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The National Go Barefoot Day is celebrated on the 1st of June every year since 2004. It is celebrated in honor of all those who lost their lives at the Tsunami that year. A noble, profound message behind this occasion supports a charity that provides millions of underprivileged children with shoes.

It also ignites an awareness among the people to donate the gently used old goods rather than piling them up or dumping them into garbage dumps.

Go Barefoot Day Greetings:

-On this particular day, donate the old, gently used footwear. It serves as a boon for those who need it the most. Happy Go Barefoot Day to all my dear friends.

-The scorching summer kick starts with your shoes off your feet and walks through the grass, flicking them in between every finger of your feet and brushing your feet through the grass. 

-No feeling here compensates what you feel strolling on the ground or by the grass barefoot. 

-Go barefoot and reduce the burden of the landfills. They already have enough of heaps to withheld, whereas they don’t deserve the ones whose use is not yet overruled.

-Name the spring cleaning of the season for the priceless smiles on the innocent faces of the one who barely has smiled as much as you did. Happy Go Barefoot Day to my dear ones.

-These are real deposits, the ones who count. Also, those you have benefited will have you in their heart for the entire time they are alive. Happy Go Barefoot Day!

-Cheers to such a happy day with a great notion. All you have to do is sacrifice your beautiful foot attire and walk on like a toddler who learns to walk, hardly caring about any footwear.

-Go on to organize a “shoe drive.” A unique initiative on a special occasion adds another upliftment to the noble cause. Happy Go Barefoot Day to everyone.

-Not to fix a day for the worthy endeavor you plan to, but this day can be a wonderful occasion to kick start the pure thoughts you inculcate within yourself.

-The technologically super fast world can gather you all the people who are connected to you, looking at you, sharing pictures while walking, taking leisure through the park, and planning a barefoot family picnic to the beaches.

-Participate wholeheartedly and bring out all the joy within you on this special day. 

-Jot down all your creativity and share your pictures, videos, drawings, sketches, and all other boundaries you can touch by tagging #Barefoot4Them and #NationalGoBarefootDay @Soles4Souls. Take immense pride in this.

-One day without shoes is not a big deal to undo. It is a joyous occasion to contribute to a much greater cause. Happy Go Barefoot Day to everyone around the world.

Go Barefoot Day Messages:

-The vision behind such a great initiative is to inspire people to step ahead and realize that a considerable fraction of the world devoid of even such a little privilege. 

-The message herein lies to come ahead and make use of those pairs of foot-gloves which are not presently in use.

-The campaign is so strong and promising that it greatly impacts the ones who participate in it. 

-One day is more than enough to make a person deeply realize what a person under the poverty line might undergo every single day. 

-Real happiness comes from making others happy. If we can introduce someone to the luxurious which we otherwise have, that contentment has no comparison.

-Satisfaction gives its best taste when you are the reason for someone’s smile. Human beings also have this deeply rooted trait of never being satisfied with what we have. 

-To be practical, we have enough. Instead, caring for them who don’t have as much as we have held humanity’s secret meaning.

-You will know the value of a thing when you don’t have one. National Barefoot Day instincts in us this message of how fortunate we are with how much we have.

-We never thank God for all he has blessed us with. This day indeed relishes one of the tiniest hidden realizations in us.

-Don’t be such hearted that you are selfishly greedy over self-growth only. Step out of the box to lend a hand; there, you will know how you can grow by helping others succeed. 

-Soles4Souls is a non-profit organization that stands for such a noble cause spreading uniformity, belongingness, kindness, and care. 

-Many organizations were a post effect of a great Tsunami which had hit in 2004. This organization’s reach was such that it touched the hearts of millions and had a donation of 40.5 million pairs of shoes ever since its establishment.

-As also laid down in the reports of the world-famous company TOMS International suggest strongly that a healthy society model is where its people can go barefoot if they wish to without being reluctant to enter shops or walk by the road. 

-Going Barefoot is also a mark of cleanliness and entitlement.

-This day bubbles up only once in the whole span of nearly four hundred days (1 year). So if you are fortunate enough to be present on such a noble day, justify it to the fullest. 

-Don’t leave back any effort unpaid to be regretted later. 

Go Barefoot Day Quotes:

-”If fame belonged to me, I could not escape her; if she did not, the longest day would pass me on the chase, and the approbation of my dog would forsake me then. My barefoot rank is better. “

   – Emily Dickinson

-”I run in a pair of New Balances with a thinner sole, but they’re nothing like those barefoot shoes that show all five toes. I have a bit of a phobia about those. “

– Ryan Reynolds

-”Now I’m way into suits that I can put on whether I took a shower or not, and wear barefoot and paint my toes black or whatever color the suit is. It’s very cool to wear suits like that. “

– Steven Tyler

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