Thank You Roommate: 160+ Messages to Share

Whether it is about education or work, shifting to a new city is not easy. The person who matters a lot during this journey is our roommate.

He is a person who takes the place of our family members in a strange city. Even if we do not want, we get close to him/her. And, while living together, we make a lot of memories with each other.

The following are the best messages to express your thankfulness to your room partner and recall all your beautiful memories.

Thank You Messages For Roommate

When you move out of your house to pursue your career and life across a different path, the journey is not only from one city to another but also towards discovering your true self.

Having a great roommate can positively influence our ambitions and confidence. While the journey towards a better and brighter future is definitely a serious matter, roommates are the ones that make the experience exciting.

So, here are some affectionate thank-you messages for roommates. 

  • Dear Roomie, today I want to tell you that when I first discovered you on Facebook and thought you were a blessing sent from above because you were the one despite everything, searching for a flatmate. Without you, I wouldn’t have endured and cherished my first semester as much as I did.
  • Dear friend, thank you for being a partner in Maggie, a partner in stupidity, a partner in late-night walks, and more importantly, being the best companion to handle all my worries and issues.
  • Thanks to you for walking with me during the late evening on the streets of Mumbai. I will miss our crazy dance, stalking people, and making jokes at others. You made my journey of three years fabulous.
  • I’m thankful for the way you care for me. You stepped into the role of my mother from completing my assignments to choosing clothes for college functions.
  • Dear best friend, from cleaning our rooms to sharing thoughts, I want to thank you for becoming my best friend in this strange World. What I believe is that I would not handle myself alone here. You are God’s angel who is always around me to protect me wherever I go or whatever I do.
  • My dear roommate, you are no less than my family member. Whenever I need someone, you never deny listening to my things, even my silly kinds of stuff. It is ‘We’ who made our room a perfect home.
  • Thank you for giving me a company to enjoy tea at the tea stall in the evening after work. When I’m with you, I forget every work stress; no matter how hard my day is, I feel fresh.
  • The decision to share a flat with you in Mumbai was the best decision of my life till now. I never thought we become so close to each other. I hope we will remain in touch after this semester as well.
  • As this semester is going to end soon, I want to state a thank you note to tell you that the semester was fun and excited because of you. I’m happy that you were by my side throughout the years.
  • I’m delighted to have a roommate who is ready to make me feel better at 3 AM.
  • Thank you for being a friend with that I can discuss everything from college to girls, especially the best person who chooses the perfect wear for me every morning.
  • Thank you for being the best motivational speaker for me. When I decide to give up, you push me up to achieve my goals. Sometimes, it is hard to manage classes, work, and home together, but you help me to carry on.
  • Thank you for being so close to me that every time we get apart, it feels like a struggle to me.
  • Thank you for giving me the beautiful memories we have built over the last two years.
  • You are not just a roommate but a fantastic friend. If I’m doing the best in my career now, it’s because of your encouragement and guidance.
  • Thank you for joining the crazy ride of this semester.
  • Thank you for moving into my flat after leaving the comfort of your home and family behind.
  • People say that you know people in real when you start living with them, so thank you for not meaning my company after a couple of days to remember the real me.
  • It’s sad to know that this semester will end in a few days. But I think this is the best day to make you feel special. Yes, I enjoyed it a lot under your wings. I will miss our frequent meals, movie nights, shopping walks, and many more.

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Many people like to share or write letters so for those people we have mentation the best Farewell Letter For Roommate to surprise him/her.

  • With the help of your presence, I learned how to stay away from home and to do all things independently. You helped me learn to wash dishes, clean floors, etc.
  • I thank you wholeheartedly that you left your essential lectures to take care of me at the time of my sickness. You took care of me like a mother, from medicine to meals. You looked after me all night. Why should I not thank God for such a loving and caring roommate?
  • I cherish the moments we spent in our hostel days. Even though we used to watch the same movie, again and again, it was so much fun. Thanks for putting your valuable efforts to make me joyous and excited.
  • I am thrilled that you are my roommate. Even though we will be divided into different paths in a few days, the moments we spent with you will always be remembered. 
  • I want to tell you before you go that I had a lot of fun sharing the room with you. Ever since you have come to live in this house, I am not worried about anything. From food to cleaning the house, you used to take care of every little stuff in this room. And, Yeah! Don’t forget our late-night walk on the street.
  • Nothing in life is stable, so we must be separated. But, getting a wise friend like you is a matter of luck.
  • Although, we are not in the same city now. But, the thoughts of how we become close to each other are precious to me.
thank you roommate messages

Goodbye Message to Roommate:

Finding a good and understanding roommate can be hard, but saying goodbye to one is harder. Roommates are a source of unconditional care and constant support. Thus, being sad and gloomy is natural when your incredible roommate is leaving.

However, it is highly important that you wish them all the luck for their future with a token of love and appreciation.

The following are some of the best goodbye messages for roommates to express your thankfulness towards them and make them feel special.

I will never be able to forget your beautiful presence in my life. You have not just been a roommate but a lot more and shall always remain the same!

You are leaving me today, but I am sure we will meet soon. Till then, I hope you take the best care of yourself.

Everybody finds a friend in a roommate, but fortunately, I have found a family in you. You are indeed a blessing!

If not anything else, I always wish every girl gets someone like you in their tiny, beautiful life to make it even more beautiful!

You are a pretty soul, both in and out. I have had my life’s best memories with you until now! Goodbye, best roommate!

I only pray to the Almighty that you get blessed with the most precious and beautiful blessings. You are divine!

Sending you tons of love, care, and best wishes for your new journey and other endeavors! Love you, mate.

I shall never forget the late-night conversations, fun, and pranks played on others and every minute of our time at the hostel. Good luck!

With the most precious memories etched deep within our hearts, I hope we remain connected forever! Best wishes to you.

It is never easy to let go of a part far away from you. But I can do so, and I am proud of both of us, mate!

You have been a mother, guide, philosopher, friend, and every other being I needed each time. Thank you for everything!

I cannot thank you enough for all the unimaginable love, concern, and protection. I shall miss you so much, mate!

You have always protected me like a big sister and supported me in every step I decided to take. You shall always be unique!

Please do not forget our conversations and my exceptional advice to you. You shall come across several people, but remember the family you left behind.

It is easier to keep than to let go. It has never been easy for me ever since. Take care, mate. We shall meet soon!

Farewell Message for Roommate:

Education or Work no matter the reason, moving to a different city or place is not easy. During this journey, a roommate becomes our second family, lending us a hand of comfort in times when everything seems unfamiliar and strange. These farewell messages will help you express your love to them when they are moving out. 

I hope you clean better and stop stealing all junk when you shift somewhere else. Farewell to you, mate!

It is tough to be appreciative of others and compliment them. But you have the most supportive roommate ever!

Thanking you would be foolery. I will irritate you more and keep calling you while you are at work!

Do not forget to eat before you leave. I hope you find someone to remind you of this every morning. Farewell, dearie!

Roommates are meant to be mean, while some are the cutest. You are both! Miss you, best friend!

When I first met you, I never knew we could come to this position, and I would never want to leave you. But look how destinies had to play!

I am overwhelmed to have met someone so considerate and compassionate as you. Stay the same, dear!

It is so tough to find genuine people these days. I am lucky that I found you!

You are like the brightest ray of sunshine on my darkest days. I shall always need you!

Thank you for the most special memories, the toughest sums to solve to help me learn only more, and every strategy you have applied to make me study! Thank you.

You have constantly reminded me to have my meals on time and study harder to make everyone proud. Glad to have a friend like you!

Do not forget to drink water each time you feel dehydrated. No one shall remind you of these tiny essential things. Take care!

I never knew that the time had already come to bid you farewell. Please take care, dearest roommate! I shall miss you.

It breaks my heart to let you go. But as said, the best memories have been made, and we shall meet again to make even more!

This hostel might have given me the worst meals, but I surely compensated with a beautiful roommate like you. Farewell, dearie!

Farewell Quotes for Roommates:

We make unforgettable memories and unbreakable bonds with our roommates while living together.

Thus, bidding farewell to a roommate can be heartbreaking, but worry not; we have gathered several beautiful farewell messages for roommates to help recall your marvelous memories. 

Goodbyes are never meant for a lifetime. It only means that we shall meet again soon.

It might crush your heart with pain on leaving your dearest ones. But remember how the ‘dearest’ came into your life and smiled.

Today might be the most challenging day to let you go. But tomorrow, I shall laugh at your silly texts and make memories brighter!

It might be hard for us to leave each other. But we must never forget why we met- to be the best roommates for a lifetime!

Work harder, strive for the better, and reach the best. But, of course, you always have your long-gone roommate by you!

I am just a call or a text away, so you need not worry about our friendship. We are mates for a lifetime and a day more!

Compassion, passion, and loyalty are virtues taught by you, and I shall take them forward in life.

I can only hope to meet you at the earliest. After that, the rest lies in the Almighty’s hands to help or not help the two best roommates meet!

Roomies do not forget each other. They only keep irritating each other more every day by hugging tighter when they meet!

It might be tough to solve all problems independently from the text and in life. But do not forget your roomie!

Distance is only an excuse. Do not forget to meet me on a video call when you miss me. I shall be there!

Farewell, dearie! Never thought the time had come. But this is the time for the good and the best. Make the most of it.

This might seem to be the end of all. But remember, it is just the beginning of the brightest part of your living roomie!

I pray for your good health, high spirits, and a sound mind and heart for missing me the most.

You are my happiness. You shall always follow me wherever I go.

Roommate Leaving Quotes:

Being away from your loving family can be depressing, especially when you are feeling unsure and having self-doubts, but having warm-hearted roommates can help boost your confidence and lift your mood.

Parting ways with such extraordinary and wonderful roommates can be upsetting.

If you are finding it hard to say goodbye to your dearest roommate and cannot express your gratitude, we have covered you with several adorable roommate leaving and messages.

I hope to be led by you to do the naughtiest pranks and get the best results!

Lucky are those who get to find friendship and the love of a family in a roommate!

It is never easy to bid farewell to your favorite and forget. But it is always easy to remember the best memories made with them!

Cherish the best remains of every relationship. There is much time to repent, cry, and think of what is lost.

There is a lot of time to quarrel and fight over silly matters. So instead, make memories, laugh, and irritate your roomies!

Leaving is hard, but remembering the most cherished moments is beautiful! So live it to the fullest.

It is never too tough to maintain friendships. You only have to want to do it, and you will be able to do it no matter what!

Love and care because it is never fruitful to hate and destroy!

I hated you the most, but I shall also miss you the most. So come back soon, dearest roommate!

Never knew I had to let you go and our fondest memories along with you!

A philosopher, confidante, and the best human being are what I found in you, roomie.

You have appreciated me and filled in tonnes of confidence on my roughest days, and I shall fill your life with our most beautiful memories.

There might be trillions of friends you have. But you can only have one faithful roommate!

We have had our lunch together and had the funniest and craziest times together! Hope to do so when we meet again!

You always have panicked about being caught for our mischiefs. Calm down because it is ‘us’- crazy, fun, and dangerous!

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