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Self-Injury Awareness Day or Self-Harm Awareness Day is a global awareness event which occurs on the 1st of March every year. On this day, many awareness organizations make special endeavors to spread awareness about self-injury and self-harm.

During that period, some previous sufferers also make efforts to raise awareness by being more open about their journey.  

Nowadays many people have joined hands to spread the awareness of educating the ones who don’t self-harm as well reaching out to the people who do. People wear orange awareness ribbons and draw butterflies on their wrist to commemorate this day.

Self-injury Awareness Day Best Messages, Quote and Greetings

_ In the case of self injury, always remember you are the victim and the abuser. Make a change in your life from this Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_ To ensure you have not gone numb, you don’t need to get yourself. You have just got to feel. Wishing you a safe Self-Injury Awareness Day ahead.

_There are canvases, walls and many other things where you can design and leave some marks on other than your own skins. I hope you are able to overcome the urge to hurt yourself. Have a nice Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_Let your scares fade away and try to feel a life without them. Wishing you a safe and prosperous Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_The cuts, the burns, the bruises that are inflicted by you upon are the battles that you lost with yourself. On this self-Injury Awareness Day, for a change try to win.

_You cannot let your own blood and gore define the way you want to live in this hard but beautiful world. Best wishes to you on a Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_On the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day, I urge the lucky people to spread awareness about this day with the world.

_Let us all nurture the sufferer with love and warmth from this day of Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_Even when they say they are okay, just hug them and tell them that it is perfectly alright to not feel okay.

_On this Self-Injury Awareness Day, help the ones who are affected and try to spread awareness about this condition to let the sufferers of the world know that they are not alone in this fight.

_Even during your times, you must not tear up your own skin to feel control or shatter away your numbness. Fight your battles with yourself a little harder from this Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_Express your concerns for the adults who suffering from the condition of self harm because they are the ones who will always hide their scars. Have an awaking Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_The biggest mistake one can make is letting their loved ones get used to their pain of self harm. On the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day, I urge everyone to start caring before it is too late.

_Never let your scars define your pain. It must be felt just like happiness and every other thing in this world. I hope you are going to start fresh from this Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_The pain that led to the number of scars in your body will define the sufferings you have faced. But it needs to stop. On the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day, I wish all your sufferings are over.

_The cuts and bruises define the number of times you have given up on your condition. Be a fighter and fight against this condition from this day of Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_Let us all be stronger than the world credits us to be and fight against this condition of ours from the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_Even the beautiful things in life stop all of a sudden. The pain and the sufferings are bound to stop as well. Wishing you all the power on this Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_The world will cry if the bloods that are spared are of innocent human beings. It is tough but can be achieved. Wishing you a speedy recovery on the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_You have made scars on your skin when the life wasn’t as beautiful as you’ imagine. But what will you do to hide those scars when for a change life becomes beautiful again.

_Smile back at your pain, cuts and sufferings and make a commitment to be the strongest version of yourself. Wishing you a great life ahead.

_Getting better from this condition of self harm demands a lifelong commitment. On the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day, wishing you all the strength to lead a beautiful life.

_Your parents or kids will always care, even if you don’t’ care for yourself. I hope you know that. Start your life with a clean slate from this Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_Don‘t take the measures of cuts and bruises to feel alive again. Tough times are also a part of our life. The way we handle it is on us. Wishing you the hope of pleasurable times ahead.

_The recovery will be challenging but oh so worth it. On the day of Self-Injury Awareness Day, I hope you come out as stronger, higher and further.

_Self harm isn’t just cutting; it’s a war where you have given up. On the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day, I wish you to be much more stronger than that.

_There are far better things in life than scars and blood. On a Self-Injury Awareness Day, here’s wishing and hoping to see you overcome this condition of yours.

_Maybe it’s a process to know what darkness feels like before you can really appreciate the dawn of light. Wishing you a peaceful life ahead on the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day.

_Seek the love that is lost within you; seek the compassion which we all need to stay alive. Fight like we were meant to fight for greater things and lead a life we were born to live.

_Once the cut have been made and the rush has fade, and at that moment we realized that we could have been stronger than this. Wishing all the sufferers a better tomorrow.

_On this Self-Injury Awareness Day, care for the ones who may have a smile on their lips but they do have scars on their wrists.

_The truest form of strength is when everybody thinks you can’t but still are holding it together to fight on. Wishing such strengths to all the people who are suffering from self harm.

_These scars will remind you of your toughest times amidst the happiest phase in your life. From this Self-Injury Awareness Day, I want you think before you inflict pain upon yourself again.

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