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Western Australia day is observed as a national holiday on every first Monday of June, it is also formerly known as the foundation day, and is basically celebrated on behalf of founding of the swan river colony, and is celebrated instead of the Queen’s birthday.

Western Australian Day Greetings, messages, and quotes

Western Australia Day greetings- 

  • Enjoy the magnificent fireworks and endless celebrations on behalf of this wonderful western Australia day
  • A happy western Australia day to all, remember this day for all of us are a part of this state and are an unique one
  • A great celebration awaits all as we wish you all a happy western australia day
  • Have a blast today and enjoy as it is your day, it is our day and hence celebrate a happy western Australia day
  • We hereby wish you all a happy foundation day, behalf of the foundation of the wonderful swan river
  • Feel this day since it’s a proud one for us and we shall celebrate it grandly hence a happy western Australia day to all
  • Lets feel proud to be a part of this wonderful place and join hands and celebrate this western Australia day with all of us
  • What is a big country now, was once a colony, and today is the day it was founded, hence we shall all celebrate this happy western Australia day
  • Have a nice day with us and celebrate this western Australia day with all its glory
  • Lets all come together and celebrate this day, our nation was founded and enjoy all kinds of fireworks and food and celebrate with all our hearts
  • Make this Monday the best of the year and enjoy with all your heart, celebrating this auspicious western Australia day on behalf of all Australians
  • Have a nice day and a wonderful celebration is on its way on behalf of this worth a lifetime happy foundation day
  • Wishing all my fellow Australians a happy western Australia day, have your preparations ready for this grand celebration
  • Blessings for all who live here and are a proud to call ourselves Australians and hence wishing all a gracious foundation day
  • We all feel proud to be a part of this land, with all its heritage and diversities, hence a happy western Australia day
  • May this day stay up to your utmost happiness and hence wishing all  happy western Australian day
  • A land so beautiful, a land of heritage, a place so diverse that we feel ourselves happy to call this our home, hence  a happy foundation day to all
  • Make yourself feel happy, roam around the festivals and enjoy all u can since it is the wonderful western Australian day
  • Colors everywhere and the moment of celebration, it is the moment of joy, wishing u a happy foundation day to all my fellow Australians

Western Australia Day messages –

  • On behalf of the founding of our first colony, we humbly wish all your friends and families a happy western Australia day, celebrate it with all your joy
  • On this festive season for this auspicious day, we hope all of us celebrate it with all our heart’s joy a wonderful western Australian day
  • Have a feast, and have the nicest day today since it’s the birthday of our land, it’s the merry western Australian day
  • Let’s make this day a special one along with all we love, and as it is the country’s birthday, and hence celebrate this day with all our love and celebrate our nation’s heritage
  • There is nothing that has our land has not given us and provided us with all the blessings we can have and a place to live which is so wonderful as Australia, hence we celebrate its birthday, a happy western Australia day to you
  • It all started as swan river colony and, ended up being one of the paradise on earth, and today is its birthday hence with a warm heart we all celebrate this happy western Australian day
  • May the spiritualism which created our land be with us until the end and may we celebrate this day as proudly as our ancestors did, and wish everyone a merry western Australia day
  • Let’s make this day memorable as we celebrate the birthday of our nation and we shall be proud of its heritage and to celebrate that we wish all a merry western Australia day
  • We all wish all the citizens of Australia a happy western Australia day and hope we remember this day with lights in the skies and celebrate this wonderful moment all together with a wonderful celebration
  • Let us all be happy and proud on this special day as on this the, the very first foundation of our land had commenced long ago, let’s keep up the spirit lit by celebrating this wonderful moment  of western Australia day
  • Let us all cheer up our soul and minds for it is the day of grand celebration, just like the birthday of our family member it is the birthday of our motherland, wishing all of us who constitute this heavenly place, a happy western Australia day
  • May this day be a blessed one and our future be merry, since we are the citizens of this place we call motherland, and on its foundation day, a celebration is necessary, so a happy foundation day to all my fellow citizens
  • The language we speak, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, comes from this land, and sky, hence on our motherland’s birthday, we all wish a happy foundation day
  • We Australians don’t need afterlife to go to heaven since we pass a lifetime on our own land, celebrating its foundation day, warm wishes for a happy western Australia day

Western Australia Day quotes-

As a leader you must celebrate life, you must celebrate success and paradoxically, you must celebrate heroic failuresLieutenant General D.M. Mueller

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, Of rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror – the wide brown land for me“-Dorothea Mackellar

“God bless America, God Save the Queen, God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.”- Russell Crowe

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