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Western Monarch is the name of a butterfly that migrates to different parts of the world and returns to their home, California in the month of February.

Western Monarch Day is celebrated every year on 5th February to be grateful to the butterfly for returning to the central California coast. The number of Western Monarch butterflies is declining every year and there is a need to conserve them.

Here are a few inspirational quotes and Messages on Western Monarch Day.

_On Western Monarch Day, we must recognize the importance of conserving this beautiful creature on Earth.

_Western Monarch butterfly is an example of the huge diversity of flora and fauna that exists on planet Earth.

_Let us celebrate the beauty and the grace of the Western Monarch butterfly on 5th February every year.

_Happiness can be compared to a butterfly that tends to move away from you when you are chasing it but if you stay calm it will surely touch down upon you. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_A butterfly can be a small creature but its beauty is second to none. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_A western monarch butterfly can be an inspiration for many painters and shutterbugs who want to capture their elegance in a frame.

_We must take inspiration from a butterfly and learn the fact that only living is not enough unless we add some color, freedom, and sunshine in it. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_On Western Monarch Day, we must recognize the fact that even the life of small butterfly matters to us.

_Today is February 5, the day on which we rejoice the return of Western Monarch butterfly in the central California coast.

_Let us join and support the endeavor of conserving the endangered Western Monarch butterflies.

_Western Monarch Day gives us the opportunity to spare a few moments and observe the beauty of mother nature. It can certainly qualify as a refreshing day in our monotonous lives.

_When we have a look at the Western Monarch butterflies, we realize why they are considered to be one of the most beautiful creations of the Almighty Lord. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_The metamorphosis of butterflies is simply stunning, it is something that can inspire us to change for the better in our lives. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_Beauty gathers a different dimension in our minds when we have a look at the Western Monarch butterflies.

_Western Monarch Day should be conceived as another opportunity for us to appreciate the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

_The combination of butterflies and flowers makes nature appear much more mesmerizing to us. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_Western Monarch butterflies remind us of the fact that we should spread our wings and fly as high as possible until we reach our destination.

_If you are an admirer of genuine beauty then you must witness the wonderful sight of a Western Monarch butterfly sitting on a flower.

_The beauty of a butterfly can be compared to that of a flower and the only difference between them is that the former can touch the sky but the latter cannot. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_A butterfly is a living example of the saying that if you can endure a little bit of pain, you will surely meet beauty at the end of it. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_The way in which caterpillars undergo metamorphosis to transform into a butterfly, in the same way, human beings can transform their bad habits into good ones. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_As the name suggests, the beauty of a Western Monarch butterfly is simply majestic.

_A caterpillar is nothing but a beautiful butterfly in disguise. Happy Western Monarch day.

_You should never insult someone for their ugliness as you never know when their appearance will change to become attractive just like a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. Happy Western Monarch day.

_On Western Monarch Day, we should thank God for creating such beautiful creatures on Earth.

_On the occasion of Western Monarch Day, let us learn to be as free as a butterfly and do what our heart tells us to do.

_Sometimes we feel so lucky to see a butterfly-like Western Monarch, which carries the stunning look of being a visual delight to the viewers.

_On Western Monarch Day, we can compare love to a butterfly that goes wherever it wishes and pleases everyone.

_Butterflies can be compared to kisses send by angels from heaven. Happy Western Monarch day.

_To all those who are afraid of enduring pain, they should take inspiration from the caterpillars who get metamorphosed into beautiful butterflies and in the process, they have to go through a lot of pain.

_Western Monarch butterflies migrate to different parts of the world and wherever they go, they spread happiness.

_February 5 is no ordinary day for the people of California as it is the day on which they celebrate the homecoming of a wonderful creature known as Western Monarch.

_On Western Monarch Day, let us wander around like a carefree butterfly forgetting all the worries of our life.

_Change can sometimes be very beautiful to watch as in the case of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_Happiness is like a butterfly that stays with someone for a moment and flies away the next moment. Happy Western Monarch Day.

_Let us celebrate Western Monarch Day by sharing a part of our garden with the beautiful butterflies.

_It is unfortunate to see that a lovely creation like Western Monarch is on the verge of being an endangered creature and it is high time that we act for their conservation.

_Today is Western Monarch Day, the day on which we should devise new ways of ensuring the survival and well-being of one of the most graceful and elegant creatures on Earth.

_All of us admire the beauty of a butterfly but at the same time, we fail to recognize the changes that took place to attain that beauty. Happy Western Monarch Day.

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