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Whenever you call an office for an appointment to make, or to makes sure you remember it, chances are there is a receptionist on the other side. A receptionist covers an enormous amount of work starting from setting appointments to filing and record keeping.

These heroes do all the paperwork in order, gets lunch for their bosses while interacting with customer’s concerns. It is about time we value their underappreciated job and celebrate Receptionists Day by treating her work with respect and her. Let us all celebrate these soldiers of office in their own holiday.

The holiday to honor the Receptionists from all over the world was first introduced in 1991 in the US. And from the year 2012, Receptionists Day was launched in the UK by the country’s leading provider of reception services.

Today, the holiday is celebrated in numerous countries around the world including Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia as well as many European Countries.

Here is a list of some celebratory and congratulatory greetings with which you can wish them in this auspicious occasion of Receptionists Day

Receptionists Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

The best kind of Mom raises disciplined receptionists. Warm regards to every hardworking receptionist on their day of celebration.

Take a minute from your to appreciate all the hard-work done by our receptionists on a daily basis. Wish them on this happy occasion of Receptionists Day.

Your work is top-notch and ranks as the best in our eyes. Enjoy a gleeful day of celebration on this Receptionists Day.

Problem solving is like eating meals for them, sometimes they may get overstuffed but smile never leave their face. Bes wishes to all the amazing receptionists on the eve of Receptionists Day.

People have got to understand that they are receptionists not their personal GPS system, but she will help them anyway. Wishing all the kind-hearted receptionists on this special day for the Receptionists.

Receptionists are great at creating best first impressions, so do tend and take care of them. Happy Receptionists Day to these beautiful human beings.

On this special eve, treat your receptionists with candies, flowers. Wishing every beautiful soul a happy Receptionists Day.

This day was introduced for appreciating the pride and professionalism of efficient receptionists. Let us celebrate this Receptionists Day to the fullest.

A job where they politely ignore you can be a blessing for some people. Here’s to more and more days of solitary enjoyment for you.

An individual who does precisely does her work based on unreliable information provided by a questionable people. Happy Receptionists Day to these individuals.

Keeping things moving on a busy day is what a receptionist’s primary goal is. Wishing them nothing but joyful years ahead on this special occasion of Receptionists Day.

You can safely agree that your company’s first impression is on the hands of your receptionists. So love them, take care of them and more importantly appreciate them.

Receptionists are so inspiring. They have to maintain their smile even if they are having a bad day. Wishing you a lifetime of unforced smiling on this Receptionists Day.

Boss’s and Employees’ life gets easier when there is a professional receptionists to share the workload. Warm greetings to these beautiful souls on the eve of Receptionists Day.

People who work from home are missing out on the benefit of having a receptionist who is serving as a personal guard. Hope to see more people appreciate their line of work.

Receptionists have this special power of empathy within them because of dealing with people on a daily basis. Wishing you all the more super powers on this Receptionists Day.

Days can turn out to be a whole lot of hectic, when a receptionist takes a day off. So never stop caring for those precious and beautiful living creatures. Have a happy Receptionist Day.

Always be kind, gentle and friendly to a receptionist, she might not express that she’s having a bad day. Wishing all the love to these lovely human beings on this Receptionists Day.

The minute but important details that most of the people ignores in a company is mended and look after by a receptionists. Cheers to their underappreciated generosity on a Receptionists Day.

Don’t ever make a receptionist angry, she might look like she is working but she may be typing her résumé there. Leave no stones unturned while doing something amazing for them on the eve of Receptionists Day.

Happy Receptionists Day to all the individuals who enjoys this not so appreciative line of work.

Receptionists can be categorized as a SIRI for the not-so digital age. Wishing all the SIRIs in the world a happy Receptionists Day

Your call might be important to the company but not for her, yet she doesn’t hesitate to hold the line for a long time. Reward and appreciate her job on this Receptionists Day.

You know the saying “Rude personal callers will be put on terminal hold”. Don’t ever be rude to her. Wish them on the day commenced to celebrate her professional life.

You owe her a lot. You might not feel it but you deep down know it. Wish her the happiest Receptionists Day.

From the experience they gather from working as a receptionist, soon they might be able to start their own company. Keep her and respect her job, wish her the best on this day of Receptionists Day.

No one can be warmer than the receptionists. These souls are just heartwarming. Wishing you best things in live on the eve of Receptionists Day.

Always remember, she doesn’t owe you more than 7-8 of working hours. Respect her and wisher the best on the eve of Receptionist Day.

Quick hack for you ladies, when you are not able to spell the caller’s name just say to them ‘Can you spell that gain for me, I didn’t hear it?’ Have a happy Receptionist Day at spelling names.

The power of organizing the whole mess on a day to day basis is within her from the start. Don’t let a good receptionist go, have a happy Receptionists Day.

No one is more cherished than the receptionist who lightens the burden of her colleagues. Wish her the very best on this special day for the enchanted receptionists.

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to receptionists. Wishing all the lovely and beautiful souls a very happy Receptionists Day.

Sometimes express your gratitude as well, you deserve it. Wishing such selfless souls a very happy Receptionists Day.

No one would appreciate you the first time you had done something for them, But in time they will. Cherish this day of Receptionists.

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