that your past doesn’t matter or affect your future.

– Despite being a massive success, IBM still failed in the beginning, clearly shows if you don’t change yourself with the moving times, you will be left behind.

– Steve Jobs had troubled in primary education and were bored but still went on to become the most successful businessman of America, proved the world, if you have ideas, ability to learn, you will get all the success you deserve.

– It is said Steve Jobs had a shabby appearance during his client’s meetings, tell the world that it’s your idea that impresses the investors, not your appearance.

– It’s your ideas and struggles that can complete your dreams; your past has nothing to do with your success.

– MacBook keeps on redesigning its basic concepts and launch new series, proved the world never forget your basic idea; it’s your basics which will take you to greater heights.

– It takes approx. one year to design a MacBook from basic, giving the world hope that good things do take time to happen.

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