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Turkey Lovers’ Day is annually observed on the third Sunday in the month of June every year since 2016.

This is a perfect day to enjoy Turkey in its numerous forms for all those individuals who feel that Thanksgiving is just too far away.

Despite being enjoyed more during the spring and summer season, Turkeys are already established as year-round meat due to their versatility.

Some of the popular ways to consume this delicious meat are turkey Bacon, Ground Turkey, turkey sausage, and turkey Tenderloin.

The history of this occasion doesn’t date back to the prehistoric era; rather it was the year 2016 when National Turkey Lovers’ Day was approved by Registrar at National Calendar in April. Below is a list of Greetings and Quotes that all the Turkey Lovers can share with other Turkey lovers from across the world.

Turkey Lovers Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_Call up your friends and fire up the grill and make the best turkey meat of your life because it’s Turkey Lovers’ Day. Hope you have a good one.

_Well, there is no harm in describing this day as the most delicious day of the year. Wish you a feast full Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_Liking the taste of the delicious Turkey is one thing, but falling in love with this delicious and tastiest bird is whole another ball-game. Wishing such lovers a very mouthwatering Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_Just want to remind you that today is Turkey Lovers’ Day so that you have a reason to buy the best Turkey in town. May you cook the best meal of your life on this Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_On the eve of Turkey Lovers’ Day, Let us all unite the turkey meat lovers and perform a special tribute to those birds for filling our appetite by being the tastiest bird there is, after we consumed their meat.

_Finger-licking good cannot be just limited to chicken pieces. The deliciousness of Turkeys is two or more fingers liking good. Love them, respect them and also eat them on this Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_To be honest turkeys were never on the Pilgrim’s Menu. The point we can enjoy those delicious birds on any given day just like Turkey Lovers’ Day.

God send Turkey for us to make a delicious meat out of it and we must abide God to have a feast day on this special occasion of Turkey Lovers’ Day. May the love for Turkey never stop for you.

_Alexander Hamilton believed that eating Turkey was a God given right. It is my earnest request to everyone that we should all be like Alexander Hamilton and celebrate this Turkey Lovers’ Day amazingly.

_Don’t go out and start hunting the Turkeys because it’s Turkey Lovers’ Day. Be civil and buy one and fill the gravy boat. Have a sumptuous meal ahead.

_Do you ever feel guilt while eating the most respectable rather a Bird of Courage? Me Neither! Have a great Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_If you want you can extend this celebratory occasion of Turkey Lovers’ Day up-to two days because as we know most turkeys taste better the next day. Have a great feast day ahead.

_It’s not like you can’t grill any other meat on this auspicious eve of Turkey Lovers’ Day. I hope you provide the fired up turkey some company because its’ their day.

_The eve of Turkey lovers’ Day was invented for the sole purpose of enjoying these amazingly delicious birds other than Thanksgiving Day. Hence, a very tasty and peaceful Turkey Lovers’ Day to you.

_On the eve of Turkey Lovers’ Day let us all appreciate the fact that we have a day celebrating the love we have for Turkeys. I wish you a memorable feast day with your friends and family.

_It’s not a crime to love a bird as well as using that delicious and somewhat stupid bird to feast ourselves a mouth-watering meal. Have a great Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_On this special occasion of Turkey Lovers’ Day let us all try to preserve this special bird so that we can celebrate this auspicious occasion for many more years to come. Have a delightful day ahead.

_Like Joey said “Turkeys are stupid and delicious” and hence that’s why we love them on our meals so much. So, I wish you the best meal on this amazing occasion of Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_It’s time to look for amazing turkey based recipes on the internet as one of the amazing days of the year has come. Wish you and your family a joyful day of Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_Only fools argue whether to eat Turkey today or not. We eat it as we wish it. So, I wish every Turkey Lovers a very happy and tasteful Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_I wish you to celebrate this joyful occasion of Turkey Lovers’ Day with your friends and family by cooking some turkey based sumptuous meals. Have a lovely Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_Turkey is not just a stupid bird; it’s a blessing from above to us all the Turkey Lovers. So, let just please God by accepting his blessing on the eve of Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_For us meat lovers, our only time to eat diet food is when we are waiting for the delicious turkey to cook. Wishing all the meat lovers a very Happy Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_My favorite animal is Turkey. They are so innocent, courageous and absolutely fingers-licking delicious. I hope you get to feast yourself and the others on the eve of Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_When there is a turkey being cooked in my neighborhood, there is a slight chance that I might visit them unannounced. Wishing all the turkey lovers like myself a very delightful Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_I believe every Turkey meat should be like the pre-historic books: Big and Thick! Wishing all the like-minded people a very wonderful Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_If you ever looked at a Turkey and had a thought of “Yummy meat” by yourself then my friend today is the day to cook and eat a delicious Turkey as I wish you a great Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_Don’t you just love the myriad of flavors exploding on your tongue, shimming through your mouth, slapping your taste buds and then you realize it was the Turkey that did the trick. Have a great Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_On any given day if I provide with an option between chocolate and Turkey meat, what is the recipe will you choose to cook the delicious meat on a Turkey Lovers’ Day.

_On the eve of Turkey Lovers’ Day, I wish that we, the Turkey meat lovers get to pass on the love for that specific meat to our next generation. For now just make the tastiest turkey for your family.

_I believe there is only one way to eat a delicious Turkey-with greed to eat more turkey in your heart and a smile in your face. Hope you have a lovely Turkey Lovers’ Day.

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