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National drink wine day is celebrated annually on February 18 all over the United States. The day is celebrated just to create awareness about the health benefits of wine.  The wine has been used from our ancestors for religious as well as relationship reasons.

It is said that the wine creation was started in 6000 B.C. Later on, people started to experiment with wine to produce different types.

Hereafter, people from all over the European country started to prepare wine. Today, the wine, the vineyard has been a great business all over the world.  The limited wine consumption has many health benefits as per studies.

It boosts immunity, improves heart health, etc. To make people aware of the benefits, various wine-related programs are conducted all over the states. Also, people enjoy different kinds of wine with their family and friends.

If you know that wine does good for our health, here is an opportunity to share your thoughts with friends over social media with the following juicy quotes and sayings on Drink wine day

Drink wine day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

Make time for a glass of wine today because it is Drink Wine Day.

We cannot buy happiness but can buy wine and enjoy with everyone.

There are more jobs a wine can do than a coffee. Enjoy wine today.

We all know that beer is made by us and the wine is from God. Taste a glass of it today.

They say ‘old is gold’ and the same thing applies to the wine.

You can make your sorrow disappear with some relaxation techniques as well as a glass of wine!

You can save water on the dinner table but not wine. Cherish the wine memories.

I drink wine every day because it is good for health and more than that, I love wine!

There are  13 vital minerals and all of them we can get from a glass of wine!

I improve with wine and the wine improves with its age.

If you want to improve your dance moves, the wine can help you.

A poet can get inspiration from a glass of wine to write a great poem.

My gym instructor advised me to be on a juice diet and I have already started it with a glass of wine!

Wine is a dissolvent, it dissolves our all worries and gives pleasure.

A glass of wine is perfect to offer a romantic party to your partner. Happy drink wine day.

Remember there are bacteria in water, so drink wine for health.

Fix your broken heart with a glass of wine! Happy drink wine day.

Drinking a glass of water cannot bring any great stories out but drinking a glass of wine can!

My gym instructor asked me to do a fruit diet so I’m having a fruit dinner, grapefruit dinner, fermented grapefruit dinner!

Wine inspires me to do something great every time I have a glass of it. So I want to do good the whole day.

I thought wine is bad for health, so now I gave up thinking.

Life is too short, drink wine before you die. Not alone but with family and friends.

Any celebration? Think of wine. If no celebration, stop thinking and grab a glass of wine.

Wine can keep you young so that you can have more wine and more celebrations throughout your life.

All our hidden talents will be revealed with a glass of wine. Dink wine day.

White wine or red wine both have the same benefits. So I drink both!

I don’t need any specific occasion to have a glass of wine because the research said wine is good for health.

I’m not an alcoholic but I drink a beer glass of wine every night!

They say don’t live to eat but I say live to drink wine! Happy drink wine day.

The best blessing of old friends is a glass of wine when we get-together.

A glass of wine serves a plate of grapes. What else we need to get good health?

Once upon a time, a woman needed a big glass of wine and that is me!

A glass of wine is not the answer to your problems but can make you forget your question.

We should be like fine wine, older is better. Stay calm and have a glass of wine.

May your wine bottles are empty today and the glass of wine be filled every time!

Size always matters!  I always want a big glass of wine!

I have the superpower to make the wine disappear from the bottle!

Love is celebrated with wine. So love more and drink wine!

Start your day with coffee and never forget to end the day with the wine.

Today is drink wine day, so forget yoga, drink wine!

Wine can give shine to the friendship and a spark to love.

I love wine and this is the reason I celebrate every day. Happy drink wine day.

A woman drives me to the wine and the wine to the woman!

Wine gives the patience to do all those stupid things you always wanted to.

Bible said to love our enemies and my mom says wine is my enemy!

I proposed my love and it accepted me as I am. That’s the wine indeed!

I don’t want to drink wine to take bad decisions.

If you can’t find happiness, you can definitely find a wine bottle!

Water and milk do not solve your problems. But wine makes them forget for a while!

My mom said drink responsibly. So I don’t want to spill a drop of wine from my glass!

Trust wine if you want to dance better on the floor!

Wine is like a glue, it will patch-up the things broken maybe temporary.

Reseaches say that wine contains minerals. To get more of them, you need to drink more wine!

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