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The United Nations  Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrated the first World Book Day on 23rd April 1995 to promote copyright, publishing, and reading of books and this day has been celebrated as World Book Day ever since.

It is observed by all its Member Nations and is also known as the International Day of the book.

This day also has a purpose which is to provide every child with a book of his own. In the world of writing and books, copyright is a major issue and this day also focuses on it. So, 23rd April is also known as World Copyright Day.

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Top World Book Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_The habit of reading is the best habit to pick up in life. Happy World Book Day!

_Those who have been addicted to books know that that addiction is stronger than the addiction to drugs. Happy World Book Day!

_There is nothing better than getting lost in a world of books. Happy World Book Day!

_Consider yourself a successful parent if you have been able to instill a love for books in your children. Happy World Book Day!

_Here’s me thanking all the parents in the world who have introduced their kids to books because you have opened a world of joy to your children that they will always be grateful for. Happy World Book Day!

_We remember the joy of buying a new book and even today there are kids who are deprived of that joy. Let us take a pledge to donate a book to at least one child this 23rd of April. Happy World Book Day!

_The UNESCO encourages the love for reading and strives to provide at least one book to every child in the world. Here’s to celebrating the day and wishing UNESCO all the best for its mission. Happy World Book Day!

_There are many reasons to be happy in the world but the biggest reason of them all is books. Happy World Book Day everybody!

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_I could safely say that I love books more than humans and enjoy the company of books more than I enjoy the company of people. Happy World Book Day everybody!

_Books are my escapades I cannot imagine my life without books. Happy World Book Day to all!

_The habit of reading books is fading away with the excessive addiction the applications like Netflix and Amazon prime provide. Let us celebrate this day with the hope that books are not forgotten. Happy World Book Day everybody!

_Requesting all schools to see that the library period is fully utilized and that students are given a chance to find the happiness the world of books has in store. Happy World Book Day!

_Here’s to spreading the love for books and the joys of reading and wishing everybody a very Happy World Book Day!

_Books can be safely described as gateways to enchanting worlds. Happy World Book Day to everybody!

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_Requesting the parents of this generation to see that their kids get a healthy dosage of books and that their nap time reading is not compromised with the use of smartphones and tablets. Happy World Book Day to all!

_Books are the best companions that a person could ask for. Here’s to celebrating books. Happy World Book Day!

_When you want to shut yourself out of reality, all you can do is dive into a pile of books and start reading your favorite one. Happy World Book Day everybody!

_Let us help UNESCO succeed in its mission by donating our old books to the children who do not have the privilege to buy books. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Book Day!

_One who does not know the happiness a book brings has missed out on a lot of good things in the world.Happy World Book Day!

_Here’s to wish everyone a very Happy World Book Day and hoping that UNESCO succeeds in its mission and every child has a book to read and call his own.

_Books have been my best friends since childhood and I remember taking them to bed with me because I wanted to sleep with my friends. Happy World Book Day!

_The world would have been a better place if everyone had read the books by Enid Blyton in their childhood. Happy World Book Day!

_The school libraries should be stacked with more books for the children to choose from. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Book Day!

_The joy of reading extends to people of all age groups and here’s to wishing that nobody is deprived of that privilege. Happy World Book Day!

_Hoping the UNESCO finds success in its mission to provide every child with a book and also in its battle with the copyright issues. Happy World Book Day!

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_There is no better friend than a book. It gives you advice, lets you relate to it, and does not even judge you. Happy World Book Day!

_A life without the influence of books is like a room with no windows, suffocating and dark. Happy World Book Day!

_Books are the gates to new dimensions and you can open the gates and pay a visit to that world and come back wiser and more knowledgeable. Happy World Book Day!

_Expand your horizon and try all the various kinds of books out there. Happy World Book Day!

_Why waste your life crying over strangers when you can fall in love with new strangers in a book? Happy World Book Day!

_If heaven exists, it must be stacked with books and be a library of some sort. Happy World Book Day!

_Dive into the world of books and you will find yourself rising up as a more complete person. Happy World Book Day!

_You can always differentiate between a person who has read books and a person who has not by the way they talk and see the world. Happy World Book Day!

_A person can always be in good company when he or she is with their books. Happy World Book Day!

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