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Yorkshire Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of August to promote the historically largest county in the whole of UK. The Holiday of Yorkshire Day first began in the year 1975 as a protest movement by the Yorkshire Ridings Society against the Government re-organization of 1974. Even though the celebration of Yorkshire Day started amidst the political turmoil, it is now being widely celebrated with the beliefs of maintaining a cultural tradition. Whether it is the military customs or the emancipation anniversary of William Wilberforce, people of Yorkshire celebrate each and every reason behind this particular holiday.

Below is a list of Greetings and Quotes that you can use to wish the people of Yorkshire on the occasion of Yorkshire Day-

_The world says that the people of Yorkshire are the nicest and honest people there is, well they are not wrong. Have a lovely Yorkshire day mate.

_How lucky are we have a day just for the county of Yorkshire. So why not celebrate with some fish and chips mate. Wish you a great Yorkshire Day.

_There’s nothing more beautiful than the cold morning of Yorkshire. Of course some would disagree, but hey its Yorkshire day. Have a lovely outing with your family.

_We north-country people are vibrant and colorful so that’s how we all should all celebrate the wonderful occasion of Yorkshire Day as well. Happy Yorkshire Day to you

_If you are born in the historic county of Yorkshire then you know the proud feeling of staying in Yorkshire. Wish you a wonderful Yorkshire day.

_There’s one thing we all should do in the eve of Yorkshire Day to keep the calmness to our heads and have a Reet Good Yorkshire Day. I hope you do that.

_As a citizen of our beautiful county, our first job is to read the declaration of integrity and our second job should be consuming the Malton. Have a lovely Yorkshire Day.

_Even if your mimicry skills are bad, just move to the North Yorkshire and you will surely be able to mimic a lot of sheep. Wish you a joyous Yorkshire Day.

_Only the born and bred of Yorkshire will feel the joy of reading the declaration of integrity on the eve of Yorkshire Day. I hope you spend a lovely day ahead.

_As much as we are proud of Yorkshire, let’s hope in the future that Britain would be proud of us too. Until then, wish you a splendid Yorkshire Day.

_ The Residents of Yorkshire are so much in love with their County that they are ready to die for it. I guess some people have. Anyway, have a joyful Yorkshire Day.

_We Yorkshireman are great at searching for trouble and then nursing it when we’ve found it. Here’s to the spirit of the people of Yorkshire on Yorkshire Day.

_David Hockney’s paintings are a great example of how high-spirited and flamboyant the historical county of Yorkshire. Have a grateful Yorkshire day then..

_The Yorkshire springs are the best, the cold mornings, and the march wind nipping down your nose and ears. Summer’s not bad either because we get to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

_Whatever the taste may be we Yorkies love the taste of our Yorkshire pudding and roast beef. So get yourself a pudding and have a great Yorkshire Day.

_The grey-skied Yorkshire clouds were the most constant thing while growing up in a village. After all these years the love for the grey clouds remains the same.  Have an awesome Yorkshire Day.

_We all loved the housing estate and single mother dramas that used to be telecasted in Yorkshire. I hope we celebrate those simpler times on this occasion of Yorkshire Day.

_In order to make the Americans understand how’s Yorkshire like then just them that it’s sort of a brother to Cleveland. The difference is we have a Yorkshire Day.

_The only think you have to on a Yorkshire Day other than reading the Declaration of integrity is to keep calm and eat the Yorkshire pudding. Happy Yorkshire Day everyone.

_Yorkshire day celebration is not for everybody, especially the soft southern shady drinkers. Wish you and the family a great Yorkshire Day.

_It’s been a very fun journey growing up in the county of Yorkshire and to the people of Yorkshire I want to say ‘Appy Yorkshire Day T’ Lot of You.

_Other than the wonderful artist that the county of Yorkshire has produced, it is the Yorkshire tea bags that steals the show every time. Wish you a nice Yorkshire Day.

_Let the world say whatever they want to but we the people of Yorkshire are very proud of our under achievement. Hence we get to celebrate a happy Yorkshire Day.

_Some people can’t just comprehend that why are so down to earth and humble, just say to them “ It’s a Yorkshire thing.” Have wonderful Yorkshire day Friend.

_On the eve of Yorkshire Day, May we all hail the heavenly puddings of Yorkshire and celebrate with all of our fellow Yorkshire people. Happy Yorkshire day to you

_As the occasion of Yorkshire Day is upon us, let reflect upon what blessing it is to be living in a God’s own Country. May you have the loveliest Yorkshire Day.

_We are known to be the friendliest personalities living the country side. May you keep this mind when you celebrate the lovely occasion of Yorkshire Day.

_We Yorkshire people would always refuse to believe that there is a finer place than the towns of Hull, Bradford and Leeds. Hence, let’s celebrate Yorkshire Day.

_It is almost impossible to decide between the beauty of Yorkshire’s summer and Yorkshire’s autumn. But it all happens in Yorkshire so a have a very happy Yorkshire Day.

_On the eve of Yorkshire Day, I hope you celebrate this day by watching the famous soap opera Emmerdale. Wish you a delightful Yorkshire Day.

_Well, our county of Yorkshire has produced a World Cup winner in the form of Joe Root. So, another reason to have a very happy Yorkshire Day.

_There’s no better way to celebrate Yorkshire Day than watching the classic sitcom, the last of the summer Wine while enjoy another classic, Yorkshire Tea.

_On the eve of Yorkshire Day, I wish you a bucket of inspiration from all the beautiful artistic looking waterfalls of Yorkshire. Have an inspiring Yorkshire Day.

_Yorkshire Day is all about acknowledging our history and then celebrating the joy of living in Yorkshire to the fullest. I hope you do the same on Yorkshire Day.

_The Brontë sisters, Sylvia Plath, W.H. Auden, and Ian McMillan are the literary gifts to the world. May we all celebrate our county’s contribution to the world on Yorkshire Day.

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