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Flatmates Day is celebrated on March 24 across the globe. This day is celebrated to let the other person who shares a flat know how special they mean to you.

They are not just flatmates; sometimes they become your best friends or extended family, with whom you cherish for life long. They will remain in your heart forever.

National Flatmates Day messages

-A flatmate is a person with whom you share an apartment or dormitory. They can even become your partners for crime.

-Flatmates can be the most memorable people where you share the most exciting phase of your life.

-Flatmates can be your friend or a senior or junior, but he/she is the one who has seen the REAL you apart from your family.

-They are those amazing people who save you from many things; well, they are your secret keepers.

-A right flatmate can make your mood go from 0 to 100 in just a few seconds.

-Flatmates are the real people who give you endless ‘spoilers’ of your fav web series, irritate you over a critical phone call, use your possessions as their belongings, yes, they do it all.

-Flatmates are always there for you, those nights when you are low in your pocket-your flatmate shares their pizza with you and makes you feel home.

-In a foreign country, away from family, friends, relatives, an ideal flatmates make you feel normal.

-Flatmates make you feel home. You built a complicated process with your flatmate; you fight with each other, laugh at each other, and eventually cry.

-A right flatmate is responsible , nonjudgemental, and has a great scene of communication.

-Flatmates have seen you going through your life’s worst phase- your breakups, fall, tantrums, and mood swings. They have seen it all.

-They take care of you; when you are sick, they make you hot soup on a cold night and a cold milkshake on a hot day.

-Flatmates become your power savior when your neighbor tries to argue with you, well no one forgets that..no matter what, they will stand and support you when youtube ugly with your neighbor.

-When you both fight, both of your ego clashes and your room war comes to play; you seek the opportunity to flee; otherwise, you have to do the dishes.

-Well, the memories make you nostalgic and make you miss your flatmate even more. So cherish every moment.

-Flatmates become your best companion in the lonely nights with whom you can share a pillow.

-Sometimes, you fight, and sometimes you have a bad day, but everything is still worth it when giving you the last bite of their ice-cream.

-With flatmates, you can go shopping, clubbing, drinking altogether. You do it all. They are the right person to spend your precious time with.

National Flatmates Day: Greetings

-A very happy flatmate’s day to you and your ex or present flatmate.

-Surprise your flatmate with something unexpected. Enjoy the day to the fullest.

-You can probably make your room mate a nice dinner spot, or buy them fav chocolates.

-You can have your sleepover, and if you both are girls, then walla get some wine girls, make a nice dinner, set some Indie music, and chill with unlimited gossip.

-Make your room mates realize how important they are, send them cards or their favorite presence.

-Make a sports night full of drinks, popcorn, and watch your favorite football match together. Happy flatmates day.

-Write down your feelings, making them realize what they mean to you, how supportive they have been when you were at the worst phase of life.

-Cherish the bond that you share between the glue that is unspoken and remains suppressed.

-Live each moment; remember the drunken nights, days when your landlord pays a surprise visit, and you both are clueless about it.

-This day is celebrated to thank your amazing flatmates who have been with you through all your hurdles and helping you in all things to being family.

-Although there is no specific reason for the celebration of Flatmates’ day, it’s believed to celebrate for the person you have spent most of your life.

-Well, the one thing we forget in Life is to appreciate. Yes, the way you mold your life relationships the same way they shape. So enjoy and tell them how much you love them for the small things they do for you.

-Thank your roommates for the morning coffee they make for you, thank them for the ramen they make, which you literally cannot find anywhere in this world.

-Thanks to my flatmate for the AC that they switch off for you, thank them for standing near while you puke after the party.

-Thanks to my roommate as they have listened to you bitching about your boss or just telling how bad your day was!. 

-Post on social media, tag them, post back the memories you have a share, upload an exciting picture of you and your flatmate, and #hashtag it.

-Let your roommates know that they are your brothers for life, and this bond will keep intact forever. Wishing happy flatmates day.

-It’s an incredible bond, and the essence won’t fade anytime. Enjoy the day to the fullest.

-Every day, you learn a new idea, a new way of life from them. A responsible flatmate never leaves you alone in trouble.

-Hurry up and surprise your room mates with lovely and cute ideas to make their day the best.

National Flatmates Day Quote:-

-”I came to L.A. when I was 19, and my two roommates were blue-eyed, blond dudes. I helped coach them, and they both landed pilots. “

-Michael Pena

-“When I started Facebook from my dorm room in 2004, the idea that my roommates and I talked about all the time was a world that was more open.”

-Mark Zuckerberg

-“I like candles. It helps cover up for the fact that I have four male roommates.”

-Tyler Joseph

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