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Wear Red Day is held annually every year on the first Friday of February in order to raise awareness of the issue of heart disease being the number one killer of women.

On this day, both Men and Women take part in numerous awareness Campaigns in support of women’s health by wearing red.

Red has been chosen as the color to wear because the most vital fluid that pumps through our hearts is red in color.

The day was first established by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (N.I.H) in the year 2002 in the aim of bringing worldwide attention to the fact that women’s heart health is deteriorating day by day.

Wear Red Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_The most appropriate thing one should do on the eve of Wear Red Day is making an appointment with a doctor. Don’t forget to wear Red.

_The voices shall reach everyone as the problem of heart disease is not a silent killer. So, let’s try to bring attention to the ignorant on Wear Red Day.

_On this Wear Red Day, It is humble to request to every women to not wait for the first symptom of heart disease as it is often turns out to be fatal.

_I hope you wear something red and make sure that you make the most out of this eve of Wear Red Day by raising awareness on Women’s Heart Health.

_ People will be ignorant towards everything so it is our job to wear red and show the meaning of this Day. Wish you a healthy and prospering Wear Red Day.

_I hope you wear Red to show the world the importance of this special occasion of Wear Red Day because every heart matters. Have a rewarding Wear Red Day.

_On the eve of Wear Red Day, I urge every gender to take part in bringing the much-needed awareness on women’s heart disease. May we get to bring some change.

_Over the years, many women have succumbed to heart diseases and it is the responsibility of this generation to make people aware of reason behind this Wear Red Day.

_Life is precious, so ignoring the issue of heart disease that can make this life shorter does not make sense. I hope you can raise some awareness by wearing Red today.

_ I hope that the fact that our heart can create enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles inspires you to take care of your heart.

_I hope you and everyone can show a little heart and wear a little red to bring attention of the dangers of heart disease. Hope you have an inspiring Wear Red Day.

_Heart diseases have claimed more lives in America than all the forms of cancer. So on the eve of Wear Red Day, let’s try to save lives by raising some awareness.

_Life is too short to wake up someday with a stroke and regretting the fact that you didn’t care for your heart. Wish you a healthy heart on this Wear Red Day.

_While the unhealthy diet may have given you some pleasure but the outcomes can be as severe as heart disease. Wear Red and get yourself a check up today.

_Heart disease is the no. 1 killer because it is mostly ignored by women. I hope you wear Red today to show the support in bringing awareness to such important health issue.

_All one need to do is get moving, maintain a healthy diet and get a checkup from time to time. I wish everyone to spread this simple solution on a Wear Red Day.

_On the eve of Wear Red Day, I urge everyone to know the risk, protect your heart and most importantly raise awareness by wearing Red.

_On this Wear Red Day, I request every woman to think about their loved ones before stop caring about their health. I hope I have helped one life at a time.

_The cancer affected survivors are fighting everyday to live a precious life then why the women are so ignorant about their heart health. Start taking care from this Wear Red Day.

_Wear a color today which is similar to the fluid that runs through our hearts as Wear Red Day is the day to raise some attention about heart diseases.

_On this special awareness eve of Wear Red Day, I hope you set some nice examples for your kids to follow by firstly taking care of your heart.

_Awareness about women losing their lives due to heat diseases has got to be raised, so it is about time we bring a change on from this Wear Red Day

_In the end, the women alone has to care for themselves and take charge in bringing the awareness of heart diseases to the people. Wish you strengthening Wear Red Day.

_Being ignorant about heart health is a choice just like being strong. I hope everyone chooses the latter and raise awareness by wearing red on a Wear Red Day.

_I urge all the women to keep a health heart so that you don’t have to be apart from your loved ones. I hope you wear something red on a Wear Red Day.

_I hope the women who are suffering from heart disease can help and shed some light on this occasion of Wear Red Day. Don’t forget to wear something Red today.

_Always learn to love as it is the best drug for the cure of heart disease. Warmest regards to everyone on the eve of Wear Red Day.

_Let us be the unbreakable spirit and inspiration to everyone by bringing the issue of heart diseases. Wear Red and have an inspiring day ahead.

_Always remember find a cure to heart disease starts with the people who are good enough to raise awareness. Have a great Wear Red Day.

_As a human it is our duty to serve the humanity and raising human awareness about women’s heart health is one of them. May you wear Red and have a great day.

_Self love is the definite way to beat the overpopulating rise of heart disease. Pay some attention to your heart as well form this Wear Red Day.

_With the help of this occasion of Wear Red Day let us all alert the women everywhere and the ones in our lives about the seriousness of heart disease.

_By controlling the urge to eat everything we are only giving ourselves a chance at life. On the eve of Wear Red Day, I wish everyone a healthy heart for life.

_Red suits you well and so does a healthy heart. I hope you take care of both on the eve of Wear Red Day.

_Nothing attracts more attention than a red dress just like happiness attracts a healthy heart. So stay happy keep the heart disease at bay. Wish you a great Wear Red Day.

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