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30th November is being celebrated as Computer Security Day. All electronic devices nowadays play a significant role in our lives. Security to these electronic devices is the most important thing that we all must follow on this day.

With communication becoming more comfortable, there have been many risks, so we must ensure our system is secured. 

Computer Security Day Greetings

– It is one of the days where we need to look to maintain Laptops and computers—wishing everyone a pleased Computer Security Day.

-Computers and laptops play a very important role and it’s a beautiful day when we need to secure our Computers—wishing everyone a happy and joyful day.

-Security is an essential thing; it’s a day when we have to secure our computers. Hopefully, everyone is having a great day with their family members. 

-It’s a day where we can go on to spend some money to secure every component of our computer. Good wishes to everyone on this day. 

-Warm wishes to everyone on this day. It’s a day where we have to make our computers secure and look to keep our system safe. 

-Hopefully, everyone has confirmed their computers and are doing great on this beautiful day. 

– Not only our computers, but we also need to secure all our electronic gadgets on this day. We wish everyone a day filled with lots of joy and happiness.

Computer Security Day Messages

– With time, we all had understood the importance of securing our computer system. It helps to ensure our privacy and also helps to keep our system virus free.

-Since it is a holiday, we can even plan for a trip with our family members and go on to enjoy this extraordinary day, along with our computers.

– We should ask more people to secure their computers on this day. This would surely lead to a safe environment for all of us.

-On this day, make sure that you’ve kept a strong password to enter your personal computer.

– Even we should ask the people to go through the history of this great day. This would surely add to people’s interest in celebrating this day. 

– Social media will play a major in making this day more popular, and it’s a day where we should ask people to secure their systems.

– We can go on to look for the best third party application that will keep our computer secured from all types of virus and will also keep our privacy connected on this day.

– On this day, we can even plan for a trip with all our family members, and securing our computer would keep our memories safe and healthy for a longer duration of time. 

-It’s one of those days where we need to look for safety, and we all must look to protect our computer systems. 

-Securing our computers would help us to avail of many services over the internet and protect our computer systems. 

Computer security Day Wishes

-Our lives would be so much empty without our computers and laptops, therefore we must keep them safe and secure. 

-On this Computer security day, we hope you are being safe.

-Computer Security Day serves as a warning to all of us to take a bit of time to safeguard our computers and laptops.

– On computer security day we must ensure that our computers work smoothly and efficiently.

 – Nothing is more essential than the safety of our computers, thus we must concentrate our efforts on it. 

-I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Computer Security Day. Let’s make sure our gadgets are safe.

– Let’s make sure our computers and laptops are safeguarded on World Computer Security Day.

-If our devices are not safeguarded, neither we nor our information will be safe. Happy Computer Security Day.

-The safety of our gadgets is the first and most important thing in today’s world, and it must not be overlooked at any cost. 

-On this Computer Security Day, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to everyone.

-You may not know it, but computer security and protection is all about safeguarding ourselves in a variety of ways.

– I would like to wish you a very pleasant Computer Security Day. Let’s keep our devices safe and secure.

Computer security day status

-We must engage in the protection and safety of our computers in the same way that we engage in the protection and safety of our families and loved ones. 

-Today is World Computer Security Day make sure your devices are safe and sound today.

-Since we are so reliant on computers and laptops, we can’t fathom our lives without them. Let’s keep them safe.

-Our lives would be so much more incomplete without our laptops and tablets, therefore we must keep them safe and secure. 

-The occasion of Laptop Safety Day acts as a warning to all of us to take some time to secure our computer networks and keep them running smoothly.

-Nothing is more important than the security of our computer systems, and we must thus dedicate ourselves to it. Wishing you a very happy Computer Security Day.

-Allow us to work together on strengthening the security of our units in honor of Computer Security Day to keep them safe and secure. 

– The best way to commemorate this day should make absolutely sure that all of your data is safe, whether it’s on your computer, phone, or the cloud.

-Perform some basic security tests on your device as specified by your organization’s computer security policy.

Computer security Day Captions

-To prevent unwanted entry to your computers and smartphones, use strong passwords. #password

-Put up posters regarding computer and information security in essential areas where people may see them with the aid of your company’s maintenance crew. #30thNovember

– I wish you a very Happy Laptop Safety Day. If our computer networks are not secure, neither we nor our personal information are safe. #safe

-The safety of our units is the most important issue in today’s world, and it should not be overlooked at any cost. Warm wishes to everybody on #LaptopSafetyDay.

-Make a habit of changing your passwords on a frequent basis. Happy Computer Security Day. #safetyisimportant

-You may use one of the login managers that can help you create and remember a secure password. #strongpassword

-Please remember to use different passwords for distinct user accounts while using multiple devices. Let’s be safe this computer security day. #computersecurityday

-All malware protection and anti-virus programs on your computer should be updated. #keepyourselfsafe

-Today is Computer Security Day. Let’s back up your data to an external USB device, a hard disc, or the cloud. #safetyisimportant

-Clear your system of clutter by deleting any unnecessary and temporary files on this computer security day. #besafe

-You may also encrypt your data with a robust encryption method to keep them safe. Happy Computer security Day. #computersecurityday

Computer security Day Quotes

-Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.  -Edward Snowden

-Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.  – Martina Navratilova

-I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image.  – Stephen Hawking

-“You are an essential ingredient in our ongoing effort to reduce Security Risk.” – Kirsten Manthorne

-“Two things about the NSA stunned me right off the bat: how technologically sophisticated it was compared with the CIA, and how much less vigilant it was about security in its every iteration, from the compartmentalization of information to data encryption.” – Edward Snowden

-“The Internet of Things (IoT) devoid of comprehensive security management is tantamount to the Internet of Threats. Apply open collaborative innovation, systems thinking & zero-trust security models to design IoT ecosystems that generate and capture value in value chains of the Internet of Things.” – Stephane Nappo

“In the next three years, the value of data will increase, making it even more valuable than it is today. The more efficiently you store your data, the more benefits your business will see.” ― Thomas Harrer

“With Cloud Computing, it is no longer a question of If, but rather When and How.”
― Ludmila Morozova-Bussva

“The hacker didn’t succeed through sophistication. Rather he poked at obvious places, trying to enter through unlock doors. Persistence, not wizardry, let him through.” ― Clifford Stoll

-Computers have unimaginable powers. Technicians can organize them into panels. 

-My machine knocked me at chess, but it can’t in kickboxing.

-If luck doesn’t knock, build a machine. 

-Have you realized you are bisexual? Because you are texting two people together. 

-If my laptop system works for less than 5 seconds, my heartbeat stops!

-This society will never accept a paperless system because there is always a bathroom. 

-I don’t care. I don’t need to. I own a network company. 

-Your smallest mistakes may not save in life’s memory but are stored in the computer for later retrieval.

-You are lucky if your boyfriend’s computer has space in it. 

-A good girlfriend will save you unimaginable space on your computer. 

-That embarrassing minute when you type any word so wrong that spellcheck has no suggestions.

-What’s the meaning of having notes on computers? We cannot even pass it to others.

-If the brand Apple design a car, will it have Windows?

-You must like everything slow and nice as you still use Internet Explorer.

-Would you be “1” for me if I go like binary?

-It’s always smarter to be a computer geek than to be stupid. 

-People who have no knowledge of programming write help files.

-You will always end up using social media no matter for what purpose you have your computer. 

-That moment when I’m sitting here with my high-definition computer and just reading boring articles. 

-We all should treat our passwords like our toothbrushes. Change it every two months.

-Computer science is no more about computer anatomy; instead, way more than this. 

-I’m not anti-social. Consider me just user-friendly.

-Internet Explorer isn’t a virus because viruses at least do something!

-My travel story is like the journey from “CSS” to “HTML.”

-Computer geniuses are genius, not an idiot.

-Your computer IQ results came negative? Ouch! I expected the same from you. 

-Explaining sex to a virgin is much easier than explaining computers to an amateur.

-Don’t fear to step on people. Look at Mario. He made his career out of it. 

-I have a band handwriting, so I use my computer system. 

-Why can’t I charge myself like I charge my laptop? Ugh!

-Computers also die due to network death. 

-Failure was never a choice for Windows users. It always comes packed with it. LOL.

-Artificial Intelligence habitually bangs natural foolishness.

-Local-minded people will never understand the global requirement of network systems. 

-These days, my mum thinks I am dating a girl named SIRI. What would I do?

-Life is way shorter to spend it on HTML and dos. 

-Give your system a good whack! Voila! Your system is working fine now.

Thankful Computer Whatsapp statuses

-Can you ever think now of a time without computers? I am thankful to be in this age! 

-Technology has always surprised while people have failed to do in recent times 

-All this while, geeks have been living only feeding on computers! 

-Just imagine if you didn’t have computers, there would have been no work from home ☹

-Even the loneliest person can make millions of friends with just a computer! 

-“Come meet the world outside”- My computer to me every time I switch it on. 

-We love computers because they help us earn when no one else can 

-With computers, do you realize that you have a money-making machine at hand 

-The window of opportunities on the window installed on your computer 

-What happens when you grow beyond society? You become a geek! 

-Legends say, that geeks are legends because they understood the computer! 

-Once you are into a computer, you are into a totally new world brother

-Success doesn’t come overnight but working on your computer for nights might do the trick

-Computers have made idiots popular, accept it! 

-You know about everything and that is just because you have the internet on your computer

-Nothing can stop you from being famous if you have a powerful computer! 

-Computers are modern canvases for digital artists

-80% of the knowledge you have is from your computer, accept it! 

-Computer reduces human efforts to an extent that it may look like magic

-The software installed on my computer is living up to its reputation.

-When the human brain stops computing, the computers take the charge.

-I’ve spent all my spare time sitting in front of a computer and trying to learn from it.

-Our smartphones are the portable cousin of old yet constantly evolving computers.

-My computer’s mouse works as a stress ball whenever I try to find something in the internet.

-The list of things that a computer can do is endless so I’ll let the machine talk.

-Even in my darkest days, my computer never ever stopped to be my friend.

-I won’t be overwhelmed by computers but the lack of its usage gives me a great scare.

-I am thankful to my computer for teaching me how to play chess.

-The science related to computers is a science of abstraction.

-Future prediction is a questionable matter but creating a future is a matter of computers.

-More than a consumer of computers, I want to be amongst the creators of computer science.

-Computers will never lie to me and that’s why it’s my best friend.

-I need to upgrade my yesteryear’s computer to adapt to the high graphics games of today.

-Newton’s third law that is applicable is taking care of your computer as well.

-Computers are God’s mysterious way of ordering us to do our work faster.

-The number of similarities between humans and computers outweighs their differences.

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