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Queen Victoria was born on May 24th, 1819 and her birthday is regarded as Victoria Day. She was a reigning monarch for nearly 64 years and her impudence further made it obvious that she was a celebrated figure.

After her death, every year the second last monday of May is set as Victoria Day. It was Canada’s parliament that made the holiday official post her death in 1901.  

Here are some of the wishes that you can pass on to your friends and colleagues on the day-

Victoria Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings 

_Queen Victoria was worth all the celebration and hence the day needs to be fun-filled and a great holiday for one and all! 

_Victoria day is a remembrance of the great queen who had been a terrific monarch and showed us that women always were more superior to men with power. 

_Queen Victoria is a motivation for all the women out there that they can go out and make it big without anyone having to control them at all! 

_All that matters to the people is that they find themselves lucky enough to belong from the states which were once ruled by Queen Victoria. 

_Not everyday is a legend born on this earth and on Victoria Day we celebrate the birth of Queen Victoria who changed the face of monarchism totally! 

_Queen Victoria never liked to be part of grand events but we make it a point to make a grand celebration on her birthday because she made her life worth celebrating! 

_Victoria Day is finally here and it is a memorable day for America as the nation was gifted one of the most influential queens of all times. 

_Not only in America, Queen Victoria had admirers and popularity throughout the world due to her valour and efficient ruling system. 

_Queen Victoria had her own style of architecture which even the best from around the world cannot meet even today. Happy Victoria Day 

_ It’s never important to think what others will think about you, but it is more important to understand what you think of the others! Happy Victoria Day 

_If you ever wish to understand the power of women rulers of the USA, you should visit the museums of Queen Victoria and the history she has left behind.

_ Queen Victoria believed in the grand scale of things and hence anything she did was worth a mention in the history book due to the grandeur. Happy Victoria Day

_It is only Queen Victoria who believed that being pregnant was one of the occupational hazards of every woman. Happy Victoria Day

_The love for art that the Queen had was one of its kind and even today nothing can replace what she had! 

_Being a woman doesn’t mean you need to stay at the confines of your home, be the Queen Victoria and rule the nation with your might! 

_Queen Victoria fought against violence and women and she thought it’s even worse than shooting anyone! A true women right activist of her period! Happy Victoria Day 

_On this Victoria Day let us all come together and enjoy the holiday to the fullest with great treats and wine! Queen Victoria’s birth is worthy of celebration.

_Optimist at heart, Queen Victoria always ruled out the chances of any defeat! Cheers to her spirit and Happy Victoria Day! 

_Queen Victoria was a woman of sheer will and determination. Her words were enough for a nation to follow. Let’s celebrate Victoria Day

_The cultural event held on Victoria Day calls for only best performances because Queen Victoria deserves only the best to be displayed on her birthday! 

_Queen Victoria is a lesson for one and all who tend to believe that women cannot do anything in their life. Your holiday today is due to a woman of guts! 

_It’s not about the rule and power of Queen Victoria, on Victoria day what needs to be celebrated is the sheer dominance of each of her statements and the power behind it! 

_A husband who would honour you because you are queen is of no use at all. Husband should be the one who loves you as a wife so that tomorrow even if you aren’t a queen, the love stays! 

_In life you should always move ahead with so much positivity that even the toughest competitors would look easy to you! Happy Victoria Day 

_Queen Victoria celebrates the spirit of living like a queen and the fact that nothing can stop a person who believes in himself more than anything else. 

_Turks carrying their own flag during a Victoria Day parade is one thing that most people love about the holiday.

_The menu and celebration on Victoria Day needs to be as grand as the life of the queen! Let’s together work and make the day fun-filled!  

_The nation thanks Queen Victoria for the day-off they receive today on Victoria Day

_When searching for logic, the English upper class is the last place where you will find it as the Queen says! Her wit was always spot on. Happy Victoria Day!

_A queen is a representative of the entire nation rather than a certain ancestral strait. Queen victoria is hence a legacy that deserves to be celebrated and loved! 

_If you even feel down with all the negative forces falling heavy on you, breathe deep and think of the battles of a woman ruling against all the men in the 1800s. Happy Victoria Day 

_What is more important is the dignity of people and the way they can live their life and make it memorable even after death! Queen Victoria Day is here. 

_Queen Victoria Day is a happy holiday and hence the entire nation waits for the day to come so that they can have a day-off and celebrate! 

_May the sweet memory of the magnificent queen make your Victoria Day special! Enjoy the day with your family and loved ones! 

_Warm wishes on the day of Queen Victoria. Hope you make the day memorable for your family and friends. 

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