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The popular yo-yo is a toy that is made up of an axle which is connected to two disks and some length of string that is looped around the axle.  We play it by allowing gravity or the force exerted by a throw to spin it and let the string unwind and then again the yo-yo winds itself back. Daniel Volk founded the yo-yo in 1990 in Arcade. June 6, which is the date when Donald F. Duncan was born is celebrated as the World yoyo day. The Yo-Yo Man Instructional Video was a video manual of the yo-yo produced by the Smothers Brother. The very first yo-yo of the Smothers Brothers brand was produced by the Hummingbird Toy Company.

List of Catchy World Yo Yo day Messages for your Inspiration.

_Yo-Yo Day celebrates the toy that is loved by children on the 6th of June every year.

_Let us all remind our friends and family of the fun we had when we played with the Yo-Yo by sending them beautiful Yo-Yo Day wishes and messages.

_You can always find beautiful unique Yo-Yo Day greetings on the internet that you can share with your friends.

_Celebrate yoyo day by sharing beautiful messages about the yo-yo on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

_I am sending you my best wishes for Yo-Yo Day and I hope you enjoy it very much.

_I hope you celebrate this day by playing with the Yo-Yo to go back to the days of your childhood.

_It does not matter how busy and old we become, we shall always find happiness in playing with Yo-Yo.

_This is our chance to refresh our childhood memories with the Yo-Yo.

_The yo-yo is an amazing toy and it was for sure the favorite toy of most kids back in the 1930s.

_I am reminded of those times in my childhood when  I would spend my entire day playing with the Yo-Yo. 

_Cheers to our beautiful childhood memories that we created while playing with the yo-yo on Yo-Yo Day.

_Your Life is way more beautiful when you have amazing memories like your memories with the yoyo.

_In life anything that is spectacular is difficult and so is the art of perfect Yo-Yoing.

_To master the art of perfect Yo-Yoing, you need to have precision and also practice.

_It feels really good to celebrate a day that is so deeply involved with our childhood.

_On this Yo-yo day, let us not forget to try our hands on the precious toy again.

_To celebrate the occasion of the National Yo-Yo Day, we hope you relive those beautiful memories with your yo-yo.

_A yoyo goes down then up then down and up again and before you know you are already hung up on it and that’s its specialty.

_A yo-yo is not exactly a hobby, it is not exactly a sport, but we all love it.

_Eternal Yo-Yo-ing, long nights and a pleasant breeze, were a part of my childhood fantasies.

_Even though the yoyo is not motor-powered, nobody can deny how awesome it is.

_It is not difficult to play the yoyo and anyone who really wants to learn can master it with regular practice.

_A yoyo string can actually last really long but it can last for eternity if never used.

_Do not focus on the longevity of your yoyo string, just focus on having fun and playing it the right way.

_Yoyo is quite like wine because a person can get it in one small box for just a  few dollars or may even have to pay thousands for the same thing.

_Wine and yoyo both can give you a buzz and although you may not want either of them,  you might just get what you need.

_This national yoyo day let us take a moment to accept how important a role the yoyo played in our childhood.

_Toys play a very important role in our life and we hardly ever appreciate them, but today is our chance and we should appreciate this popular and much-loved yoyo.

_This is a day that celebrates our childhood memories and our time spent playing with the yoyo.

_It is very Important to celebrate these days so that the memories of us playing with our toys stay fresh in our mind.

_A yoyo is such a toy that can be enjoyed by children of both genders.

_When I was a kid, all I ever wanted was to play with my yoyo which was gifted to me by my uncle and it makes me really happy to celebrate this day.

_A yoyo jumps up and down and our life can be compared to it because our life goes up and down too.

_The yo-yo was the sensation in the 1920s and the reason behind it is maybe because it was cheap and everyone could afford to buy it.

_Who knew that such a toy would even have a world championship, but it did, in the year  1932.

_The world had the first world Yo-yo championship in the year 1932 in London.

_In the 1930s, the yoyo was to people what the smartphones are to people these days.

_Back in the 1930s, children, teenagers, and even adults were hooked up on the yoyo and thus it is of no surprise that there should be a day such as the World YoYo Day.

_Let us all come together and join in the celebrations of the World Yo-Yo Day.

_Let us all forget our monotony and join in the celebrations of the World YoYo day.

_You are not celebrating the world yoyo day unless you buy a yoyo and play with it.

_Every adult that we see around us is a child at heart and today let us all allow that child inside us to have fun and play with the yo-yo.

_Do not be ashamed to celebrate the world yoyo day because this day is a tribute to your childhood memories.

_We wish everyone happiness and hope that everyone has a great World yo-yo day.

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