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Gone are the days where the idea of lifelong marriages used to work. In this period of time, most marriages are broken and the millennials are stepping into a generation of blended families.

Blended families or step families are where extended family members such as siblings or parents stay with other members of the family to create a happy and functional environment.

Step family day is all about the celebration of this and to show that you are proud of being a part of such a blended family set up. It is celebrated on 16th September every year. 

Step family Day wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Step family day greetings-

-let us let our soul escape in the land of love since we established a bond greater than of blood and name. So let us all uphold the responsibilities which create a void in  every needful family

-A family is a tree. And the parents are its roots. One gone, the tree becomes weak, and all that is needed to uphold the family back is a helping hand, a commitment greater  than just name and blood. 

-We hereby celebrate this auspicious moment  with our family and let’s prove that families are made through mind and dedication rather than sharing the same surname.

-wishing all step parents a happy step family day for their hard work in recreating the gaping void that blocked the growth of the family and rejuvenating the family again

-happy step family day to the unsung heroes who upheld the valuable responsibility of a dad/mom  and created a family, happier than ever

-We all  cherish this day with all kinds of joy as we celebrate our step family day and pray for the welfare of the persons who come in our life and become a beautiful part of it

-lets keep the family we had as a memento, and the family we have as a present, wishing my beloved, a happy step family day

-love doesn’t come from blood or names , it comes from the deepest core of our hearts, so let’s spread love and grow together. Wishing all happy step family day

-a family is what we live for. And a family is what stays with us at the end of our days. So wishing all a happy step family day, a bond made with hearts not only with blood

-wishing all a happy step family day for our beloved step dad’s/mom’s who made us feel their own and gave their best for us all when we needed a mom/dad

-we hereby celebrate this occasion to realise and make others realise too that how blessed we are to have a second chance in having a family after we’ve lost one

-come together and hold hands and celebrate this step family day with a blast as this day we were reborn together as one 

-we wish god to keep all stepparents happy for their wonderful contribution in someone’s life and recreating a family with full effort, so happy step family day

Step family day messages-

  • Let us all organise a nice buffet for it is our step family day and spread the joy which we are experiencing
  •  Let’s have a nice start of the day as we all celebrate this moment where strangers become  family and become a turning point in our life
  • Not everyone is fortunate to have a  family again after losing one so let’s bless god and praise all step mothers and fathers who filled the void which prevented our happiness
  • Let’s make this day special as this day we commemorate the day we found a new family and a blessing from god and dedication from our step family
  • Let’s celebrate and give a huge thanks and  all our love to the heroes who dedicated their lives as a part of our family and celebrate this auspicious step family day
  • To the people who taught us that families are not only created from birth, but can be created as well with love and care and hence celebrate this happy step family day
  • We wish all of the step parents for so selflessly taking up the huge responsibility of a mom/dad and blessing us with the love and care we would miss at their absence 
  • Let us put a smile on our face and also to our step  parents who helped raise up a real family through their efforts and dedication and made our life one if the blled one
  • Let us all come together and feel the togetherness of a family since families are made by bonds, not blood and hence show the world that where there is love, dedication, commitment, there rises a family
  • We all crave for the love of a dad or mom but many are unfortunate enough to not have that, hence lets celebrate a happy step family day to rejuvenate the feeling of a family, on this step family day
  • Always remember the persons who stand by your side when u have nothing, and who give their everything to fulfill the void, that is , our step parents and all others, so a happy step family day to all of them
  • Lets celebrate this step family day, dedicated fully to our step parents who are the real heroes keeping us happy always selflessly no matter what
  • Kudos to all the real gentlemen and women who had stood up for the children and the people who need the love of s family and hence let’s bless them all in this happy step family day

Step family days quotes-

“Family isn’t only defined by last names or blood. It is defined by commitment and blood”- DAVE WILLS

“If you are a stepparent, rush right out and get yourself a dog. Because it’s very nice to have someone in the house that loves you.”- DELIA EPHRON

“Becoming a father is a challenge to any man’s psyche and there is a fundamental reorganization that you cannot avoid when you begin this journey.”- BRUCE LINTON

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