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Regatta Day also known as the Royal St. John’s Regatta Day and in Labrador and Newfoundland it is a holiday for the public with most businesses and schools shut down. It is celebrated on the first August of every year, in Canada and this festival can be called the coolest festival because it is all about boat races and it may also be called a royal one because to date the royal monarchy has a lot to do with this festival.

Regatta Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

-How cool is a festival that just celebrates the sport of rowing?

-How cool is it that we get to celebrate a festival and honor the sport of rowing?

-Rowing boats have been a tradition since the 1700s and even the people of today’s generation enjoys it!

-Regatta stands for contest and that is what exactly this day is about, rowing contests!

-Here’s to wishing everybody a very athletic and enjoyable Regatta Day!

-Regatta stands for the series of boating contests and today is the day we honor this great sport!

-Have a very happy Regatta Day everybody and may you all find the joy of boating once again!

-May this Regatta Day bring us the joy of rowing boats once again!

-With the increase in technology and other distractions, many kids do not understand the joy of rowing anymore, we hope this Regatta Day will change that!

-Rowing has a beauty only rowers will understand and having said that, let us wish everyone a happy Regatta Day!

-Rowing gives a thrill many other sports may or may not give and for the sake of that, let us wish all rowers a very happy Regatta Day!

-Here’s to reminding everyone that Regatta Day is just around the corner and it is time to dust out those boats and get ready for the grand day!

-No wonder this is a sport that the royals enjoyed because rowing indeed gives a feeling of happiness not found everywhere else!

-Happy Regatta Day to everyone waiting eagerly for the celebration and the rowing contests to begin!

-Here’s to wishing lots of good luck to everyone who is participating in this year’s Regatta Day and we hope you all enjoy!

-The win on Regatta Day is not about coming first in the races but it is about having the best time!

-May everyone have a very happy time participating in the races and also cheering for the rowers!

-Regatta Day is rightfully celebrated nationally because not only the monarchy is related to this sport, the local public enjoys it too!

-Boating and rowing are sports that have been enjoyed by the people of Labrador and Newfoundland since the 1700s and it is no different now happy Regatta Day!

-As the month of August approaches we all wish that the first week is blessed with good weather because the Regatta Day depends upon it.

-Happy Regatta Day to everyone in Labrador and Newfoundland and hope everyone has a very good time at the races!

-The best part of Regatta Day is definitely the fun that it brings along with it!

-Regatta Day is a day outdoors for everyone and it is the best part of the year because it is almost like a family day out for all families!

-The youths are particularly excited for the Regatta Day because it gives them a chance to learn about teamwork and leadership while having fun!

-Happy Regatta Day to everyone who has been waiting all year to finally get to enjoy this day by spending all day outside!

-We often forget to go on a holiday because of our strict work schedules and so it feels really good that our government has made this ritual of spending all day outdoors on Regatta Day!

-On Regatta Day we cheer for our athletes from our tents and we make sure that when they are hungry and come to visit the tents they get all the food they want!

-It is a great day because every single person gets to have a day out and enjoy the race on Regatta Day!

– Regatta Day is a day where we have fun watching the young athletes row their boats and race against each other!

-Maybe the reason why Regatta Day has persevered so many centuries and have still managed to be so popular among the people because of the fact that it is so enjoyable!

-Regatta Day can be easily claimed as one of the oldest traditions and the reason why it still is around is because of the extreme fun it brings along with it!

-Boat races, good food, all day outdoors, what is there to not to like about Regatta Day?

– Regatta Day acts as a reminder that not all ancient traditions have to be discarded from our lives!

-Regatta Day is one of the best days of the year for me because I cannot wait to enjoy all-day outdoors with my friends, cheering on the rowing athletes!

-May everyone gets to cheer the rowers and may the boat you cheer for wins, and happy Regatta Day to all!

-Hey people, with Regatta Day here, let us make sure all preparations are in order and that the day becomes a grand success!

-The spirit of Regatta Day is not the contest although the term regatta means that, the spirit of Regatta Day is the brotherhood that the team of rowers develops when they row the boat!

-Here’s to wishing everyone a very Regatta Day and we hope that amid the urge to win the contest you do not forget to enjoy the sport!

-Wishing everyone a very active Regatta Day because this is quite like a day of outdoor activities for everyone!

-Here’s to hoping that all mothers are ready with a plan regarding the feast they will have to prepare for their rowers as they spend the whole day on their boats!

-It is undeniably difficult to cook so much for everyone but even the cooks say they enjoy the cooking because for the rest of the day they too get to enjoy and cheer on for the rowers!

-Wishing everyone a very happy Regatta Day and hope everyone has a good stock of energy bars because it will definitely be needed during the day!

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