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To honor the duties done by the midwives during pregnancy and birth of a child worldwide, ICM tried it is best to lead international recognization and celebration of the International Midwives Day on the 5th of May, ever since 1992. It provides honor to midwives’ leadership performance to show billions of children the ray of the bright sun.

International Midwives Day- greetings

-Happy International Midwives Day! As a team, let us show honor and massive respect to the midwives worldwide and salute the hardships and stress they faced during a woman’s pregnancy and childbirth.

-Typically to set a new planned theme, let us celebrate all together globally Happy International Midwives Day. This is day is dedicated to you!

-The importance of midwives decreased several feet down. To reach again to its climax, let us celebrate undaunted men and women playing the role of midwives – Happy International Midwives Day.

-The contribution of the midwives is undefined under several circumstances. Take a moment to wish all your family and friends a reminder setting to celebrate Happy International Midwives Day.

-The theme of the International Midwives Day is to celebrate and defend the utilities of midwives, so the celebration should be glorified – Happy International Midwives Day.

-Without them, childbirth is another difficult task for a mother, the same as carrying the child in her labor for nine months. Hence, the day is to replenish their importance – Happy International Midwives Day.

-Everyone cannot do the duties of the midwives; several years of training is required to attain the perfect stage of the midwife’s life, so Happy International Midwives Day.

-It is a responsibility of us, all together, to wish our family, friends, and each one on that particular selected day and especially to the midwives Happy International Midwives Day.

-We can wish them by being virtual and being socially active on the various social media platforms to be aware of the day and unite together to celebrate Happy International Midwives Day.

-Childbirth is essential to the development of nations as a nation’s future depends on the child’s healthy growth. That is total because of the midwives present, hence Happy International Midwives Day.

-Midwifery is a combination of art, knowledge, and power; therefore, let us take a moment to utter the simple words on the 5th of May – Happy International Midwives Day.

-Make the celebration public globally as soon as possible and as much as possible with all means of word contamination and utterly wishing always Happy International Midwives Day on that particular day of each year.

-The midwifery lives matter; they are much important in our daily part of our lives. Let us encourage others to gather courage and plan to join the midwifery life shortly with proper training for several years and start wishing them from now – Happy International Midwives Day.

– ‘Together we stand, divided we fall’ is a famous quote, and so we all together should stand and wish them – Happy International Midwives Day.

-If you are a midwife, and if you are reading this, you are no less than a mother. You take care of a newborn like it is yours. This day is dedicated to you.

International Midwives Day messages

-Like doctors and other nurses, midwives always have a significant role to play, and we should appreciate their toil and give them their utmost importance.

-They sacrifice their factors to cope with the hardships and other situations, stimulating courage to the upcoming mothers.

-They teach great lessons to fight against death and win the reward of life. It is a part of their training.

-It imparts that dedication towards a goal always makes you stronger and focused until you achieve the goal and mobilize it.

-It teaches the duties with dedication and the contribution we need to donate to our society.

-They stand with mothers as emotional support and physical barrier to any upcoming difficult situations. They help the mothers to be emotionally strong and an unsung hero of their child.

-Adjusting and coping up with all strenuous scenarios in the life of a human being playing several roles and be a role model to others, leaving footprints for others to follow is again on the most significant scripture to learn from the lives of the Midwives.

-They also help in proper family planning, control birth control rate, fatal disorders during pregnancy, and conceptional care being the practical support of a family.

-They allow them to attain healthy family goals by providing safety measures and emotional support of the mother and helping her deliver a healthy baby.

-On a particular day, the 5th of May every year, midwives’ work and dedication should be highlighted by using several hashtags only made for the Midwives’ dedication and struggles. 

-You and we all together should stand for them and support them in all means and situations.

-We all are sometimes or someday off to your duties, but the Midwives are never off from their duties and severe their nations and impart good vibes to the globe.

-ICM, with all convocations and discussions, decided International Midwives Day to honor them. We all people globally should abide by the best decision made to date for midwives’ lives.

-The Midwives’ more positivity is childbirth all over the world as well as healthier than you think the mothers will be.

International Midwives Day Quotes

In all cultures, midwives place is on the threshold of life, where intense human emotions, fear, hope, longing, triumph and incredible physical power enable a new human being to emerge. Her vocation is unique 

– Sheila Kitzinger.

-The midwives considers the child birth as normal and leaves it alone unless there’s trouble. The obstetrician normally sees child birth as a trouble; if he leaves it alone; it’s a miracle.

– Sheila Stubbs.

-It’s not just the making of new born babies, but the making of new mothers that the midwifes only see as the miracle of the child birth. 

– Barbara Katz  Rothman.

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