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World Elephant Day is an international event which is observed on 12th August to create awareness regarding the preservation and protection of world’s elephants. It is a day to share knowledge and seek positive solutions for the better care and management of wild and captive elephants. This important event mainly highlights issues such as improving the enforcement policies to prevent illegal trading of ivory, conserving the elephant habitats and better protection for wild elephants.

World Elephant Day was first conceived by two Canadian filmmakers Patricia Sims and Michael Clark in the year 2011 while the event was first internationally observed on August 12, 2012.

Below is a list of Quotes, Messages and wishes with which one can use to celebrate as well as raise awareness on World Elephant Day-

_The time has come to show some humanity towards the issue of saving elephants. May you be of help to the cause on World Elephant Day.

_They are big, they are beautiful but they are also very valuable so on the eve of World Elephant Day, I urge everyone to raise awareness regarding endangered elephants.

_May you have a memory like elephants as they can remember every atrocities brought upon them by humans. I hope you can help the cause from this World Elephants Day.

_Elephants are more like humans, not physically but emotionally. Let us all take care of these enormous yet emotional creatures on this World Elephant Day.

_As humans let’s not try to be the reason for the upcoming extinction of Elephants. Wish you a thinking day of World Elephant Day.

_Don’t you want your kids to see these huge, intelligent and family oriented animals? So stop wasting time and donate to the cause on World Elephant Day.

_We have to pay the price for the abomination on elephants over the years and you know why. Wish you a guilt free World Elephant Day.

_We can’t have memories like elephants but we can leave a huge impression like them by undoing the monstrosity. May you have a rewarding World Elephants Day.

_On the eve of World Elephant Day, let us all try to faithful as elephants towards our responsibility to save these endangered species.

_Elephants have a secret grave in Africa where they would go and lie down to unburden their wrinkly gray bodies and somehow we are the reason for it.

_We have to stop commercializing the ivory that comes from the tusk and teeth of elephants so as to save the nature’s great masterpiece. Wish you a great World Elephant Day.

_After looking at a picture book our grandchildren may ask us to take them for an elephant ride and the answer depends on what should we do on World Elephant Day.

_Believe it or not Elephants have been and still is one of the greatest living pets. May you care for them and celebrate them on World Elephant Day.

_Elephants loves to greet each other with boisterous joy and we humans are the reason for their long and pending reunions. May they have reunions on World Elephant Day.

_On the eve of World Elephant Day, Let’s unite together to try and untie them from the monstrosities of humans to give them a proper wildlife.

_A special creature that has the ability to sense dangers like tsunami and earthquake is known as elephant. May you celebrate these special but endangered species on World Elephant Day.

_A baby elephant will never know why his/her parents cannot wake up from their sleep but we do so let’s try and stop this elephant commercialization on World Elephant Day.

_Wildlife plays an important part in the survival of Elephants and we are trying to destroy both. Here’s wishing you awareness filled World Elephant Day.

_The way we have treated elephants over the years is nothing short of our very worst human behavior. Let’s try to undo that on World Elephant Day.

_Until and unless we allow not only elephants, but every living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be a true human. Wish you a humanly World Elephant Day.

_We cannot just move on from the issue of elephants going extinct. I hope you are one of those fine individuals trying to raise awareness on World Elephants Day.

_On this special occasion of World Elephants Day let’s take a moment to appreciate the ones who have been raising awareness on this issue of Elephant extinction.

_Words of saving elephants are cheap as long as they are being implemented with actions. May your actions define you on World Elephant Day.

_God has created a special creature called Elephants. So on the eve of World Elephant Day as a devotee it is our duty to save them from extinction.

_The love that every elephant share with each other is extremely pure. On the eve of World Elephant Day, let’s get inspired and share the love with everyone.

_We can take as much elephant teeth we want but there is Karma who will serve us all rightly. Have a thought provoking World Elephant Day.

_Elephants may be slow to mate but they aren’t slow in showing compassion like many humans. Adore them celebrate on their occasion of World Elephant Day.

_Elephants challenge credulity and common sense so even if they don’t exist you couldn’t invent one and we all should fight for their existence on World Elephant Day.

_On this important occasion of World Elephant Day, I hope you are amongst the good ones who are trying everything to save elephants from extinction.

_If there ever comes a day when we won’t be able to exist with elephants then I hope you will keep them in your heart forever. Wish you a lovely Elephant Day.

_Elephants demonstrates empathy, self-awareness, and social intelligence just like humans so why aren’t we doing anything to save them. May you ask yourself that on this World Elephant Day.

_Over the years many elephants have faced a greater injustice than humans and it is high time we fight for their justice on World Elephant Day.

_Most of the good things in life are wild and free, so are elephants and it is better we leave them alone. I hope we humans can at least do that on World Elephants Day.

_On the eve of World Elephant Day, I hope you get to educate yourself about these mammals and share your knowledge with many others.

_We cannot consider humans as the significant species as we are the ones who are oppressing elephants. Respect the earth and its creatures on World Elephant Day.

_In the end, it all comes down to a human’s will to save elephants from extinction. I hope you are willing enough to contribute on this World Elephant Day.

_On the eve of World Elephant Day, I hope the message to preserve our earth’s special creature is loud and clear to all the ignorant humans.

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