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World Giraffe Day is celebrated worldwide on 21st of June every year in honor of the longest-necked animal. The day will either be a longest one or the longest night depending upon the hemisphere you live in.

On this day, these amazingly loved animals are celebrated as well as many annual events are hosted to shed light on the challenges faced by the giraffe in the wild. With only 111,000 giraffes remaining in the wild numerous Zoos, NGOs, companies and conservation organization from around the world host fundraising events on 21st June to create awareness and raise support for giraffe in the wild.Below is list of Quotes and wishes one can use to spread joy and awareness with everyone on the eve of World Giraffe Day

World Giraffe Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_The time has come for all of us to put our neck out and adore this special animal called Giraffe. May you have a wonderful Giraffe Day.

_The swaying necks and distinctive patterns on their body was enough to be liked by us. I hope you pay them a visit on World Giraffe Day.

_Like Giraffe, I hope you can keep up your chin to smile for the rest of your life. Wish you a very happy World Giraffe Day.

_Giraffe was never meant to fit in; rather these odd looking creatures were born to stand out. Have a lovely giraffe day with these creatures.

_Yes they can’t speak in any human language but they can feel the same pain that a human can. So try to donate and help save giraffes on World Giraffe Day.

_The animals have always paid the prize of wildlife interference and now it’s Giraffe. So do whatever you can do to preserve them on World Giraffe Day.

_It is time that the people must consider the glorious wildlife and its animals such as giraffe as the thing of true nature rather than seeing it as Gold and Silver.

_Giraffe holds the poised nature of a lady floating over the plains amidst the draperies of misty morning and maybe that’s why we celebrate World Giraffe day to the fullest.

_Unless we do something about the issue of preserving giraffes, its population in Africa will continue to fade. Let us all help in whatever way we can on World Giraffe Day.

_Our quality of life entirely depends on continued existence of wildlife and wilderness so on the eve of giraffe day, let’s try to preserve this special looking animal.

_Animals such as giraffes do feel all those things that most of us humans feel. So as humans it is our job to protect the remaining Giraffes on World Giraffe Day.

_On this World Giraffe Day, we cannot just sit idle and see these fairy tale animals being plummeted away from the face of the earth.

_Even evolution is on the same side of saving the Giraffes of this world so why shouldn’t we. I hope everyone is paying attention on World Giraffe Day.

_A Giraffe is more than just an animal. It shows us that the view from up above is always pleasing. I hope you celebrate them on World Giraffe Day.

_As Giraffes say, we will obtain no leaves unless we are willing to stick our neck out. I hope you know what you have to do on World Giraffe Day.

_On the eve of World Giraffe Day, it is our obligation as humans to speak on behalf of the giraffes to say the word they couldn’t and i.e. ‘Help Them’

_Every life should be respected and protected and especially when that life belongs to a Giraffe. Let’s try to raise necessary awareness on the occasion of World Giraffe Day.

_From the eve of World Giraffe Day, let’s try to live a life of compassion that save Giraffes and many other animals along with the environment.

_The question arises on the greatness of our nation when we don’t do anything to preserve our animals. I hope you think about your country on World Giraffe Day.

_Donating to the Giraffes in Africa and raising awareness on their plummeting numbers is the noblest thing to do on a World Giraffe Day.

_What has huge eyes, blue tongue and very sensitive nostrils? Giraffe! And what should we do to preserve their population? Raise Awareness! May we do that on World Giraffe Day.

_On the eve of World Giraffe Day let us all thank to the creativity of evolution because for that we got giraffes. Wish you a delightful Giraffe Day.

_Giraffes are almost heraldic as if they are from the land of Fables with their extremely beautiful faces. So how can we not love them on World Giraffe Day.

_On the eve of World Giraffe Day, I wish you to be as strong as Giraffe so that when the time comes you know when to stand out.

_We better hurry up or else the mankind will have to learn the hard way that no money can bring the wildlife. Have a peaceful World Giraffe Day while we can.

_We humans are not superior to animals and maybe that’s why we don’t care for them. May we change and be of help on World Giraffe Day.

_On the eve of World Giraffe Day, I hope you are amongst the do-gooders who are trying everything to save giraffes and many other animals.

_We can’t be ignorant towards other species and consider humans as the significant species. Respect the earth and its blue tongued creatures on World Giraffe Day.

_It is not about whether Giraffes will survive or not rather it is about a man’s will to save them. May you show some will on World Giraffe Day.

_Cameras are enough to shoot the Giraffes as they are plummeting every day. I hope you donate to the cause of saving giraffes on World Giraffe Day.

_No matter how much one has read about giraffes but to see them in the wild for the first is truly ecstatic. Lets’ celebrate this wonderful creature on World Giraffe Day.

_A giraffe has the capability to destroy a lion with just blow from their feet. On the eve of World Giraffe let us all help them from going extinct.

_God is really an artist for painting all those beautiful stripes on Giraffe’s back. So, let’s try to preserve God’s creation on World Traffic Day.

_May this message of preserving the wildlife by protecting the animals residing in it including giraffes, is loud and clear on World Giraffe Day.

_On the eve of World Giraffe Day, I hope you get to attend some fundraising events in zoos and national parks aiding for the betterment of Giraffes.

_The time to act and save as many giraffes in Africa is now! So let us all take a pledge to in support of raising awareness on the eve of World Giraffe Day.

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