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Sami National Day is celebrated on 6th of February every year since 1993 in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia where most of the indigenous Sami people reside.

This particular National Day is celebrated by raising the Sami flag along with its bright red, green, yellow and blue colors with two circles which represent the Sun and the Moon. In other countries, on this day alongside their national flag, the Sami flag is raised as well.

During the 15th Sami Conference in Helsinki, the Sami National Day was established jointly in 1992 to mark and celebrate an important event for Sami History.

Sami National Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_Celebrate our history, celebrate our ethnicity, and celebrate our hearts on this very auspicious eve of Sami National Day.

_Let’s all come together and celebrate this day with fun and joyfulness. Wishing every one of us a very happy Sami National Day.

_One should always remember that it is our ethnic diversity that adds richness to a society. Hope you spend a memorable Sami National Day.

_ We must never give into any politics that target people of ethnicity and religion. On this Sami National Day I urge every citizen to think that way.

_ We are a group of ethnicities that is brilliantly spread like a thousand points of light in a peaceful yet broad sky. Wishing the beautiful Sami people a very happy Sami National Day.

_ A nation that welcomes all the peaceful communities of the world is a true form of nation. Wishing the Sami people a very warm and peaceful Sami National Day.

_ I urge all the people of this world to make this planet of ours a safe haven for ethnic people. Wishing every Sami a very prosperous Sami National Day.

_ A place that is multicultural, ethnic and diverse is where the door of heaven opens for all the ethnic people. Wishing the people a very cheerful Sami National Day.

_ This is the 21st Century, where the people must respect and love all the diverse ethnic people. Wishing the Sami ethnic people a very joyful Sami National Day.

_ Being humble to each other is what makes us a beautiful human being. Wishing every beautiful Sami people a very happy and prosperous Sami National Day.

_ We are human beings before everything that people uses to describe us. Wishing you and all the Sami people a very glorious Sami National Day.

_ The destructive power of ethnic conflicts is not greater than the power of love we shall share with each ethnic group of people. Have a great Sami National Day.

_ On the special occasion of Sami National Day, use this opportunity to teach our juniors about our rich culture and exciting history. Have a peaceful and prosperous Sami National Day.

_We can be a role model to the kids of the next generation and educate them the power of one’s ethnicity holds in any nation. Wishing the Sami populace a very cheerful Sami National Day.

_What every human must share common to each other is the desire, the motivation the perseverance to change things that are wrong. Have a great Sami National Day.

_It is extremely important to remember that our diversity has been and will always be our greatest strength and pride. Wish you and the Sami populace a very warm Sami National Day.

_It is our diversity that ignites us to be stronger, smarter and more innovative which is always essential in our lives. Wishing the happy souls a very extraordinary Sami National Day.

Our skin constitutes the color of our land and the diversity of its colors. Have a great Sami National Day ahead of you.

Let us all act out of the values of diversity, inclusion and regard that makes our culture great rather than fear and misunderstanding. Have a joyous Sami National Day.

Diversity is nothing but different ethnicity with different cultures, different backgrounds, different religions and different sexual orientation. Let us celebrate a diversive Sami National Day

_On this Sami National Day, I hope media’s perceptive can change their description our Sami people from being just “diversity”. Have a peaceful Sami National Day.

_Every race of human requires food and water to survive and every ethnicity of human has a heart that bleeds, loves, and grieves. On this Sami National Day, I hope humanity comes first to everyone’s mind.

_You are not just a ethnic individual of any nationality. You are a human and a citizen of this world first. Wish you and all the Sami populace a very joyous Sami National Day

_On the special occasion of Sami National Day, I wish we are able to set a great example for the kids of next generation so that they can go to the same schools, speak the same language, and listened to the same music without blending themselves into ethnic hatred.

_Our aim is to treat every group of ethnic people as the citizens of this world. Have a rich and diversive Sami National Day.

Treat every ethnic people with respect rather than just stereotyping them to their culture. On the occasion of Sami National Day, I urge everyone to treat people equally.

_You and I are nothing but a small leaf on the giant tree of life. On the eve of Sami National Day, I hope that the people are able to see the same perspective.

Don’t ever differentiate between different ethnicities. Because we are all connected to the same roots of humanity. Wishing the Sami people a very prosperous Sami National Day.

_A true citizen shall not see the difference between the branch they were born on and the remaining branches on the tree. On this Sami National Day, Hope to see all the people living in harmony.

We shall be proud and free to maintain whatever part of our ethnic heritage or identity we wish to express. Wishing the proud group of Sami people a very enjoyable Sami National Day.

Let us all celebrate our rich culture together with music and dance. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous Sami National Day.

Sing, dance, enjoy and also educate our next generation the importance of our culture. Have a great Sami National Day with your friends and family.

In life, sometimes the answers to our problems can be adapted from our ancestral culture and origins. Let us be proud and enjoy this Sami National Day with our loved ones.

On the eve of Sami National Day, promote the cultural diversity within the different groups of ethnic people that will result into exchange of ideas and influences which can shape the world in a better way.

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