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Zero Discrimination Day, as the name suggests, a day on which many people stand together and raise concerns against the laws and governments that promote inequality rather than equality.

This day spreads awareness amongst the people regarding discrimination on the basis of their skin color, gender, physical disability and many more. So, every year since 2014 on the 1st of March an awareness event is celebrated which is governed by UN, UNAIDS and other international organizations.

Zero Discrimination Day is a day to remind everyone of their responsibilities towards each other as a human being.  

Here are Zero Discrimination Day quotes and wishes to commemorate and celebrate this wonderful occasion

_People are meant to be with each other rather than discriminating on the basis of race, gender, sexuality and diseases. May the change starts from this Zero Discrimination day.

_Nobody in this world is the same. So on this Zero Discrimination day, I hope you take part in raising concerns against the laws that discriminate different groups on people.

_On this eve of Zero Discrimination Day, let’s try to awaken our inner conscience and let it speak against a society that discriminates people.

_God sees us as equals. So on this Zero Discrimination day, let’s stop the unequally bad and foolish people from discriminating the people who are suffering from AIDS. 

_Ignoring the ones who are suffering from AIDS is the biggest form of sin one can commit. Together, we need to fight against the prejudice on this Zero Discrimination day.

_Nobody is born to hate, they have been taught to hate all their life. So if they can learn to hate, then on this Zero Discrimination Day let’s teach them to love.

_I believe that as a human being we shall be respected regardless of our color and many other issues. Wishing every like-minded people an inspiring Zero Discrimination day.

_Equality is the only tool of weapon for all the humans in order to thrive. So on this Zero Discrimination day, let’s protest against the ones who are objecting it.

_HIV is the disease with most number of stigmas. If we don’t raise the questions against the stigmas on this Zero Discrimination Day, it might be too late for them.

_Before God, we humans are all equal then why are we allowing the humans and governments to discriminate with us. Let’s fight against discrimination on this Zero Discrimination Day.

_Liberty is the most individually treasured aspect one can have but the power of discrimination doesn’t believe in it. Let’s fight for what ours on this Zero Discrimination day.

_Love and empathy is the most natural emotion a human can posses but discrimination comes with hate. Let us all stand against hate on Zero Discrimination Day.

_We are a creature that sees things and adapt, and that’s where discrimination comes. Let us create a more impartial world for the next generation on this Zero Discrimination day.

_HIV is one the realest medical disease that can affect humans while discrimination is just a mental disease. May you are spared from both and have a Happy Zero Discrimination day.

_Nowadays people are more into showing off their financial status game and that’s somehow creates inequity. Let’s stop encouraging this behavior from Zero Discrimination day.

_It’s bad enough that we discriminate people on gender, race and other issues, but no one should discriminate on the basis of AIDS. Wish you a liberating Zero Discrimination Day.

_I do believe that sometimes ignorance can be bliss but ignoring the needy just because they are different is a sin. May we all see the change on this Zero Discrimination day.

_We are responsible for our own doings so if you ever discriminated with someone then it’s time you make amends to it on this Zero Discrimination day.

_AIDS is one of the most tragic disease one can experience but discriminating with the HIV suffers is more tragic. Let’s raise our voice together on this Zero Discrimination day.

_Some have ended their lives after facing years and years of discrimination. On this Zero Discrimination day, let’s try to change the world together.

_I have a dream that our children of next generation will live in a world that is free of any kind of discrimination. May we all have a great Zero Discrimination Day.

_Once you start to believe in the term ‘discrimination’, it will always exists in our society. So let’s unite once again to end discrimination on this Zero Discrimination day.

_Some people describe discrimination the way as if it is a tradition. We need to act fast and try to change this mindset from this Zero Discrimination Day.

_On the eve of Zero Discrimination Day, let us take a pledge to stand against the society and laws that discriminates people on the basis of very minute altercation.

_May the world shine against the probability of discrimination that separates human from their basic rights to live a prosperous life. Wish you a wonderful Zero Discrimination day.

_We are born equal but we are also different in our own cultural and physical way. So let’s stop the ones who treat people differently on this special occasion of Zero Discrimination day.

_On this special eve of Zero Discrimination Day, I wish you a world where our children will not be judged and discriminated on the basis of everything that makes theme different.

_Somewhere down the line it’s the humanity suffers when someone is discriminated for being different than the world. May you have a thought provoking Zero Discrimination day.

_There are loads of humans out there who have been oppressed for being HIV positive. On the eve of Zero Discrimination Day, let’s stand together and say “not anymore”.

_The world needs information and publicity regarding the matter of HIV/AIDS rather than hiding it. So make yourself on this special eve of Zero Discrimination day.

_If it helps one life at a time then it is our duty as humans to destroy the power of discrimination from this world. Wish you a delightful Zero Discrimination Day.

_We are given one life and we cannot just ruin it by discriminating the people around us. On this Zero Discrimination day, I urge everyone to make a change.

_As much as the world needs trees to survive, the humans as well are in need of love rather than discrimination. I hope you make the most out of Zero Discrimination Day.

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