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Tsechu or sometimes known as the Mask Dance Festival, is the most pivotal 5 day religious festival in the country of Bhutan.

The festival of Paro Tsechu is held annually each spring from the 11th to the 15th Day of the second month of the Bhutanese Calendars while the Thimpu Tsechus follows the same date protocol but falls on the eight month of the Bhutanese Calendar.  

This festival is widely celebrated to honor Guru Rinpoche who was responsible for introducing tantric Buddhism to the country of Bhutan in the 8th Century. Cham Dances, Atsaras (Clowns) and the Unfurling of Thangka is all part of this beautiful occasion.

TSECHUS Festival Best messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_All the joys and holiness are clustered and knotted for you and your family at this year’s prosperous festival of Tsechus. Wishing a joyful time at the Tsechus.

_ Enjoy the cultural heritage of music and arts for four days non-stop with your friends and family in any of the Tsechus occurring in March as well as October.

_Experience the unique display of costumed masked dances dated back to 9th century. Hope you and your family get to celebrate this joyous occasion for 5 continuous days.

_Feel free to enjoy the festival’s unique display of dance and folk music which symbolizes a lost era in these modern times. Have a great five days at this year’s Tsechus.

_ Enjoy the 5-day festival of Tsechus along with tens of thousands of people who are just filling their religious longing with some joyful memories. Wish you the best of days on this Tsechu festival.

_One cannot just not feel cathartic after witnessing the beautiful display of Cham Dance with all its glory of storytelling. Wishing you and your family a memorable 5 days at this year’s Tsechus festival.

_ I hope you get to make these four days as one of the best days of your life with religious display of music, dance and many more. Have a fun and blessed time at the Tsechus.

_ As a Bhutanese, you must make a change from your daily routine and slide yourself into the five days of fun and blessed times at the Tsechus Festival. Wish you lots of happy moments at the festival.

_ The festival of Tsechu welcomes you and your family to this very special annual religious festival where you can enjoy the performances of Atsaras and the infamous Cham dance.

_On the eve of Tsechu Festival may you and your family is blessed with good health and prosperity. Have a religious merriment at this year’s Tsechus.

_ Make this five-day event at this year’s festival of Tsechus as one of the most joyful and well-remembered escapade of your life.

_Wear your finest clothes and celebrate this religious yet joyous festival of Tsechu with your loved ones. Wish you great days at the festival.

_The atsaras at the Tsechu festival symbolizes that we are just more than one form. Hope you will bring your joyful form and experience this Tsechus festival whole-heartedly.

_Don ‘t miss the opportunity to consume the extraordinary live display of music and dance that make this festival of Tsechu a pleasant experience. Enjoy to the fullest with your loved ones.

_Explore the nitty-gritty of the festival before treating your eyes and ears with the Bhutanese cultural display of various dance-theatre programs and live folk music for five continuous days at this year’s Tsechus.

_Spread the word and make people aware of this beautiful festival named Tsechu as it  is the pride of Bhutan which perfectly displays our cultural heritage. Hope you have a good time at the festival.

_If you are attending for the first time, make sure to prepare yourself with the unique mixture of both dance and music presented in a street theatre way that beautifully captures our Bhutanese Culture. Wish you and your loved ones a joyous time at the festival of Tsechus.

_Hoping to see you enjoy to your fullest at this year’s Tsechus with your friends and family. Have a good 5 days ahead.

_The dance performances by the specially trained monks will surely leave you and your family in awe. Have a jaw dropping 5-days at this year’s Paro Tsechu Festival.

_Apart from Longing for success in life, try to find some time for fun and religion at the Tsechu Festival. Hope you feel refreshed after the 5 day-long celebration.

_The festival of Tsechu is the ultimate blessing for the people of Bhutan to enjoy a quality time with the country’s culture. Have a blessed and pleasurable time at both of the Tsechus.

_This is the time to forget all the worries of your life and be the person who cherishes the joy of celebrating the rich culture of Bhutan at the Paro Tsechus. Wish you a lovely time at the festival.

_I hope the festival of Paro Tsechu brings you and your loved ones a pleasurable and enjoyable time. Celebrate this Tsechu festival to the fullest.

_Attending the festival of Tsechu is the best way to explore the details of Bhutanese culture. I hope this festival becomes learning as well as joyful experience.

_I hope you and your family will be present at the festival to celebrate this authentic and one of the oldest Bhutanese festival of Paro Tsechu alongside the people of Bhutan.

_The rich and exotic dressing styles will surely be one of top-most attraction at this year’s Paro Tsechu. I hope you get to enjoy every bit of the festival for five continuous days.

_Wishing you and all the people of Bhutan a harmonious yet enjoyable five days at the Paro Tsechu festival. Make sure you witness all the lovely traditions.

_Witness the unique dance of the lord of death i.e. Shingje Yab Yum performed by the monks on the second day of this auspicious festival. Wish you a lovely time at the festival.

_ Wait no more and attend the auspicious festival of Paro Tsechu to experience the sounds of trumpets, flutes, cymbals and the shows of the triumph between evil and good. Wish you a great time ahead.

_Life can be boring without the touch of music, dance, and dramas and of course some spiritual time. So experience the traditions of Bhutan at one of the most fun festival of Tsechu.

_On the eve of Tsechu festival, I wish you and your loved ones all the bundle of joyful moments, everlasting smiles and a bucket of happiness. Hope you get to celebrate this festival to the fullest.

_I hope you get to witness the unfurling of Thangka and receive the blessings from Guru Rinpoche to steer ahead in life. Have a blessed five days the Tsechu festival.

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